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Brenneke K.O. 12 Gauge 2.75" 1 oz Rifled Slug 5 Round Box

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Brenneke USA makes shotgun slug ammo to suit any application. This K.O. round, in 12 gauge, has a 2-3/4" shell loaded with a 1 oz slug which it fires at 1600 fps. It offers exceptional accuracy and terminal performance, making it a superb choice for hunting deer.

The KO is an improved Foster type slug with excellent penetration. The K.O is an ideal deer load and offers superb accuracy at medium ranges. Like all other Brenneke slugs it has build in guaranteed knockdown power. It offers 58 % more frontal area than standard .50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer, deep penetration, and expansion up to .9".

Muzzle velocity: 1600 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 987 fps
Muzzle energy: 2491 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 948 ft/lbs

5 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 20 boxes.

Ammo price is per box

Total number of Reviews: 29

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5.0 5
"I really can't find a slug that flies with greater accuracy than this K.O. 1oz brenneke. I shoot targets with these things at 100yards. Consistently. These slugs are a harder lead than one usually encounters in a shotgun slug and they have less recoil than most while maintaining a high velocity. For me they are PERFECT."
– Raubritter
5.0 5
"last deer season i killed two deer in 5 minutes with these slugs. they fly straight and they really pack a punch. You can't go wrong with these slugs. All i shot is 2-3/4 and they get the job done."
– tory
5.0 5
"last year i fetched a GRIZZLY BEAR with these things they are awesome"
– Big John
5.0 5
"I have shot every different 12 gauge slug for smoothbore barrels on the market, everything from sluggers 2 3/4\" & 3\", winchester super X & power points, federal truballs and power shoks, and wolfs. I used to hit deer in the vitals and would never find them no matter what slug I would use, I could never get consistent patterns. This year i decided to try K.O.'s and they blew my mind, i got 2 inch groups at 80 yards with open sights and at 20 yards there was just one big hole. On thanksgiving morning i had a group of 8 deer walk in front of me and i was albe to take 3 big does out of the group with one shot a piece and neither of them made it more than 30 yards. For the first time ever i had blood splatter 15 feet away, head high on tree trunks, i've never seen that before, I will be buying 2 cases of these slugs that will last me for the next 15 years."
– Zackyholdem
5.0 5
"If you are interested in theseK.O slugs,you shouldtry theK.O. sabotsfor(rifled)onlybarrels.If you do notown a fully rifled barrel,try the heavy short field mag.I can consistently acheive sub2\"groups at90-110yds.from arest.Both recoil,and price wont break you!!!!!!!!!!"
– cowboy
5.0 5
"these are the greast slugs I have ever used for a smooth bore barrel. I work at a gun range, I tried every rifled slug we had in my pump winchester with a 24inch barrel. over 15 types and the 2 3/4 K.O. had the best group every time. I got one deer in 2006 at 70 yards, and one in 2007 at 60 yards I will be useing the same slugs this year I have three left from the box so that should last me three more years."
– joe
5.0 5
"It is not very often anymore that you come across a product like this. Reasonably priced deadly accurate and a heck of a lot of knock down power I use these in my rem 870 and consitentaly shoot a 3/4\" group at 75yrds I use them in my model 37 and get the same results and they are bith smooth bore barrels"
– tony
5.0 5
"i shoot a mossberg 500 24\" rifled slug barrel, these thing are great i sight in at 25 yards and am dead on at 100 yards, i killed 2 deer through the heart quartering away, 90 yards and 120 yards, no bs, i am working on sighting for 150 to 200.andy"
– repo
5.0 5
"i shoot these out of my mossberg 835 with improved cyl. and have killed 4 deer in 2years all between 50 and 60 yards. the best thing about all the shots is that the dear all fell whare thay were standing, so no tracking or lost dear!"
– kyle b
1.0 5
"I had some disturbing problems with this ammunition. My firearm is a Mossberg 500 with 24\" rifled barrel. I ordered 110 rounds from Cheaper than Dirt. The first thing I noticed was that the brass on the cartridge did not seem tall enough. The length of brass measures 7/16\" long. Comparitively Winchester foster slugs and and 3\" partition sabots both measure 11/16\" and Hornady SST measures 7/8\" of brass. This means that the powder charge, which is visible through the clear brenneke shell, is filled higher than the height of the brass. This confused me because I always thought that the purpose of the taller brass on slugs was to give support to the cartridge based on the level of the powder charge. Another problem I had was ejection of the shell after firing. They had the tendency to hang up in the chamber and excessive for had to be applied to the slide in order to eject. this was an unprecedented occurrence in this firearm and on the same day had no problems like this with the previously mentioned Winchester and Hornady ammunition. The third and most disturbing problem was the accuracy. At a range of 50 yards accuracy was quite acceptable with a grouping of approximately 2 inches. However, at 100 yards their was no accuracy at all. Not only did they miss the target but they could not even strike a 4x8 sheet of ply wood. I have ruled out the possibility of firearm malfunction or human error based on the fact that the Hornady Sabots and Winchester Sabots will both achieve approximately 2 inch groups at 100 yards. Considering that I am using open sights this figure may be smaller when optical sights are applied. It should be noted that these slugs are constructed with a wad that is permanently to the slug in order to achieve better stability during flight. With that being known, it was a surprise to me to find one of the red plastic wads on the ground. Apparently, it had separated from the slug and struck the target in another area apart from the slug. This discove"
– Matt
5.0 5
"i am considering purchasing these slugs for my 12 guage and was reading the others review's and was a little concerned about the one that said he was using these in a rifled bore, these should only be used in a smooth bore. JUST WANTED TO MAKE THAT CLEAR FOR OTHER POTENTIAL BUYERS. From the reviews of the other purchasers, i will be buying some for my slef and giving them a try.."
– not for riffled bore guns
4.0 5
"I have found Brennekes to be just fine for sighting in a gun. These slugs are ok for a rifled or smooth barrel. Sabots and slugs are the two types to use in any rifled barrel."
– Steve
5.0 5
"Accurate good quality slugs. I have a Remington 870 tactical shotgun, 18 inch barrel and a pistol grip. I also have a rifled choke in the end of it. I was making consistant shots with steel sights at about 70 to 90 yards standing. I would definetly dear hunt with them. I plan on buying another dozen boxes of these or so. For the price it is well worth it to stock up."
– Willis
5.0 5
"To all the people who shoot rifled slugs in rifled barrels need to learn more about shotguns but besides that the slugs are very good at a 100yards 1'inch groups with a reddot optic sight.I would buy more if i had the money."
– Master Guns
5.0 5
"Great load and the price makes it better. I shoot them out of a rifled barrel and just as good of a group at 80 yards as sabots at 2 to 3 times the price. Yes you can shoot them out of a riffed barrel just may need lead cleaner for the fouling, used to use plastic cleaner when I used sabots."
– ducky
5.0 5
"In two years, two fired and two deer down. Since they are hard to find, I practice with other brands and only load for hunting.For the price, they provide the least drop performance in a smooth bore IC barrel. They are hard to find in most stores for some reason so stock up when you find them."
– Tenderfoot
5.0 5
"I bought these slugs for the price didn\uFFFDt expect much. Man was I surprised these rounds through my 12 gauge 870 rifled barrel are the most accurate easiest rounds I\uFFFDve ever used out to 90 yards. Also the box are labeled as sabots with a punch and described as slugs for smooth & rifled barrels , I am going to get some for my 14 yr old sons 20 gauge smooth bore 870 . My experience with this ammo is all positive."
– buying many
4.0 5
"I use the K.O. every year for sighting in my 12 gauge Mossberg 500. I sight it in at 100 yards. My barrel is a 24 inch smooth bore. This ammo is great. Yesterday I sighted my gun in at 100 yards and grouped 5 shots a 2 inch pattern. I then took it to the 200 yard line at it only dropped 8 inches. My scope has a compesation drop in my cross hairs and once I adjusted for 200 yards I was dead on but the grouping went to 3 1/2 inch at the 200 yards..I use the Black Magnums for Hunting for the extra kick.. Brenneke has a webiste which tell use each brand they have and if u can use them for rifled or smooth bore. Every ammo that Brenneke has for the 12 gauge CAN BE USED FOR RIFLED BORE."
– marine vet
5.0 5
"For those who think they know:These slugs can be shot from a fully-rifled barrel..Over 90%of manufacturers use a 1 in 35twist (Rem., Moss., Ithica, Beneli, Savage, Browning)....Hastings uses a 1 in 28.If these so called experts would do their research they would know Brenneke has been around for over 100yrs. I think they know what they are doing. The Winchester (Rackmaster) uses anear Brenneke like slug. There is even reload data using Brenneke slugs which pattern well out of both smooth and rifled barrels...."
– the truth
5.0 5
"I bought a box of these, Remington, Winchester, and Federal slugs for my Rem. 1100. These shot by far the best. Flat shooting, cheap. I haven't tried them on deer yet."
– JB
5.0 5
"I have shot these for Years and there is NO other slug that compares with these for the Money!! At Deer Camp these out penetrated every other brand known to man! After pulling the trigger for the first time, Everyone seemed to say (WOW) with a big grin on their face!!!"
– Iron Man
5.0 5
"Wonderful, accurate. These have a unique smooth feeling from the trigger pull to target hit. Highly dependable, I have fired around 60 boxes of these and not a single shell has ever given me any negative issues."
– FatBacks
2.0 5
"I tried these in my Rem 870SP with the fully rifled barrel. I used a red-dot to shoot these at 50 yards. I couldn\uFFFDt get on paper (accurately) with 3 boxes at 50 yards . At 25 this was not really a problem, but I noticed that the holes in the paper were oval and round, indicating tumbling or an unstable projectile. I took a shot again on a box at about 10 yards and it appears that the round does tumble. Maybe it\uFFFDs me or maybe it\uFFFDs just my gun but I think these slugs are better off in a smoothbore. Use the K.O. Sabots if you have a rifled barrel."
– SteveD
5.0 5
"I use these deer hunting and I shot a 2yr old buck in the Throat at about fifty yards and it did a back flip, yes, a back flip. never had any misfire or jam problems. i tested them at 100 yrds and was accurate within a car head light with all 6 rounds with the bb sight. I shot these rounds outta a HR New England Firearms Pardner Pump, said to be a 870 clone. I would recommend to anyone."
– Kurt
5.0 5
"For the price these slugs can't be beat. I use them in my Saiga 12, smooth-bore and have had no issues with FTE's or FTF's. My Saiga eats these up, with the rifle straight out of the box unmodified.(Phew!) Some Saiga 12's have cycling issues with low brass ammo, recommended shells are 3\" high brass. Ammo is very accurate on paper targets at the 25 yard range with a red dot sight. Definitely buying more."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"I've tried every slug on the market. I shoot a Benelli M-4 tactial and other shotguns. These slugs are the most accurate and seem to penetrate well. I have shot them both with a smooth bore and a rifled choke. I see no real difference. I just bought another case."
– Bundy
5.0 5
"Why would you use these in a rifled barrel???? Regardless of what they say they are still a rifled slug ...you should be using sabot slugs ...your review is inaccurate and no one should pay it any mind.....these are tops.... maybe the best slugs for smooth bore barrels out there..."
– Antman
5.0 5
"First of all, I'd like to say that Brenneke has it all in one sock! Second, I went hunting on the 11th and I took my friends 30-06 and let's just say if I would've had my Mossberg with slugs then the deer wouldn't have run off after being shot. Never got the deer but I was perplexed for I didn't follow my gut but that was quickly fixed. Ever since my Mossberg 88 has been with me. Great slug and at twnty five yards I shot a three round group of 1 1/2\" and at one hundred yards I shot a three round group of about the same out of a smooth barrel 18.5\". I've tried the others and the accuracy is similar but not better, so try them for yourself and then you decide."
– Major A
5.0 5
"Bought this ammo and was really happy with it. Very accurate and will be great for home defense."
– bmos