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American Quality .223 Rem. 500 Rounds, FMJ Reloaded, 55 Grains

American Quality Ammo
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Buy premium ammunition for not a premium price!

500 Round loose packed case of .223 Rem. Full Metal Jacket, 55 grain ammunition. When your life depends on the accuracy of the ammunition you are shooting, there is only one choice, American Quality Ammunition.

American Quality Ammunition was formed in 1981 to meet the stringent needs of Law enforcement agencies on the West coast. Each round is hand inspected, every lot is velocity and pressure tested making this ammunition unsurpassed in both the LE and Commercial markets.

Proudly made in America by American's who believe in only producing quality products, American Quality Ammunition.

Specifications: R22355VP500
Caliber: .223 Remington
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Bullet Weight: 55 Grains
Muzzle Velocity: 2900fps
Once Used Multi Headstamp Brass
500 Rounds Loose Packed per Case

Total number of Reviews: 46

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4.0 5
"Haven't had a chance to fire any rounds yet, since I just received them in the mail this morning. Shipping was super fast. The only thing was that I was shorted 1 round out of 500. With the super low price that I got the rounds for, I will take that 1 round loss."
– 2624 Johnson
5.0 5
"Received package in minimum time. Range fired 70 rounds without any remarkables.Nice clean ammo and I recommend fully. Good buy for today's market. Will order more soon."
– Ty
5.0 5
"210 rounds used in one day and not a problem.Fantastic deal....roll tide"
– Cory
5.0 5
"Ammo worked great in my new ar-15. Fed flawlessly, small groups."
– Brojo
5.0 5
"Great price for first class ammunition.\"Cheaper than Dirt\" implies you'll get something of lesser value.This is not the case.This is prime quality merchandise, offered at a reasonable price.It doesn't get better than this."
– Akula
5.0 5
– Don P.
5.0 5
"I can say this is great ammo for plinking, don't hesitate."
– Rolo
4.0 5
"Good product. A couple casings had small dents but had no problem firing. Excellent price for bulk ammo."
– 686 Mark
5.0 5
"This was my first time ordering from this site. I was very pleased with how fast my order was processed and shipped. The ammo is very good quality. I put 120 rounds through at the range and had no problems. I will definitely buy more of this product in the future. What I like most is when I buy this product I know I'm feeding the families of Americans. We need more for Americans by Americans. God Bless America."
– Yosemite Sam
5.0 5
"This is great ammo at an awesome price. I was cautious about buying so much without testing it first, but this stuff if great. No problems so far with my new Tavor."
– Florida Man
5.0 5
"Shipped quickly, as always, count perfect, a couple of casings with small dents, however all in all great for the cost. Fired 100 with a Ruger mini and all good, accurate."
– Las Vegas
5.0 5
"Cant believe how fast I received the ammo. Last night I sent 130 rounds down range with no problems what so ever."
– Mike
4.0 5
"First order with Cheaper Than Dirt. Delivery was received quickly. Ammo worked great ,no miss feeds. I would buy again."
– Steve
5.0 5
"This was my first time buying from this site and was a little skeptical at first but this is good quality ammo right here. I ran 100 rounds through my M&P AR-15 sport at the range and had no problems what so ever. The processing and shipping was quick. You get exactly what you see. I will be buying more soon."
– Enrique Miranda
4.0 5
"I bought these rounds on a Friday night and they arrived at my house on Wednesday. Great job CTD. I put about 100 rounds through my M4 and Mini 14 Tactical and had 1 FTF. I would buy and recommend these to anyone wanting good range rounds and more."
– XDrillSergeant
5.0 5
"Good price, fast shipping, only 2 things I found weird. 1. That no one was needed to sign for the box and 2. The shipping label said LIVE AMMO thought that was weird."
– Monster Tundra
4.0 5
"Decent ammo, although many of these reloads have small dents from ejecting. One was damaged so bad that it was unusable. Mine was all Lake City military brass which is great for reloading. This ammo will turn your hands black as you load it into your mags. Graphite or lube? All in all, a decent deal."
– Montana Shooter
4.0 5
"The bullets shoot great but are very dirty. Turn your hands black when handling. But shoot very well and consistent. Will buy again."
– Craig
5.0 5
"When scrolling upon this box of ammo I had to check it out for the price, and I am glad I did. The name says it all \"American Quality\" and when it comes to anything firearms, American make the best. Quality being the key word, you can tell each bullet was made with a little TLC and a great bullet for target practice. Will be purchasing more of this product for days at the range."
– Jeremy
5.0 5
"1st order from Cheaper Than Dirt, very satisfied. Quick delivery and looks like good clean ammo!"
5.0 5
"Shot 50 or more so far from this box, so far not one issue."
– Eric
4.0 5
"Shipping was fast and arrived in good shape. Quantity was exactly 500, as advertised. This is reloaded brass, so you should expect minor dings on most of the cases. After looking at each round individually, I found about 30 rounds with significant dings on the neck transition that weren't bad enough to reject, but I will use them in my bolt action, rather than the semi-auto, just to be sure I don't have any operational problems with them. Overall, this was a good value."
– Bill
5.0 5
"Hey this ammo was a great deal . Very fast on the shipping , count was correct. Only thing that could have made it better would be a cheaper price but with the way things are this should be considered a great deal."
– mcycleguy
5.0 5
"The ammo showed up very fast and I have not had any problem with the ammo. I did get some black fingers when loading the my magazine but there is no problem that I can see. I will be ordering more"
– Shane
5.0 5
"Shipped fast - Great price - Ammo feeds well"
– cnstech1
5.0 5
"Good stuff hope to get more of this... keep up the GREAT Work CheeperThanDirt!"
– NewArBuilder
5.0 5
"Perfect for high volume shooting. Reload able brass for even another use!!! All rounds were in great shape for loose packed. Will buy these again!!"
– BornFighting88
5.0 5
"Came in very quickly. As advertised, they are loose packed. Inspected rounds, no dents and hands did not get as blackened as others have reviewed. Great looking ammo. Can't wait to run a couple hundred rounds through my Mini-14 and AR-15"
– T.A.H.
4.0 5
"Very fast shipping and fired 4 mags from AR and fired fine. well worth the money!"
– Joe
5.0 5
"Shot up all these with some friends and not a single misfired round. Quality ammo. would buy again and again."
– peppler
5.0 5
"I ordered the ammo one day. And recieved it the next day. Very fast shipping. Ammo was all in excellent shape. Looked fresh. I fired about 50 rounds in a mil-spec. AR-15 with no problems. No jams or missfires. This is good ammo. And I will be ordering more. Thanks CTD."
– Jim
4.0 5
"Finally got to try this product out absolutely no ftf/FTE shot around 200rds through my LMT. Its a little dirty but good ammo for the price"
– lmt
5.0 5
"Great for plinking or whatever. Fired a few from this batch, no problems! \"Saving\" the rest, better to have it and not need it. Accurate. Inexpensive (relatively.) What a country! Nothing like American-made ammo!"
– Carl
4.0 5
"Ammo delivered quick only two bad pieces , not bad for buying bulk reloaded ammo, preformed well."
– Craig
5.0 5
"Super fast shipping (can't beat it). Also when the ammo arrived it was well packaged. Upon inspection of the ammo inside I found it all to be in great condition (no bent casings or crimped rounds) and so far I have had zero issues with a single round fired. Thanks CTD!!!"
– Brian
5.0 5
"Every round cycled fine in my sig PM400,even the ones with minor dents. Solid and consistent groups. Price has dropped over 20 bucks since i bought this a couple months ago so jump on this deal while you can!"
– Doug-Louisiana
5.0 5
"Picked this up for pretty cheap (as far as brass goes). Runs through my dpms ar with no problems, pretty accurate round shooting 1/2\" groups at 50 yards and hitting bulls eye at 200 yards with eotech and no magnification. I don't really pay attention to how clean/dirty the round is since I clean the weapon after every trip to the range anyway, but I put about 200-300 round through each trip without issues any issues whatsoever. Looks good, cycles great and shoots true"
– Dave
2.0 5
"The first box was great good quality shoots great. 2 box was very poor quality they are reloads not new will not buy another one!"
– bill
5.0 5
"Laser bore sighted my new Core-15 and ran 60 rounds thru it. Nice tight groups,worked flawlessly. Good job guys. Plus made in the USA."
– wild bill
5.0 5
"Within the past year, I have ordered 5 Boxes separately. Never a FTF never a jam... etc. Great ammo for the price and quality. Hitting the 600meter mark all day, highly recommend!"
5.0 5
"I was very skeptical to try reloads as I've heard horror stories and read some bad reviews. I figured I'd find out for myself and see if there was any truth to this and for the price I figured why not. I ordered a box of loose 500 rounds of American Quality 223 and took it to the range. I went thru all 500 rounds and put them thru both my Smith and Wesson M&P T, and my new Sig Sauer AR Pistol. I was very impressed with this ammo, not one single FTF or FTE. I will definitely recommend and purchase this ammo again. For the price, fast delivery, and great for practice at the range! 5"
– IceWolf
5.0 5
"Best ammo ever!!!! about 250/300 rds and not one problem. YES will be buying more. Thanks CHD and AQA"
– Jeff, New Brighton, PA
5.0 5
"Fast delivery, Only problem I had was Having to much fum shooting this stuff. Now I have to order more."
5.0 5
"Bought a box of these just to try, and am very happy with them. 300 or so shot so far, not one single issue so far. All the brass is also reloadable, no cracked cases etc. Would purchase again but they have been out of stock a long time now. :("
5.0 5
"I bought a box of 250 rounds first. I received it in 3 days. The ammo looked fresh no rust or dents. Took it to the range to fire. I fired about 50 rounds in my Rem 700 .223. I got no misfires. I usually reload my Ammo. for the price, I will purchase another 500 rounds and save time and money. Great ammo for the price."
– Marion D. Hart, Brownsville, TX
5.0 5
"I have purchased several boxes of this and the sp. I have to say other than the lubed cases, not a problem makes your hands dirty,, are occasionally some small denting which is no issue, I would highly recommend this ammunition. Have fired several thousand rounds out of two different ar-15 with absolutely no problems to fire or function properly. The cosistancy and accuracy from round to round is exceptional. With the soft points I am constantly taking crows at 300yd. Love this ammo."
– Butch, Indianapolis, IN