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Ammo 10mm Auto BVAC 180 Grain FMJ, 1125 fps Practice and Plinking Ammunition, 50 Round Box

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10mm Auto, BVAC, 180 Grain Full Metal Jacket Bullet, 50 Round Box.

Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1125 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1092 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 1015 fps.
Muzzle energy: 552 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 477 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 412 ft/lbs.
Uses: Target Shooting, Practice.

BVAC 10mm Ammunition Notice:
Due to numerous customer request for the BVAC 10MM to reach maximum velocity, BVAC had changed the load to 1250 fps January 1st 2012 to March 1st 2012. In doing so, we have seen signs of case failures in unsupported chambered weapons. One example is the Colt Delta Elite. We recommend that if you purchased the BVAC 10MM ammunition during this time period that you only shoot the ammo in fully supported weapons such as the Smith and Wesson, Beretta, or Sig Sauer. You can also contact BVAC directly to exchange the ammo for the standard 10MM round. BVAC has reduced the load back to the standard velocity of 1125 fps.

Total number of Reviews: 23

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5.0 5
"this is all new ammo and works great in my glock 20 10mm auto pistol will be buying more at this price.this ammo is priced $10 cheaper than most any other 10mm ammo and its all new with\uFFFDreloadable brass."
– big john
4.0 5
"Not the tightest grouping stuff in the world but functions well and CHEAP! I'll definitely buy more."
– 10mm
3.0 5
"My jury\uFFFDgeneral speaking\uFFFDis still out on Bitter Root Valley Ammo. So, my review is only a partial one at best. But, I hope it might be helpful to the extent of it. All my Bitterroot Valley Ammo I have purchased from CTD. Actually, I cannot remember seeing it any where else. Not saying other companies do not have it. I always receive good service from CTD. When I got the 10MM ammo, I inspected the cartons and they were professionally packed in 50 round per box cartons. I looked at the brass cases and they looked very good. However, the caps were rough looking, if that makes sense? Some of them looked as if they had been scratched pretty heavily, several of them looked as if they had been tapped lightly with different kinds of firing pins. Maybe tools marks??? That concerns me. I am wondering if anyone else has had any caps like this with this ammo? I shot a few of these through my Glock 20. It performed flawlessly. Accuracy was good for what I was shooting that day, small bottles of water twenty to forty feet. Yes, I did pick up the empty plastic bottles and will take them to the recycling bin. Law abiding gun owners and hunter do not litter! This ammo sounded up to \uFFFDPOWER\uFFFD, it seems it will be clean enough. For the price if it keeps performing this good, I will keep buying it. I will write an update on this ammo if it fails to hold up to this performance level. However, I will just give it three bullets because of the bad looking caps. Caps should always be pristine. If caps with these kinds of markings on them are getting by inspection it concerns me about what else might get by them. But, all in all, I have good hopes for BVA. It is a good American Company, and will someday get all the bugs out of their product, and we will speak about it the way we do about Winchester, Federal and Hornady. I believe BVA will take these reviews and correct and only improve their product. God bless!"
– goodfight
5.0 5
"I purchased 3 boxes and couldn't be happier. It's cheaper than the rest and for punching holes in paper what more do you need? Held a fairly tight grouping with my EAA 10mm at 25 and 50 feet. As far as the primer issue that is posted, I personally checked every box and did not notice any flaws in my batch. Every shell looked like new. I would definitely recommend for target practice due to low cost."
– Happy
4.0 5
"Initially I was a little hesitant to try due to the mixed reviews, so I purchased 2 boxes of the FMJ & 2 boxes of the JHP ammo (both in 10mm). Both worked flawlessly in my Glock 20. My Kimber only had 2 Failure to feeds (both easily cured by tapping the back of the slide) with the FMJ but digested all JHP ammo with no issues. Will be purchasing more of each (& also will be trying out other BVAC ammo)."
– Fireman351
5.0 5
"Ran 100 rounds of FMJ and 50 of the JHP out of my Glock 29. No FTE or FTF. Functioned 100%. Cheap brass cased 10mm ammo. What more could you ask for? I will buy again."
– Geoff
3.0 5
"Interesting decision -- 10mm is tough to find right now yet BVAC is availalbe and at a low price. I purchased 100 rounds to try it. The ammo looks good - no defects - clean brass - fires BUT it appears to be random accuracy -- some good some bad. I fired this through my new Glock 20 - so the first time out I was experimenting and I happened to have a couple left over boxes of Blazer aluminum casing 10 mm. Some groups were pretty tight with BVAC and others had a couple fliers (high left) -- I know - is it the shooter -- I decided to use a stand and alternated 10 rounds of BVAC and Blazer. Out of 10 shots with BVAC, I had 1 or 2 fliers with Blazer - consistent tight groups, and in the black - VERDICT it is cheap. I would love to hear a response from BVAC -- I know it is the difference between 180 grain and 200 grain but I don't like surprises."
5.0 5
"I ordered 3 boxes of this stuff for my S$W 1006. Let me just say I will be getting MORE! I have been trying various brands and have now found what my gun likes. Up until I found this stuff I have found Double Tap to be the best shooting ammo for my 1006. BUT I will no longer be using that spendy ammo again. WOW this stuff is awesome !!! Tightest groups my gun has ever shot. No smoke issues, no jams (This gun has NEVER jammed or misfired yet) Great Brass, and has plenty of power and just as dirty as the Double Tap. I am sold! I am getting more... Thanks CTD.Great service from CTD BUT fed ex was slow..."
– worldwide 390 / WA State
3.0 5
"This works better that the same item that is sold in bulk. Only just a few showed signs of keyholing. However the accuracy doesn't seem to be very good. No jams cycled through the Glock just fine, but then again it is a Glock."
– bbFlorida
5.0 5
"I just shot a box of these through my S&W 1006 and was very pleased. Not only was this ammo inexpensive, but it shot well without issue. The recoil seemed mild. The groups were good. I will be purchasing more."
– Todd
5.0 5
"You can not beat the price. Nice groups at 7 yeads with a Glock 20. I will be buying more of this brand in the future."
– skippy45
5.0 5
"This ammo works perfectly in my Delta. Besides the low price, I like that the loads are authentic 10mm, and not downloaded to .40 specs as with other brands. For target/plinking, this ammo is hard to beat for the price...I will definitely purchase more."
– Russ L
4.0 5
"This ammo worked absolutely awesome in my Glock 29. Not one misfire, no feeding issues whatsoever. At this price I'm going to buy a lot of this ammo."
– Zionfire
5.0 5
"I brought 100 rounds of this along with 50 rounds of aluminum cased CCI blaser up north for my first session with the Glock 20. I love the BVAC ammo! No FTF or FTE sounded consistent, great power (knocked the target down a few times) and flawless function. Fairly clean ammo too only a few minutes with the bore brush and 2 pads and the gun was clean. Much more powerful than that CCI crap this will be my target ammo from now on! Definitely recommended."
– K Man
2.0 5
"Just have to say get ready to clean your gun and hope you have lots of patches and bore cleaner and they stink too."
– rugerman
4.0 5
"Shot a box this past weekend w/ my brother who has the Glock trigger pull 'down'. Although he never shot a model 20 - after a couple shots & adjustment his grouping @ 15 yds. was outstanding - demonstrating the accuracy & consistency of the ammo. Have only shot UMC & some Win STHP through my 10mm - but I can't say I found this stuff to be excessively dirty. Cleaned 'it' prior to the aformentioned shoot & it didn't take too much time; then again I'm not looking for perfection like w/ a stainless revolver."
– I am Legion
5.0 5
"Fired 250 through my Springfield Aromory 10mm Omega, did not have a single problem . Ammo fired was clean and accurate. For the money you can't beat it . Powder burned clean and there no issues cleaning the gun. I will be buying more ,thats for sure ."
– Chuck
2.0 5
"Have bought more & continued to shoot @ it's obvious value. However - new ballistic data posted by BVAC reflect this load to be very weak @ 980/384 - not unlike a slow moving 180g 40 cal cartridge. No wonder the 'hot' UMC felt like it did in my hand with the increased recoil energy. I'm a bit dissapointed at this revelation. I appreciate their reduced 357 loads for particular applications but I'm seeking 'everything' I can get in a 10mm rnd."
– I am Legion
5.0 5
"I shot a box today. It was clean, crisp, and what I expect from this ammo. Recoil seemed to be the same as the last batch to me. 10mm is some round. Our range's inside target runner uses 1/4\" steel plates to clamp targets and this ammo left a 1/4 divit and lump on the back side. Nothing else leaves dents in the target clamps. I have shot a lot of this ammo and wish they would bring back the 500 loose pack box. On my boxes, it says 575 ft lb of muzzle energy. No argument from me. No FTF or FTE. A+"
– JP
5.0 5
"Bought 250rds but shot only 100, with all the looking down on this brand from others.. it worked wonders for me.. definitely looking to buy more =D.."
– CD..
5.0 5
"Bought these in 2010. 500 rounds and finally had chance to shoot them a week ago! My Kimber ate them up and spit them out. Velocity seemed good. No chrony at the time, but will take it next time! Will buy the value pack now!"
– Rangerman
4.0 5
"I said I would write an update on the 10mm Bitter Root Valley ammo if it failed to perform the way I thought it should. It is still working through my Glock 20, however it is just not up to power in its hitting power. It sounds okay, but lacks the power a 10mm should have, even with normal, off-the-shelf ammo. It is like a .40 caliber and a mild one at that. But, it will work for paper targets and that is what it is sold for. But, when I shoot the 10mm, I want the power it should have. If I want to shoot something less expensive just to be target shooting, I can shoot .22 LR or 9mm value pack ammo. So, if you want to buy this to show off your big 10mm to your buddies, you will not impress them. However, it still deserves a good rating because it will feed, eject, and fire every time, and it is easy on the pocket book. God bless and good shooting."
– Goodfight
5.0 5
"I don't usually write reviews, but I'm tired of seeing people give this awesome product a poor rating. It's the cheapest 10mm ammo available and loads, fires, and ejects every single time - no questions asked. It isn't hunting ammo (as suggested by the specs and title \"Practice and Plinking\"), so if you have to impress your friends with your big bad 10mm, spend the money on something else. But if you want to learn how to drill the 10 ring every shot, practice with this."
– Bajamba