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Ammo 12 Gauge Sellier and Bellot 00 Buck 2 3/4" 12 Pellets 25 Round Box 1180 Feet Per Second

Sellier & Bellot
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Sellier and Bellot 12 gauge non-corrosive plastic hulls. This is a box of 25 rounds. Case is 10 boxes of 25 Rounds each for 250 round case. 2-3/4", loaded with 12 lead pellets "00" Buck, this ammo will not function in older guns like the Browning A-5 because of longer crimp style. Case is 250 rounds, 10 boxes of 25 rounds each. We sell this by the 25 round box.

Please direct specific questions or warranty issues to Sellior & Bellot at 1-800-960-2422.

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4.0 5
"Great rounds for the price.These shells are a little dirtier than normal shotgun rounds, but it's not corrosive and it really won't affect performance.Use them for practice or for home defense, I've had no trouble with these.NOTE: They are a little longer than 2.75\" but less than 3\". Plan accordingly and use them in a 3\" or greater chamber shotgun."
– Tim
4.0 5
"I have shot these shells a lot. They are powerful, and just great for sport shooting. There perfect for home defense as well."
– Ivan
5.0 5
"This is some great buckshot ! but i will also say its more of a 3in than a 2 3/4 in --so you need to shoot it in a 3in so you want have any problems."
– Dago
2.0 5
"These shells are junk! I bought a box and half of them didn't fire. I don't know what happened, must have been at the factory or something. Most of the duds would just make it out of the end of a 28\" barrel. The primer was the only thing to fire. The powder never ignited. My over all thought on these shells are they look cool with the clear casing, but the company needs to have a stronger quality control."
– Big Tom
5.0 5
"I have personally fired thousands of the S&B 12 pellet 00 buck and maybe a thousand 21 pellet #4 buck and have never had any complaint what so ever! Powerful reliable and my personal favorite brand of shotshell..........."
– D.ID
4.0 5
"Bought a bunch of these a while back. Great ammo, especially for the price, however it is true that these are SLIGHTLY longer than a 2 3/4 and didn't eject right out of my shotgun anyway. I'd recommend it to anyone with a firearm chambered for a 3 inch shell definitely. -1 bullet only because it wasn't a true 2 3/4 inch chell when ejecting."
– Robiertoe
4.0 5
"I shot 150 rounds at an indoor range, I smoked the place out, very good round for target practice,but I would recommend you use outdoorsthe more expensive rounds I used produce little smoke,"
– Sgt Hayes
4.0 5
"This is good buckshot ammo, cheap too. Just keep in mind it is slightly longer than 2 3/4\" ammo. Works fine in my Mossberg, but does decrease capacity by one. No big deal, but should probably make sure it works in your scattergun."
– Turtle
4.0 5
"Yip, good patterns, OK recoil, a little smokey (good for wasting wabbits outdoors), and it is the exact same height as my 3\" Remington \"Sluggers\"(not 2 3/4 size ammo like advertised). It will definitely decrease your round capacity by 1 in a combat shotgun, but still cheap enough to play and hunt with!"
4.0 5
"Once you shoot these you look at the spent shell and see that because of the way the shell is crimped it does not fold open and add 1/4\" like a normal shell does. That is why you can fire it out of a normal 2 3/4\" with no problems. While it may decrease you magazine capacity slightly I think its a creative way to get more out of a 2 3/4\" shell."
– Skip
4.0 5
"this has great knockdown power but it is a little dirty and is more of a 3\" instead of a 2 3/4"
– shotgunner19
2.0 5
"Shot five rounds through my Mossberg 590 and the barrel looked like I had been shooting all day. Really dirty ammo, bad smell, and yes smokey. Will not buy again!"
– Machine
4.0 5
"Very hard hitting ammo. Patterns well @ home/self defense distances. Will definitely get the job done. Best value you are going to find in ammo."
– Woody in Jonesboro
5.0 5
"all i have to say is this stuff shoots great i have a mossberg 500 and i can put 5 in the tube 1 in the chamber all day long and it holds a great pattern so buy it up while you can!!"
– bluetickrunner
5.0 5
"Great ammo, a little longer than 2 3/4 but it holds 12 00 pellets instead of 9. Works great in a Saiga 12 and Mossberg 930 SPX. You'll give up a round in a tube mag but not in a Saiga 12 mag. No malfuntions, hard hitting, a little smoke, I just bought more."
– Burr
4.0 5
"The ammo fed through my Mossberg 930 SPX very well. The only draw back is that the ammo is very dirty. It took a long time to clean the barrel of the shot gun."
– Strider
4.0 5
"I have shot hundreds of rounds of this ammo. Great for practice outdoors. More smoke than more expensive ammo, but I have had zero problems. All shot in my remington 870 tactical. Shoot all day...for little pay!!"
– Deke
5.0 5
"The price it great and the performance was just as good. I did not find it dirtier than any other 12g ammo. I just love the see through shell casing! It looks nasty! As far as the added lenghth, I have a beefed up Mossberg 500 cruiser breacher and it holds the same number of these S & B rounds as Federal. I shot 50 flawlessly perfoeming rounds throgh it and plan to buy more. Hope the supply holds up till after my next order. My only complaint was that CTD held my order until my bank check cleared. I thought that was the idea of a Bank check? If Bank of America's checks need to be held, I better get twice as many rounds!"
– Home defender
1.0 5
"I bought 2 boxes of this stuff, took it to the range and it jammed my Mossberg 590 on the 2nd round. It got jammed in the barrel. My buddy tried it in his Remington 870 Marine Magnum same problem.This stuff is crap, I won't be buying it again."
– N.E. Shooter
4.0 5
"Shells functioned well, but they are very dirty rounds, be sure to clean firearm after a few shells for best performance. One personal opinion is that the plastic wadding makes a mess at the range. You may have to police your firing zone after a box or so depending on your shooting location."
1.0 5
"These are NOT 2-3/4 shells, whats the point in getting these if you still lose a +1 shell capacity? Better to just get 3 inch shells, Not 2-3/4, this is crap, CTD cant tell what size of shells there selling?, not like they dont know, I made sure there customer service heard about this."
– Subversivepatriot
2.0 5
"This is cheap and dirty ammo. After three shots it made my Mossberg 500 so dirty it wouldn't eject. The gun was clean before shooting. The shells were getting stuck in the barrel. Don't buy."
– That Guy
2.0 5
"Only good thing about this product is the price. It is a little longer than standard, so 2 3/4 shells should only be fired in 3 inch chamber. Have had failures to fire (bad primers). Do not rely on this stuff for serious use. Good only for playing around or practice."
– L.B.