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Ammo 12 Gauge Sellier and Bellot Rubber Buck Shot 2 3/4" 15 Pellets 1476 Feet Per Second 25 Round Box

Sellier & Bellot
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12 Gauge, Sellier & Bellot, 2 3/4", Rubber Buck Shot, 15 Pellets, 25 Round Box.

Designed for Law Enforcement use when less than lethal results are desired. Fires 15 rubber balls that produce painful stinging wounds that will incapacitate an aggressor. Can be lethal at very close ranges but are not at longer ranges. Not intended for hunting. Imported from the Czech Republic.

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1476 fps.
Uses: Law Enforcement, Pest Control.

Note: Will not function in older models of Browning A-5 because of the longer crimp style.
Please direct specific questions or warranty issues to Sellier & Bellot at 1-800-960-2422.

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5.0 5
"Most people think you need buckshot to defend self and home.You still need to stop any fight fast this round will do that and not risk harm to others if you miss as in open doorways.This round will not cycle automatics but great in all others.The power leaves no residue nor does the shot charge.Patterns well out to 7 to 10 yards max. Pellets are light and loose speed fast. Works well as a pest control as dogs are a problem in some areas.If you are going to use as a protection round back it up with a buckshot round."
5.0 5
"An excellent home defence round for the first shot. These would be extremely painful at the range you're likely to use them. This should be a good way to determine your attackers real intentions but I would definetly follow it with real buckshot and don't forget a fleeing invader is no longer threating your life. You don't want to get convicted of manslaughter for trying to protect your family/property."
5.0 5
"I originally bought this for the pesky black bears around my house. I grabbed my home defense pump shotgun and used it on a rattlesnake last week. It put his light out with one head shot. I only realized after the first shot that I had the rubber buck in the mag. Good choice. It has plenty of energy at close range."
5.0 5
"These are ideal for in home self defense, less lethal & ultra low penetration. These are what I call \"lawyer ammo\", if you have the misfortune to have to fight off an intruder, this ammo is your best defense in court because it proves your intent to only drive off an attacker, not to kill. I keep two of these in my 870 for my first two shots, then regular ammo. These are also great for women as they are of such low recoil anyone can master them."
5.0 5
"Great home defense/close quarter rounds. I bought these for nuisance dogs that were bothering my sheep flock, and after testing, bought more for personal use. Great at 7 to 15 yards. Inside of that, I would think an accidental headshot would be lethal, and outside of 20 yards very little effect. At 7 yards, the rubber buck shot left 1/4\" dents in 3/4\" pine shiplap. The slug round broke a perfect circle through, but fell to the ground without penetrating. At 25 yards, very little effect on 5/8\" sheetrock - other than black marks and a little dimpling. I now load my home defense with 00 buck as a back up. You don\uFFFDt have to worry about going through a wall and causing a casualty."
5.0 5
"We used these alot during my time in Camp Bucca, Iraq. We used them for riot control mainly, but they work. They work extremely well. Just be careful how you use them. I dont know how many detainees lost an eye from these things, but its more than I can count on my hands. And that, my friends, will lead to exactly the kind of exessive force investigation you are trying to avoid by using these things. By the way, my prefered loadout in the sandbox was (in order from first to last) slug, buck, slug, slug, buck. That, of course was based on the fact that most shooting there was at a longer range and I could just cycle twice if I needed the lighter buck round to start off with."
4.0 5
"I needed to address an aggressive dog that kept charging myself/others on a rural property that we own. One shot from this completely changed its attitude. Unfortunately, it is obvious that this load could cause serious unintentional injury if a stray ball were to hit the wrong location. Most of the shot hit the side/hind-quarter where I was aiming (w/o drawing any blood) but, even at approx 9 yards, a stray round clipped its ear, causing obvious bleeding/damage. I totally agree that if this were to hit a would-be attackers eye, the eye would be history. For this reason, I'll be switching to bean-bag rounds for my two initial home-defense rounds (followed w/ OO buckshot of course)."
5.0 5
"The rounds are great for training the young and novice shooters who are concerned about recoil. My ex-wife is a small woman. She didn't feel as secure being on her own as she had hoped. We went thru about 150 rounds of this to familiarize her with her 1300 defender. No shooter fatigue from recoil. She had fun, and now feels safer. She now feels comfortable with full power loads and goes to the range by herself now."
4.0 5
"It does not have a very good spread pattern, but it will definitely drop someone to their knees if close enough I have this in my shotgun for my first shot, then 00 buck behind it for home defense."