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Ammo .22 Long, CB Long, CCI, 29 Grain 710 fps 100 Round Box

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100 Round box, .22 CB Long, CCI, 29 grain Round Nose Lead Bullet.
No louder than some pellet rifles.
Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner.
Sure-fire CCI priming.

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 710 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 607 fps.
Muzzle energy: 32 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 24 ft/lbs.
Uses: Plinking, Target shooting, Pest control.

100 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 50 boxes.

Ammo price is per box
Total number of Reviews: 9

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5.0 5
"If used from a rifle with target length barrel (22-24in), the guns lock mechanism is loader than the round discharging. This is no exaggeration. I've fired it at the ground near by and the bullet striking the dirt is loader than the shot. The \"Long\" and \"Long Rifle\" brass are identical so it's accuracy and function through most rifles are unaffected but wont reliable cycle an automatic. The 29gr lead bullet weighs twice what a .22 airgun pellet does and thus impact and penetration are about doubled."
– Doubletap
4.0 5
"I have personally fired over a thousand of these rounds and will have to state they are the quietest ammo I have ever heard out of a .22. Usually the sound of the rifles action is louder than the actual shot. there are only 2 disadvantages that I would like to share with everyone; the first is do to the amount of propellant in these rounds there seems to be a abnormal amout of drop with the round. My ruger 10/22 with scope at 50 yards can hit a golf ball if you change the distance either way with these you have to compensate alot. At first it's a little annoying but you get used to it. The second thing I would like to point out is they also do not cause the slide on a semi-automatic to properly function. I would say it's due to the fact that they are only rated at 710 fps and there isnt enough energy to cause the action. All in all I still use them do to the fact they are as quiet as a BB gun."
– Clay
5.0 5
"This ammo is tops for controlling close in varmint-cong like ground squirrels and marauding, ravenous rabbits where one would prefer not to attract attention or endanger neighbors a few acres away. It shoots perfectly in my Browning T-Bolt, and I have come to rely on these day after day. It'll group consistently at about a quarter to a half-inch (I can cover five shots with my thumbnail... using a fence rail for a bench rest, Nikon Pro-Staff 3x9) at about 80 feet, and drops about 5\" at 60 yards, my personal limit for these rounds. They do have a report upon discharge, but no louder than an airsoft gun, and I think quieter than a similarly powered pellet rifle. They will ricochet if they hit a rock so be sure of your backstop. Really a fun round... stock up!"
– TucsonRon
4.0 5
"At its effective range this is a great pest elimination and plinking round, barely louder than dry-firing in my CZ 452. The only down-side is the fact that many actions don't feed longs as well as LR, I wind up using the single shot adapter with my CZ since the clips only feed correctly about half the time. This ammo is good for close in work only, the drop is almost a foot at 50 yards."
– David W
5.0 5
"These are good for what are. I do not recommend using them for rabbit. It is a very quiet bullet and very fun."
– dan
5.0 5
"Why buy a slower 22LR you might ask? Well, this is the most power you can fire in a 22LR rifle and still have the quiet report of an air gun. This has 50% more energy than the Aguila Super Calibri ammo yet is quiet in a long barrel. Clean and reliable; this is what you need for quiet small varmit elimination or plinking without alarming neighbors. It is very noisy in a pistol however. I wish CCI came out with a 40 grain round at this speed."
– Jerry S
5.0 5
"Awesome rounds, just went through 100 out of 1000. So far no duds and they are amazing, very quiet, and yet have a nice kick to them. Before these I used to shoot the Aguila Colibris but the are so dirty that they would cause my Marlin 925 to clog if I didn't clean it after 100 rounds. This is a perfect round to shoot and practice with here in California, highly recommended."
– Dave
5.0 5
"1st off These rounds are sweeeeeeeet! There is nothing I can find wrong with 'em. Perfect shots for neighborhood setting like mine, with a small forest across the street. These rounds sound close to a pellet gun! Until I can find some more land, this is my ammo of choice."
– Bradley
2.0 5
"Two bullets, since they are quiet out of a rifle, but otherwise are useless. I purchased a bunch of these for backyard plinking, but their amazingly inconsistent velocity makes target practice no fun at all. You can hear the difference on easily 25% of the rounds, and my chronograph shows up to 40% variation. Lots of useless rounds. I have since tried the Winchester CBs, and they are FAR superior. Much faster, much more consistent, and barely any louder (still quiet enough for backyard, not a crack like the Remington CBees). Get the Winchesters instead."
– TG