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12 Gauge Centurion Multi-Defense 2 3/4" 10 Round Box 6 #1 Buckshot With a .650" Ball 1300 fps

Centurion Ordnance
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10 Round Box, 12 Gauge, Centurion, Multi-Defense 2 3/4", Buckshot and .650" Ball.
Combines the power of a slug with the spread of buckshot.

The brass heads may be tarnished or show a little surface rust that can be wiped clean. Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1300 fps.
One .650" lead ball followed by six #1 Buckshot pellets.
Uses: Personal protection, Law enforcement. 
Total number of Reviews: 43

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5.0 5
"I shot these through a new Mossberg Maverick model 88 with out a hicup. 4\" group at ten feet, .65 in the center with the 00s ringing it. 16\" group at thirty feet, same configuration. I really like these rounds. Would hate to be caught on the wrong end even at 100 yards."
– Nebraskan
5.0 5
"Fed perfectly thru an H&K semi-auto. Excellent grouping at 7 yrds. Appears to be the perfect home defense round."
– Shotgunner
5.0 5
"I just got a few box's of these to try them out. Wow! I am impressed. I have a 25 yard pistol range and these grouped a perfect ring at that range, 24 inch's in diameter with the .65 cal. slug in the center and 6 buck shot holes in a circle around it. Fascinating design, great idea! And it works. Fed through my Mossberg 500 perfectly. Recoil about par with any high brass load. I will keep these in my bedroom shotgun for my home defense."
– Double07
5.0 5
"These are just like the picture on the box. One big hole in the middle and 6 deadly little minions around it. Packs a punch."
– Matt
5.0 5
"Great S.D. Load. Great accuracy, consistent patterns, just downright great ammo to protect yourself with! That .650 round ball is intimidating as hell!!!!!!!!"
5.0 5
"I also fired around a hundred rounds of this through my 870 while I was home on leave. This ammo is BRUTAL! This will crush anything you need it to crush. It's more accurate then some of the slugs I was firing at 30 yards. Devastaing loads with great groups. Buy some of this and keep it in your fighting shotgun for when the doo-doo hits the fan."
– Mike F
5.0 5
"I have to agree with the other comments about how good this ammo is. For the other Saiga 12 owners out there it works like a charm with the 20 round drum mag."
– westx
5.0 5
"I bought 6 boxes recently. Went to my local range and tried them out. These loads give a good kick not much more than 00 Buck Shot. But the damage it does is undelivable. Great home defense load, just make sure you know what you are shooting at cause it wont be their once you pull the trigger! This round turns your shotgun into a cannon!"
– DBrady
3.0 5
"I bought several boxes of this stuff after reading all the reviews.I was pretty excited about it. I fired this stuff through a mossberg 500, remington 1100, and a benelli m4. From 15-75 feet. It funtioned flawlessly, but I could not obtain any type of consistant groups with the pellets. The slug was always on the money with various types of patterns around it. From 3 visible pellet impacts, to 6 visual impacts. The patterns varied between every shot. Bottom line is, The slug is enough to stop anybody in their tracks. Add to it the #1 buck pellets and it doesn't really matter if they pattern in a perfect circle, whether it's one or six pellets th. I would feel comfortable using this ammo in a defensive situation. However, I still like the 2 3/4\" 00 buck magnums, it is what I load up with, with several slugs in reserve. I took one of the shells apart and can't help but wonder if it were put together a little differently, if It could be made to perform a little more consistantly. I do intend to purchase a reloader sometime soon and experiment with this round. I really like the idea of it."
– chopperdogo
5.0 5
"This stuff shoots LOUD even compared to the most brutal magnum and exotic 12 gauge shells. The recoil is not terribly bad, and yeah it ripped the shreds out of just about everything I shot. Like the other reviewer said it makes your shotgun into a canon."
– FatBacks
5.0 5
"Great ammo. Buck & ball load was used in the American revolution to great effect. This leaves a huge .65 hole with 6 #1 buck holes in various patterns on the target for a totally incapacitating shot."
– Burr
4.0 5
"These rounds are brutal. Shot a box of 10 through my Mossberg 500 with no issues. My targets, on the other hand, were destroyed. It's a little scary what these do. That .650 ball will put a hole the size of a dime through pretty much anything and you have some buck just in case. It's the perfect middle ground between a slug and buckshot. The ball is very accurate. The buckshot can be a little erratic in its pattern but still hits the target well. I have an 18\" barrel, cylinder bore. At close range (down the hallway distance) the buck hits within a few inches of the ball and the whole load leaves a mean-looking hole in whatever you shoot."
– bill
5.0 5
"Shot this at a friend's house out of a Mossberg 590. Absolutely devastating round. I recommend this load for anyone looking for serious home defense."
– Vincent
5.0 5
"I shot this ammo at a 10\" diameter plastic lid @ 50 yards out of a Mossberg 590 today. The ball hit slightly high of dead center (about an inch) with three out of six #1 buckshot hitting target. On the second shot the results were nearly the exact same. At closer range (10-25 yard) the shots yielded incredible results. \"Oh my GOD!\" \"OUCH!\" is how bystanders described it. I am buying more to test out the long range capability described above and for home defense. Those were the last two rounds I had. I will use a larger target next time to figure out where the other three #1 buckshot are spreading out to exactly. I'll be loading 6 of these and 2 non-lethal rounds for home defense from now on. And yeah they kick like a mule!"
– JubeiX
5.0 5
"After taking this to the range and seeing the damage this deals out, I'll never buy any other type of shotgun ammo for home security purposes."
– sir shoots alot
5.0 5
"Fired several rounds through Mossberg 500a with no problems. Plenty of stopping power, seriously devestating. Still pretty accurate out to 60-80 yard range, and makes big holes in things!"
– That'sMrSavage2U
5.0 5
"Took a couple boxes out to the range and gotta say this is the only round i'll use for self defense from my mossberg 500....devastating power i'd hate to be a burglar going up against one of these."
– Smoky the Bear
2.0 5
"Thought this ammo looked like a good idea. Bought 2 boxes for my Remington 870 home defense shotgun that I put a mag extension, and speedfeed stock on. This ammo would not cycle properly in the shotgun, and would get hung up in the tube. In addition, it would not fit in the shell carriers on the speedfeed stock. Upon inspection of the ammo the plastic casing is not uniform and is warped making some rounds more elliptical in diameter than circular. Even getting a round in the chamber was sometimes met with resistance. Once in the chamber, the ammo fired fine and had great effects on target. I also ran Federal ammo through the shotgun, and had zero problems with feeding. Those rounds also fit in the speedfeed stock with no problems. I think this ammo is cheaply made, and I would definitely not trust my life or my families life on it. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but anyone buying this should ensure this ammo functions in your shotgun. Either way I will be loading Federal 00 in my shotgun, ammunition which I have never had a problem with."
– 0311
5.0 5
"This round cycles great through my Mossberg 500. Kicks like a mule and destroys whatever I'm shooting at. This will always be loaded ready to rock in my house. Didn't see any odd shaped shells in the 4 boxes I ordered so far."
2.0 5
"I bought 2 boxes of these to try. The power they unleash is devestating, and the certainly do kick like a mule. My problem with them is that every one of the 50 rounds had a bulge, just behind the .65 cal ball. In my Mossberg 500A, it would cause it to be very hard to chamber, and had several that took about 5 pumps to pull the round out of the chamber. Maybe just a bad batch, but I would not rely on for home defense."
– Hornetm
5.0 5
"At 25 yards out of my 870 with a modified barrel, the ball hits just about where you aim, and the smaller buckshot tend to scatter around the center of where the ball hit. For in home distances, it's a perfect choice."
– Brad L.
5.0 5
"This stuff does serious damage. I haven't experienced the shell's jamming problems that others have encountered, but I still have several boxes to go through. For home defense, this is the only ammo I'll keep loaded. As for shooting targets, this stuff just kicks too hard. After a box, I'm ready to put the gun down. My Stevens 350 (shorty barrel) kills my shoulder with this stuff. Definitely a lot of fun to make large messes with."
– Lemons
5.0 5
"This ammo is extremely accurate in my shotguns even with cylinder choke. The pattern with that .65\" caliber ball and buckshot are devestating. It packs a punch and should neutralize any threat you might encounter. I intend on making it my primary Home Defense round. I highly recommend."
– Green Acres Gun Club
5.0 5
"Fired 100 rounds of this ammo through my Saiga AK 12 w/20 round drums and no FTF or FTE. Each time, I emptied the drum as fast as I could pull the trigger. Buying more today!"
– Flawless
5.0 5
"This is hands down the nastiest shot shell I have ever used. If your like me and keep a home defender 12ga these are exactally what your after. Honestly after shooting these at a range and seeing the damage these do they should kill anything! Make no mistake these are not for wounding!"
– ZX
5.0 5
"Absolutely devastating, the ball and shot go right where my Mossberg Persuader is pointed at 25 yards and beyond. Very powerful round with a magnum feel. It will get the job done."
– Deacon1
5.0 5
"This ammo is the most destructive shell I have ever shot. I found no bulging shells and they chambered, fired, and ejected just fine in my Mossberg 500A. They were on target even at 20yds through my 18.5\" barrel. These babies are definitely loaded in my 12ga from now on. Fast delivery as usual. You've got to love CTD."
– Gray
5.0 5
"Good Lord, these are devastating!!!"
– Shotgunner
5.0 5
"I recently received my first order, test fired in my 18\" Remington Model 1100. Forget the OO anymore, this is the stuff you want. It spread about 20\" in at 50' and is just awesome to shoot and see the devastation. I keep an M1 Garand and and AR15 in my go to cabinet beside my 1100, believe me I will reach for the 1100 if I need some very serious defense! In Revolutionary war G. Washington's men loaded with buck and ball, now I know why...get you a box, sleep with ease."
– mortar grunt
5.0 5
"These things are nasty. I have shot a few from my Mossberg 500 with a 20\" barrel, trying to simulate a realistic home defense distance of 20 ft. They are quite accurate, with the ball, most if not all of the shot, and the wad making one large hole. It's definitely not a spray and pray load and you do have to aim it pretty carefully. But the upside is a tremendous amount of energy into the target. I will have to try them at 50 ft. and see what kind of pattern I get, but for close quarters/across the room situations, these are devastating."
– AB
2.0 5
"I read the reviews prior to purchasing this ammo, and they rang true. This is a cheaply manufactured ammo. I purchased two boxes, 20 rounds, and all 20 shells are malformed (as many previous reviewers have noted, no real surprise). By my estimation, the plastic used in these shells is too thin resulting in bulges where the buck shot sits below the ball. My assumption is that the primary market for this type of shell is home/self defense. Why buy self defense ammo, at nearly four times the cost of premium buckshot loads, if there is going to be even the slightest doubt of reliability? Get yourself some good Winchester or Remington buckshot rounds and sleep sound at night. Buy this Centurion ammo at your own peril..."
– Humbucker
5.0 5
"I have shot well over 100 rounds of these and not 1 problem yet learned not to shoot a deer close up with them it makes a mess"
– truckman
3.0 5
"I have to agree with all the comments. I would have to agree with humbucker. I shoot a sawed off Winchester 97, cylinder bore. For a home defense weapon I had a little trouble chambering the round. The base seemed tight, not the plastic. After I fired it I had a hell of a time getting the shell to eject. Not good for a second shot in home defense. The OOO Remington shells worked flawlessly. These shells are not for sport shooting, too much recoil for this old man. For hunting at 50 Yards the ball shot about a foot low, no problem to adjust, and everything stayed on a 4x4ft cardboard. Would I buy them again? Yes, but not for home defense. I'll stick with the 000."
– partsman
5.0 5
"Have had these for some time, just tried them, and am ready to reorder. I didn't feel any increased recoil over reg. hi-brass loads. The real suprise was the accuracy and great pattern shot w/ 2 different guns- cyl bore & mod choke. At 30 yds the ball was right on and the buck was spred evenly around the ball, only difference was the cyl bore had a larger spred by about 6 in. These would be great for close range varmints (2 or 4 legged)."
– John Kennedy
4.0 5
"Shells show slight bulge where buck shot pushes out slightly against plastic. Cycles fine in my Mossberg 500, devastates targets at 25 yds (3 rounds cut target in half). Only reason for 4 bullets is slight bulge, probably just cosmetic."
– Ray in H-Burg
5.0 5
"This ammo is great. I shot a few boxes out of my benelli supernova, they all fired great. One thing that surprised me is how much it kicks. I know that sounds dumb but I went from shooting 00 federal to this and its like night and day. So I've read a few reviews that say this ammo is cheap and malformed. All I can say to that is stop crying, it works fine. If your shotgun has problems shooting this ammo you need to get a more reliable gun. I keep this loaded in my shotgun at night for home defense. After seeing what it did to my targets I have no problem trusting my life and my family life to it. If you have any worries about it just buy a box and test it out. I hope it blows you away like it did me. ( both figuratively and literally lol )"
– dante
5.0 5
"I have shot this before, so I simply could not resist picking up a few boxes. This stuff is accurate as heck! The only downside to it is my wife doesn't like it at all because of the huge recoil. Granted, I shoot a 590 with pistol grip. Overall 5!"
– Slayim
5.0 5
"I've fired at least four boxes of this ammo through my semi-auto Mossberg without any problem whatsoever. It is dead-on accurate out to 30 yards, wrecks the target, and I don't find the recoil at all excessive. Yes, the rounds look lumpy, but they feed just fine for me, and I keep this ammo in my weapon for home defense. I trust it."
– Genghis John
4.0 5
"I ran two boxes of this through my Mossberg 500 pump and not a lick of problems. Yes, it's a little lumpy and deformed from the buck shot in kinda a cheap casing. Accurate out to around 20-25 yds and very destructive. Will definitely remove any threats; two legged or four. Recoil is not all that much. I get more recoil out of 2.75\" buck shot and definitely not as bad as a full slug. But all around great round and would definitely recommend for home defense or whatever else is needed."
– DeadlyForce
3.0 5
"I have had this before and was running low on stock (gave some to good friends, ect.). Ordered three boxes. Two of the boxes came and were good, the third box had rounds that were pretty rusty. One round out of ten had no rust, two rounds had considerable rust, about one third of the \"brass lip was seriously rusted. (had to wire brush, and sand paper to get back to size for free movement in and out of chamber). The other seven moved in and out of chamber freely, the rust on them was all on the end. They cleaned up with various amounts of difficulty, and various results. Will probably shoot the 9 \"Bad\" round first (soon). If I order any in the future I'll have to order enough extra to made up for \"Bad rounds\"."
– PapaQuade
5.0 5
"I've run several boxes through a Mossberg 930 Special and found it to be pretty easy shooting. Having a rebuilt shoulder, I'm somewhat recoil sensitive, but find this to be very comfortable to shoot. Maybe it's because the Mossberg has a pistol grip and it somewhat mitigates recoil. It feeds well and really wrecks targets out to 25-30 yds. I've bought 10 boxes, just in case."
3.0 5
"My shipment of this stuff just came in today and like always, I like to look at the ammo. Some of the ammo was rusted on the brass and some wasn't. I have yet to fire it so I don't know how it is, but my good friend said that it's pretty good ammo. My only complaint is the rust marks on the brass. I don't know if that'll have any effect on the cycling of the ammo, but I just hate the way it looks."
– Daniel
5.0 5
"I ordered two boxes of this ammo and I did not have any of the rust issues others have. It cycles flawlessly through my Mossberg 500, and judging from the few I fired, it would put a hurting on anyone on the receiving end. In all, I'm happy with my purchase and would strongly recommend these rounds to anyone looking for a nasty home defense round."
– Joe W