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Ammo 12 Gauge US DoD Breaching Rounds Box of 5 NSN: 1305-01-431-5624 7/8 oz. Frangible Projectile

nsn 1305-01-431-5624
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The DoD breaching round is designed to defeat door locks and hinges. It is fired 4" to 8" from the target. At impact, the metal powder filled projectile cup disintigrates, dissipating its entire energy on the target.
This is a lethal round and is capable of inflicting serious injury or death at ranges out to 100 yards. The powdered metal is contained in a sealed plastic shot cup which holds it together for long distances. Cartridge Material: Plastic Projectile Material: Powdered Metal Slug Projectile Weight: 7/8 OZ. Length: 2 3/4" Use in unchoked or Improved Cylinder shotguns. 1440 FPS 
Total number of Reviews: 33

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2.0 5
"In all fairness, I have not fired any of this ammo yet, it's too expensive to just waste. I just wanted to make sure other prospective buyers know this, the stuff I got has alot of corrosion around the primers. These are made with an all plastic hull by Activ, a company that went out of business years ago. I just don't think this stuff has been sitting in the best environment for however long it sat there, hence the corrosion. Since this is an ammo I will not be staking my life on, I'll take my chances with it. If this were a defensive ammo, I'd be sending it back and not taking the chance of it going poof instead of boom."
– Tony
3.0 5
"See above...corosion around primers. Probably test one out to see how they work. Will post..."
– S.C.
4.0 5
"I've fired 5 with the worst looking primers, all functioned very well. Very good price for what they are."
– Brian
4.0 5
"No corrosion on mine. Arrived in 1 day to Fort Worth. Looks like a solid product."
– Shootin' Texas Aggie
4.0 5
"I bought this about a week ago. As most people on here have said, mine had corroded primers. I have not shot them yet, but I will test fire one as well to make sure they work."
– casey
5.0 5
"These are a very good product,I shoot 15 rounds out of my mossy 500 with 18.5 barrel at about 15 feet at a old tail gate it went right though it with ease and out the other side.The enter and exit holes were about 1.5 inches,I'll be buying more of this"
– Chris 02
5.0 5
"These are some destructive rounds, specially on a wood doors and sheet metal trailer doors. Me and a friend acquired some old doors and built a 2x4 stand to hold them up as if they were mounted. We shot about 10rds each using my mossberg 500 and his rem 870, no problems and the \"corrosion\" on the primers looks like primer sealant to keep moisture out. I will be buying several more boxes of these."
– rgwizmi
5.0 5
"Negative corrosion on the 3 boxes I purchased. Appears to be a clear primer sealant (that could be confused at a glance for corrosion) , which the excesses is flaking off the head of the case. Sure are good enough to use (after proper training how to safely use them)for training, demos or that one time \"Murphy\" locked the door and you need it open in a hurry."
– APD34
5.0 5
"We shot a steal bath tub with one of these and it went straight through leaving a 3in hole!!!theses are very good rounds"
– Bryson
5.0 5
"We shot through two 2 x 4's , a sheet of 3/4 plywood and a steel bath tub all stacked together , it was a golfball sized hole with a loud gong . But please do not try this yourself take our word for it ."
– country boys
4.0 5
"looks to be in good condtion. havent shot any yet but the primers arent corrodeed at all. and i bought 20 boxes of them. not one looked bad."
– fatzach
3.0 5
"I bought 11 boxes of these with my order. There appear to be two batches, one like the box shown in picture and one with a TIV96H00I 015 stamped on the box. The TIV96... batch appears perfect and you can see some sealant wiped across the bottom of the shells. The other non stamped boxes lack this sealant and the primers are discolored, have green corrosion, and or rust on them. Have not shot any of them yet. Of 11 boxes, 4 were perfect and 7 I will have to try and sell. They could still work fine but I'm a perfectionist."
– EArms
5.0 5
"I purchased a some of these to see what type of quality I could get and I must say I have to give this product a 100% rating for both function and price. I did not get any rounds with corosive damage to them as some buyers have reported; nor did I have any problem using them in my Mossberg 500. I would buy more if I ever needed to, but I am stocked up for now."
– Christian
5.0 5
"For the price you just can't beat them!!! They look just fine; just a little sealant across the primers - it comes off without any problem. I plan on buying many more boxes!!!"
– Michael
4.0 5
"I order these a second time and it was the same as the first. 2 different runs of shells. One in boxes like the photo. Every shell has some form of corrosion or rust on the primer. A second run with the TIV96G... number stamped onto the box, not printed on, has shells with the proper primer sealant and no corrosion. 1st order: 11 boxes, 4 good 7 bad. 2nd order: 12 boxes, 5 good 7 bad. I'll try a 3rd order here soon and hope that one is 100% good boxes."
– Dave
4.0 5
"hey guys got my order of these and the primers where excellent only a sealant on the primers. Haven't used any of these puppies yet but anyone got advice on how to use them on breaking down a steel door seem like it would be pretty intimidating shooting these point blank into a steel door... wouldnt think itd be the best idea"
– Hitcb
5.0 5
"I ordered 22 boxes and all the ones I received were in good condition with normal clear primer sealant and clean boxes."
– destrux
4.0 5
"I got both of my orders yesterday and today. i got half of each batch. There is the sealant on both of them but on one batch it just seems to be a bit older. Looked everywhere for corrosion as other people had specified and found none. look to be fun rounds to shoot."
– Bandit
5.0 5
"I was skeptical of the reviews here so i just got 2 boxes. Im ordering many more! Only a few had funky primers but they worked great.At 20ft went through both sides of an old fridge! I was amazed at the penetration power of these. I used a tactical rem870 with the knoxx spec-ops stock. Penetrated better than the 00 buck! I want to see what these do on soft targets and up close on thick metal.......more testing to do. Thanks CTD"
– Humboldtkill
4.0 5
"I bought 10 boxes and shot what looked like 10 rounds that were in the worst shape. They all fired fine, and made swiss cheese out of an old car body. I would'nt want to be riding in a car if these were used against. I'm buying more for my sons."
– Dobroguy
5.0 5
"Great shells, all of mine were clear of any kind of corrorision.Should have picked up fify instead of 10. will be back for more.Fast shipping. TMJ"
– tmj00099
4.0 5
"This is an awsome round and you can't beat the price. I will be ordering more for sure. The only reason that it didn't get 5 Bullets, is that there is some slight corrorision on the primers or according to other posts, it possibly could be sealant. I will have to double check that."
– TBL51
5.0 5
"Great ammunition, ordered 10 boxes and was not disappointed. only sign of wear was that some of primers seemed a little scuffed up. But for $ 2.89 ill accept that. Took the rounds down to the local indoor range really nice 30 yard range and fired a couple, not the most accurate ammunition i have used but then again this is not for hunting or accuracy its for busting down some mo fos door. But at 30 yards I still get a nice grouping with the occasional erratic shot. I cant wait to go plinking with it to see exactly how destructive these puppies are"
– Eddie
5.0 5
"Great price on this surplus item. Really wallops the crap out a door frame/handle. I was impressed. Carry some in my patrol car just in case."
– TM4512
5.0 5
"I found an old burnt up car in the desert and used this ammo to blow the hinges off a car door this stuff works great."
– joe_burg185
5.0 5
"I bought eight boxes for me and my son to try. The first thing we did was check for was the corrosion on and around the primers that some of the reviews had mentioned, we found a combination of sealant and slight corrosion on some of the primers. The good thing is it came right off with a couple of light passes with 00 steel wool, now they look like new. We then tried them and WOW, THEY'RE GREAT. They fired perfect and pack one heck of a punch on everything we shot. They are a lot of fun if you just want to destroy a target at close range. We will be buying a lot more. Thanks CTD"
– bgrand1
5.0 5
"I bought 5 boxes. 2 had corrosion and no sealant and 3 had sealant and no corrosion. No doubt in my mind they will all fire. I gave them' 5 bullets because I was expecting a little corrosion after reading the reviews and at this price for 60% perfect condition and 40%. These are good enough condition I\uFFFDm not complaining. I say blast off the corroded ones and stash the sealed ones in your man cave. I\uFFFDm getting some more at this price."
– the dude
4.0 5
"Well I know why these are so cheap. I bought 20 boxes and shot them all up. On avergage one round per box would not even fit into the chamber of my Mossberg 500 becuase its daiamter was too large for the chamber. (Has never occured before with any other type of shells) If you buy these, when they arrive, you should put your weapon on safe take your fingers away from the trigger and individually cycle through each one to check that they fit inside your barrel chamber. Discard the ones that do not fit and keep the ones that do. All the primers were good and they sure do put a hole in just about everything you shoot."
– FatBack
4.0 5
"Thanks to all that have posted reviews previously. Just received 60 rounds. All 12 boxes had the same markings. All boxes appeared to have been unopened and previously packed tightly into a larger case. Of 60 rounds, only 2 were completely free of corrosion around the primer. Some appear to have a clear, but now darkened, sealant while others do not. Measured diameter of shells in response to previous comments about them not cycling and found all to be within a range of 20.20 mm to 20.30 mm at the largest point. Dry cycled some larger diameter shells in a Mossberg 500A without issues. Have not been to the range yet to test fire."
– Spodeman
5.0 5
"Once again, a great product and great service. Thanks ctd!"
– joe
4.0 5
"It does what it says. It is a super hard impact, but it turns to almost nothing upon exit. There is no real need to buy these if you are a civ. Save you money and buy some slugs."
– The Will
5.0 5
"Never know when you might need a few rounds and for the price, why not?"
4.0 5
"As stated in other reviews the some of the primers do have corrosion but it doesn't affect the ability of them to go bank have tested over 15 of them from random boxes and none have failed to fire. They are in fully plastic hulls. Orange makes it easy to tell what round you are picking up. I wouldn't recommend for self defense but it does work as a breaching round completely dissipates after hitting hard objects and transfers energy properly tested on some mock doors and water jugs."
– 777Matt