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Hornady SST 12 Gauge 2.75" 300 gr FTX Sabot 5 Rounds

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Hornady makes superb ammo just about any use. This 12 Gauge SST Sabot Slug round comes in a 2-3/4" shell with an innovative 300 grain FTX projectile lead and fires it at a blistering 2000 fps. It's an excellent round for hunting medium game, personal defense, or law enforcement.

The SST Shotgun Slug delivers true 200 yard accuracy and you'll achieve sub-2" groups at 100 yards. No other slug gun ammo can come close to the performance of the SST. The sharp point increases the ballistic coefficient of the FTX, allowing it to fly faster, farther and on a flatter trajectory. On impact, the Flex Tip initiates expansion at all velocities.

2,000 fps muzzle
2,664 ft/lbs. muzzle
1,816 fps at 50 yards
2,196 ft/lbs. at 50 yards
1,641 fps at 100 yards
1,793 ft/lbs. at 100 yards

5 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 20 boxes.

Ammo price is per box


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3.0 5
"i fired a box of these earlier today. with my rem. 870 express mag. 12 ga. open sights on a remington fully rifled barrel. 1st 2 fired at 25 yds. made a sideways figure 8 at 1 inch left of center. fired the other 3 at 50 yds. 1st shot went 4 inches left and 6 inches up. the other 2 went 5 inches right. 1 went 2 inches down and the other went 7 inches up. was good at 25. but 50 i dont know what happened. no wind at all on the range area. sights are good."
– bill
5.0 5
"Took these rather expensive left overs to range for fun testing and found the were very accurate at 100 yards(no red left after five shot in a 3inch group) out the raw side of a mossberg 500 24inches of fully rifled heart stopage. With a nice 6 power scope. My best friend dropped an awesome ten pionter with one. Left a huge hole(maybe 4 inches of exit wound at 110 yards) in its chest. It only ran about 20 yards. Hornady is #uc*ing people up. I'd hate to be the guy who breaks into my house i now keep them in the pistol grip 500 under the boxes in the closet."
– zec
5.0 5
"Had my browning gold deer sighted in with hastings sabots so I started @ 100 yards & it was hitting about 4 inches high. Went to 150 yards & it was right on.Dropped 3 deer all with one shot.Great accuracy !"
– Buckeye Bobby
4.0 5
"These are very accurate, I was able to shoot a 2 inch 3 shot group at 80 yards (I shoot a Browning autoloading Gold deer hunter with a 1.5x magnification Nikon scope). I've killed 9 deer with them in the past three seasons, between 20 and 130 yards away, and have only really needed one bullet to do enough damage for a clean kill. I have always gotten an exit wound which is good since the deer will bleed out of two holes and have quicker kill and better tracking. My only issue is that the slug fragments considerably upon penetration, the copper jacket peels and tears off and the lead in the nose shatters and fragments. Still not enough of a big deal to stop me from shooting them. It's worth the higher proce for sabot slugs. Only the Winchester Supreme Elite XP3 slugs can compare or perform better."
– Mikeil
5.0 5
"All I have to say about the sst slug is \"Soda cans at 100 yds\" NO PROBLEM!"
– Mike
1.0 5
"Have a new Moss. 500 deer gun. slugs hold a 3/4\" group at 50 yards very well liked in the range but this weekend shot 3 deer on refuge deer hunt one at 65-70 yards one at -20yards and one at 35-40 yard found lots of blood all where broadside but found no deer. The problem is these slugs pass thru with little exit holes at close ranges would never us them again. Deer here are small does around 90-120lbs bucks 100-140lbs and all marsh hunting hornady has no knock down power my work in some place where long blood trails can be done but we trailed for 200 yards on a 35-40 yard shot."
– lwater
3.0 5
"I have been using the SST for the last 3 years. I shoot a Mossberg 835 rifled slug barrel. With my SG on the range, the first shot is always 6 inches high but the subsequent shots are dead on at 100 yards. 2 years ago I shot a coyote at 146 yards but the first shot was over him and the second was dead on. On deer, the bullet fragments badly if hits bone. I have killed about 15 deer with them and found 10. The others have little to know blood trail but 1 week later I find the deer by smell. None of those had exit holes with broad side shots. The ones I retrieved had exit holes. I will still use them because of the accuracy. 100yard groups about 2 inches except for the first one. BTW it is not my shooting. I am military expert with rifle and pistols."
– blckblttom
3.0 5
"I have used the SST Slug on three seperate deer kills from 15 to 186 yds. At the 15 yd shot the SST passed through with a small exit wound thus allowing my deer to run farther before it died. I still found it but had to track it for over 2 1/2 hours. At 67 yds I aimed for the shoulder hoping to expand the slug and create a larger exit wound. I found the deer 13 days later roughly 3000 yrds from where I shot it, I hit the front left shoulder dead on but there was not exit wound. At 156 yds I aimed for the heart on a quatering away shot, I found the deer the next morning about 300 yds from where I shot it, I ended up lunging it and hitting the inside of the shoulder, again with not exit wound. The difference really depends on where you hunt and how far you expect to shoot. If you plan on having to shoot medium to long distances you are going to want to stick with tipped or solid slugs, (tipped slugs will be better at longer ranges). If you are hunting at shorter ranges, for example thick woods, then you are going to want to stick with the hollow point slugs allowing you to put alot of weight on the target up to 80yds away with maximum expansion. I am switching to the Remington Accu tips this year for my long range round and the Winchester Platinum hollow point for my short range round. I will let you know how it all works out."
– DeadeyeK
5.0 5
"Have been using these slugs for the last 3 yrs and haven't had a deer go beyond 20 yds after hitting it. I was using a Winchester 1300 Shadow and now am shooting an H&R Ultra Slug with a Nikon 3-9X40 BDC200. Last year dropped a doe at 110yds and a buck at 60yds. They didn't go 5yds. Two years ago using the 1300, I got a buck at 45yds and he dropped in his tracks. Last week went to Bristol Range in Wisconsin and tuned in the H&R. I was 2\" high at 50yds, dead on at 100yds with a 2\"spread. I figured I would try the 200yd range and ended up putting 3 rounds on the target with one in the bull and having a 7\" spread. For the price, as opposed to the Winchester Gold Partition these are great."
– hntnfsh
5.0 5
"I was very pleased with the hornady slugs they have great accrucy i took 5 shots with my mossburg 500 in the shooting range at a 100 yds. and they were dead on. I killed one deer with them and it went a hundred yards and died. The only thing i did not like was that it did not leave a big exit wound on the deer but i am very pleased with these slugs so i will buy them again"
– dkd
5.0 5
"I have used this ammo in my 835 for the past 3 years but never had a great shotgun scope untill this past year. 1st day i killed a beautiful 9 point at 100 yards dead on. 2nd day it was getting dark and said hell why not. Hit the rangfinder and 204 yards there were two dead deer, the one was 204 and the other was 197. must say next year were are going to try the 300 yard mark. I just kind wish they would make the ammo in 3\" or 3 1/2\" for a little more bang!"
– Brandon
5.0 5
"The sst are great i have a mossberg535 with scope they are awesome will not change slugs tell hornady comes out with something better"
– Hornady sst awesme
3.0 5
"Switched to these slugs for the 2008 season sighted in at 100yds two inch high, groop was a one inch groop. Not bad went out to two hundred yds, two inch groop dead on GREAT. Shot a six point buck at appx 20yds thru and thru behind shoulder found deer over a hundred yds away little exit wound and little blood. Shot a huge doe at 217 yds great hit but same prob deer ran and little blood found her just over a hundred yds away. Great for long shots but need better exit wound."
– Longshot
5.0 5
"The hornaday SST is one of the best the problem that some of you are having is because they are not like the typical flat slug you are used to shooting, you need a rifled slug barrel at 100 yards I can put a grouping about half dollar size when used in the right gun they are extramly acurate, the old slugs start to tumble after about 60 yards and they lose so much acuracy, the SST are shaped like a rifle round with higher valcity so you should get more Foot ponds of presue on impact but you still need to make an acurate shot. Personly I would not use any other slug for open feild or long distance sooting"
– lockeness
4.0 5
"These are very accurate shells tight group at 200 yds but they do leave a very small wound i almost lost the biggest buck of my life but he is on my wall there was no blood had the same problem on many other dear actually lost 1 that i found the next week bc no blood trail i started taking head shots on does but i know I'm going to hit them very accurate loads"
– mikey z
5.0 5
"I cant believe all of these reveiws about deer runnin away. I shot a deer at a lil over 100 yards with this slug out of my mossburg 500 an the deer never flinched it fell right over. when i got to her the exit hole was more then sufficant. there was blood spray 3 feet past the deer after the exit."
– D-Wade
5.0 5
"I have used these slugs for 3 yrs. now and have had no issues anthing that I have shot at is in my freezer. At a range from 25 to 190yrds. I have used all kinds of slugs through my Mossback 500a with a rifled barrel, and they are by far the best grouping slug I have used. I have not seen any of the Deer I have shot go more than 25yrds if any. VERY GOOD BULLET!"
– Mike.m
5.0 5
"Good slugs, I shot a few chickens with these and was pleased, all I picked up was heads and feet. I shot a deer from about 75 yards out and it didnt move after it got hit with this mini-missile."
– Joe
5.0 5
"been using the sst for the last three years in my remington 870 express mag with a cabelas slugger ext scope never used them on deer but have taken three cow elk with in the short range weaponseason .just wish they would come out with a 3\" shell not losta elk with them yet. in the 50 to 75 yard range"
– carl
5.0 5
"I have been using these for about three years now. I had the same problem as many others. The first deer I shot with these. It was 70yds out. I went for a lung shot with open sights. The deer took off like it wasn't hit and left no blood. There wasn't any snow on the ground. I almost shot the wrong deer with a follow up shot! Mine was laying dead and full of blood about 75yds away. The lesson here is to now aim for a high shoulder shot or a neck shot and they drop like a rock (same as rifle). I also now have a scope on my shotgun which is something I never thought I would do. These are good for 200yds plus but you have to aim for the right spot to drop them or be ready to search!"
– oldfart
5.0 5
"Don't be fooled by these guys that are saying that the deer ran 100 yds after they shot. Where was the shot placed? As with any type of hunting, shot placement is important. I have used these loads for 3 yrs and they are very impressive. I shoot a Mossberg 500 with a rifled barrel, cantilever scope mount and a Bushnell 3x9x40. I've kil;ed multiple deer and have ZERO problems. 1 big 9 pointer that jumped twice and crashed to the ground. 1 8 pointer that didn't run 30 yds and crash into a fence. I have seen these slugs drop deer dead in there tracks out to 150 yds. SHOT PLACEMENT IS THE KEY. If you make a good shot no deer will run very far. Will not shoot anything else for a while."
– Duckman21
5.0 5
"I have mossberg 12ga. Best slugs I ever put through the gun. Dropped 2 deer where they stood opening day, 50 yards and 120 yards. Not afraid to take a 150 yard shot, planning to use them next year."
– czuker123
5.0 5
"I say bullet because that\uFFFDs what these are. I\uFFFDve used them for 3 years and I\uFFFDve wasted more money and time proving people wrong by taking them out to show them the accuracy of this load at 200 yards in my Mossberg 535 with a scope. These also kick-ass on coyotes. It seems like Mossberg shotguns just like this ammo, as my 20 gauge 500 also likes it. I also use the SST projectiles in my muzzle loader with the same results."
– sudds
5.0 5
"I have used these slugs for 2 years now and have harvested a coyote and deer. The coyote was about 200 yards out and i could not believe how accurate these slugs are!! I have harvested numerous deer with this slug. One went about 30 yards double lunged shot from my stand at 80 yards. I shot with my open sites. Another was a 7 point buck at about 130 yards with open sites. It dropped him in its tracks! An awesome slug with unbelievable accuracy. I will never shoot any other slug any time soon!!"
– b.hemi
4.0 5
"Heard great reviews about the SST slugs. I bought a couple boxes sighted in my new H@R 12 guage at 100 yards with a coldwell lead sled. I can get 3 slugs touching on bullseye. Wasn't sure about the distance but I saw a nice buck at 212 yards. It was last day of season, I put the crosshair on his back where it was 3 or 4 inches high from his kill zone. Bang, he kicked and piled up 30 yards! This is deadly accurate and the best slugs I've ever shot. They could make a 3 incher though."
– HILL016
5.0 5
"I have been using this Ammo for hunting about four years now and its simply amazing. Hornady SST Sabot is insanely accurate and deadly. Last year Thanksgiving week, dropped a 160lb buck with head shot at 153 yards away (Nikon: 3-9x40mm ProStaff, 1/4 MOA BDC Reticle). Great Ammo and thanks to CheaperthanDirt for their low price..."
– Sniper2B
5.0 5
"I bought this slug just for target practice and wow it's accurate and powerful"
– gavin
5.0 5
"Would suggest this to everyone.. just killed a 269lb (field dressed) Boar. Took him down with a head shot from 80 yards....dropped like a bad habit....."
– Dead on
5.0 5
"All I can say about this ammo is HOLY Schinoli! Hog dropped like it was ran over by a Mack truck at 95 yards. BOOM!"
– Schinoli Freezin
5.0 5
"I used these Hornady SST first day shoot gun whitetail. Stalked a 6 point. At some point he is gonna figure it out, If you are a deer hunter you know there is only a short period that you can be unknown around a smart Buck. Anyway when he figured I was some where he took off. I shoulder shot him 150 yards, down he went right through the lungs ,Very impressive would use nothing else."
– Mike
5.0 5
"In my Mossberg, this ammo is great, with a 6-18x50 scope, Feral hogs do not have a chance at all. Last season at 105 yards, a 300+ lb. hog. One shot one kill. It was fast, and very clean kill."
– Durango
5.0 5
"Received the ammo in a timely fashion and couldn't be happier with the product. This was the first time I ever ordered from this site."
– smitty
5.0 5
"Shot very well through my Mossberg 500 trophy slug barrel. Accurate, Deadly, Dependable enough said."
– Terry
5.0 5
"New scope,mounted it,used this ammo Dead on 3 shots on target with a mossburgBolt action,I have used this sabot slug now for 3 seasons and have made a clean kill with each one round shot and kill,each deer dropped in my sight.Great price,great shipping,great accuracy.what more can a person ask for."
– Deer hunter