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ATI AK-47 MAK-90 Maadi Fiberforce Stock & Handguards

Advanced Technology
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FIBERFORCE Dragunov sniper designed ambidextrous stock makes your standard AK-47 resemble a military styled AK. Constructed of DuPont Extreme Temperature Glass Reinforced Polymer. Features cheek rest, ventilated forearm, thumbhole grip, and sling mount. Drop-in installation requires no gunsmithing. Fits most AK variants and milled and stamped receivers. Does not fit MAK-91. Length of pull 14".

Total weight: 2 pounds.
Manufacturer Number: MAK0100 

Item#: AKS-002,6-1021184,7-MAK0100,3-1021184,11639
Total number of Reviews: 39

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5.0 5
5.0 5
"This stock set is by far one of the best quality sets I have seen in years.I used it to replace the wood set on a Norinco NHM-91, the fit and finishis flawless and I was able to complete the switch in 20 minutes.The new look and feel are far superior to the original wood stock set.Well worth the price."
– Mark A. Sullivan
5.0 5
"Great stock for the price. It has a really durable feel (as any ak-47 worth its salt should have.) The price is ultra competitive and feels natural when a firing stance is assumed. I had to use a smaller (length) bolt to attatch the handle mount, but it was not an obstacle that caused and great concern or hardship...just go to lowes or any other hardware store. The top screw mount hole has to be drilled (which makes it easy to get a snug fit to any AK47 as many can be marginally different depending where it was manufactured, how battered it may be and so on.)Made my rifle feel solid as a rock compared to the shaky side-folding stock I had on it before. A great buy at a great price!Thanks CTD!"
– Trench
5.0 5
"I bought this product for my WASR-10. With slight modifications, the fit is really tight and feels good. The front handguard was in the way of the iron sights, so I had to file the lower catch on the guard to lower the overall height . Once I did this, it was loose, so I put in a little wedge on the bottom to snug it up tight. The grip is great and it looks great too! The Buttstock didn't go all the way in, so there is a slight gap, but it feels really tight also, no wiggle whatsoever. The gun feels amazing, and it looks really sweet too!"
– Shooter Jones
2.0 5
"It is ok. I put it on my romanian ak 47. The front handguard covers the gas tube. The handguard has to be removed to get to it. The cleaning rod won't fit in. I going to fit that. The stock look good on it. The butt stock doesn't fit all the way up on the receiver, but it is close. I am going to redo my wood stock and put it back on. just because I shoot so much that I clean it after everytime I shoot it."
– Steven
3.0 5
"Does not fit Romanian style AK-47. The handguard does not fit right, makes it difficult to break down and take apart. Would probably work fine with other make AK's."
– Aaron
5.0 5
"i bough tthis for my norinco mak 91 millfits fine no mods needed and looks hot awsome"
– todd
3.0 5
"This stock looks insane, when i put it together on my russian ak i loved the look! The front grip couldnt of went on any better, but i had some problems with the back end? There was a gap between the stock and receiver? There was also a low cheek peice, i have a scope on my ak so you had trouble getting level with your sights. But it may fit on other ak\"s, i would recomend this stock if you dont have a scope, but you may have some minor issues if you own a russian? great look!!"
5.0 5
"Love the stock.I got so frustrated trying to get the prior wood forearm off, that I actually just broke the wood off. I sweat that at first, but now - I like the fiberforce so much, I don't care that the wood is broken.Cheaper than dirt should also list the buttpad and sling that go along with this from ATI, i'm having a hard time locating these 'must have' items that go with this stock. Once they list them, i'm buying them."
– Joe
4.0 5
"i baught this stock set through centerfire systems, and the butstock fit like a glove. the feal of this is amazing, the only downfall that i have is that the front hand guards do not fit my wasr 10..so im going to do some fab. work to see if i can get them on there. but the old wood handguards kinda breakup all the black so maybe ill leave it..and compared to my old drag. stock, the new stock with the butpad ordered though centerfire gave my overall length 2 1/2 \" longer..."
– wasr10
3.0 5
"I bought this stock/foregrip set because the factory mounted wood hardware just wasn't cutting it for me. I have a bad shoulder so the added length of the new stock helps a ton. However, the top of the foregrip is to tall and blocks the sights unless I have it set at 3 or above. I'm working on another receiver cover to put a red dot on to cure that problem. Not all that impressed for the investment. Gun looks much better now tho."
– Matt T.
4.0 5
"I got this product from a gun show dealer in Nashville on 11-3-07 for my Norinco MAK-90 Sporter. The following is not a strike against CTD or the dealer I bought it from, but rather Advanced Technology Inc.The seams from the molds have not been cleaned up at all on all the parts. They are very rough and I actually got cut on the seams. This requires either alot of sanding or some quality time with a dremel tool and sanding drum. Either way will mar the finish but doesn't ruin the product in any way, other than looks.On the upper hand guard, I had to shave off a small piece from the end where ATI failed to remove the stub from the parts tree. Also, following the directions to install this part will result in a failed install. For some reason the gas tube didn't want to seat right and prevented the locking lever from locking down, so I had to install the gas tube by itself, then install the upper guard. This is the only possible way to install it since the locking lever is completely covered after installation.Installing the stock was a serious pain as the instructions said to use a 13/64\" drill bit for the MAK90. I fought with this size hole for over an hour, working the original tang screw in and out several times. I even used a hex head bolt and a ratchet to work the hole lose and that still didn't help. I finally went to the next size drill bit, which is 7/32\". This worked much better, but still required being worked several times with a hex head bolt and oil. I finally got the original tang screw all the way in without butchering the screw slot too badly. Whoever decided to use a common slotted screw for the tang is a complete moron.In one of the comments below, someone said you have to find a different screw for the tang on the MAK90. Well, no you don't. Read your directions again and you will see that it clearly says to use the original screw. However, having gone through the serious headache of getting the original screw installed as per the instructions,..."
– Joe
4.0 5
"This stock came with my Norrinco nhm91 and it looks and feels great with the long barrel. The hand guards don't fit all the way into the forward part and the screws are a pain but the long barrel plus this grip gives it a dragunov feel. Of coarse mine is scope mounted and has a muzzle break but I wish I had a silencer instead."
– Zero
5.0 5
"Looking to upgrade the looks and feel of your MAK-90, then this is the one. The rear stock pushes you back further in a more comfortable shooting position. And, if you have chubby cheeks like me, then you'll love the cheek rest. The stock rear/top mounting screw needs to be reused because the lag screw supplied is as ugly as a mud fence. Drill suggested hole size & a little WD/40 on the screw helps greatly. (Do this before you stab your palm with the screwdriver... yup.) Also, don't bother wrestling the front upper out. Break that sucker right outta there with a flat tip screwdriver. You'll burn the old stock anyway. Don't let the low price fool you either, it's a great, great stock. The only drawback is that I haven't taken my AR15 out since I got this mounted. And no, I don't work for CTD....First time buyer and future customer...Thanks..."
– Jimbo Slayton
5.0 5
"This set went on without a single problem. The feel is excellent and the fit was also. I had to drill the foregrip out for the cleaning rod to fit back under the barrel but that was no problem. The feel is incredible and it is light as hell but strong. Very nice!"
– eric m
4.0 5
"I bought one of these stocks probably 10 years ago. Had no problems with the butt stock, other than I needed a shorter screw for the grip area. I did smooth out the mold parting lines and gave it all a once over with fine sandpaper to take off the shine.The forearm was terrible. The bottom was alright, but the top was way too tall, the front didn't fit into the metal portion of the gas tube, and wasn't very secure. Remedied it by taking material off the bottom of the upper guard on a belt sander, moving the metal lip of the gas tube back with a brass hammer to fit, and used long hex screws to hold it altogether.It worked very well for many years, but have since retired it to the shelf in favor of a folder and a original style forearm set in black. Would put the butt back on in a heartbeat though if I needed more accuracy."
4.0 5
"Bought this for my friend to put on his Norinco. It looks nice, installs easly. But it is not very comfortable. You might want to buy a butt stock pad if your not used to the kick of an AK. Other than that, it makes the rifle lighter, and in my opinion, cool looking. Ross"
– Ross
5.0 5
"Don't be fooled drop in yea right, if only it was that easy! They always say drop in every one but 9 times out of 10 you need to take the after market stock to a GUN SMITH to get it installed! But it looks COOL after all is said and done! But how much are you willing to spend? That is now the question! Good luck and have fun!!"
– The Gun Collector...
5.0 5
"I just received my Fiberforce Dragunov Stock and it fit my Wasr 10 AK-47 perfectly. I didn't have to do any cosmetics for it to fit. I recomment this stock cause makes the rifle look a little more tactical."
– Marshallveli
5.0 5
"This was a GREAT buy. I received it and Put it on my AK IMMEDIATELY. I did a little practicing target acquisition to get a feel for it, and it felt so natural the way it comes up to my cheek and shoulder. It helps me stay on target more easily and acduire my target much faster."
– Valkarion
4.0 5
"for the record the nomenclature \"Dragunov\" will not make any AK type a true sniping rifle no matter how much you spend. This stock will provide a few more inches of weapon than the dinky wood\"?\" stock it comes with, [WASR-10], so if this improves your accuracy than cool, but the mechanics of the weapon don't change, just the length of the stock. I was happy with my buy. PROS: Looks cool, if looks could kill... Has better feel and control for me [75\"/220 lbs]. Worth it for the upgrade and the coolness factor. If you want a sexy russian bride, ATI delivers.CONS: Plastic is not wood. At the range the set up holds. In Iraq after 1k + rounds and battle conditions, who knows? [probably okay] Foregrip might make using the iron sights difficult, but I have a 6x scope too, so I can use whichever provides a better sight picture. Though plastic stock is durable, it will not be practical for any sort of CQ rifle tactics [save for the bayonet which took a week to sharpen]."
– Mr. Shootsfirst
1.0 5
"This item was purchased for a friend's Century Arms AK 47. This weapon sported a steel, folding stock that was uncomfortable to shoot with. Because of the base plates of the folding stock (which had to be returned on the receiver to prevent having a large hole on both sides at the rear), modifications were necessary. This is NOT a \"drop-in\" part for AKs with a folding stock. Now for the worst part!The forearm grips were a full 3/4 of an inch short and could not be placed on the weapon! The old wooden forearms had to be returned to the AK and I suppose we will have to paint them black to prevent the weapon from looking like a mismatched piece of junk.As far as customer service goes, well...we were informed that because it was necessary to modify the buttstock, no returns or replacements would be made available. Basically, we were told that we were s.o.l. Please see our review on the weaver-pic mount receiver cover that we ordered with this part so that a simple red-dot could be added to this weapon. (It doesn't fit either and customer service doesn't care! We are now forced to go to a gunsmith and have the part cut or ground down significantly)."
– D. K. Wilburn
5.0 5
"Mine is on a Romanian, does what its supose to. Not that the kick from an AK is bad, like some bolt action rifles \"Butt\" the stock does seem to absorb some of the shock, could just be in my head, but if you believe you'll hit what your aiming at. And it does lighten up some of the over all weight,if your walking with it over any long distances \"thats nice\" as well as being able to sling the weapon barel down with the but already against/under or in front of your shoulder, for very quick shooting positioning. So ya okay it looks cool, unless you just got to have that hard wood stock for breaking, i duno wallnuts. I say you owe it to your self and your rifle to get one. their inexpensive enough. and if you can take apart your Ak to clean it you should be able to instal it."
– DaveO
5.0 5
"i put it one a Chinese Mak 90. it took getting a smaller bolt for the bottom of the handle, plus i had to drill a hole. It took five minuets, and it looks awesome. Works great."
– swift ninja
4.0 5
"The front handguards are garbage and cheap looking, but the stock is solid and was easy to install. For the price I was happy with the stock alone. I just used the rear stock from this set and ordered the ATI AK Strikeforce Upper and Lower Handguards. All is well."
– Tweek
3.0 5
"over all the look and feel to this after instalation is amazing compared to factory. the cheek rest on the stock feels much better and makes the gun more comfortable. forestock installation was quick and easy. looks and feels great. now to the stock. installing this is a PAIN!!!! absolutly does not fit properly agaisnt the back of the gun. the screw holes are not pre drilled. you have to so some messing with it to get it to fit well. but still not correctly. measure twice drill once. drilling for the hand grip was tricky. the places market for drilling were incorrect so match it up to your gun first. at least this was my experience with the stock. but after finally getting it to fit close to right i was happy with it."
– xTHExBOSSx46
5.0 5
"Installation on my Norinco Mak-90 was a breeze and I ain't no wiz with hand tools. Clear, easy to follow instructions. Much lighter and the pistol grip is more comfortable. Front hand grip rides a little high for the rear sight. Just elevate it and plink away. Is there better stuff out there? Sure, but for the money it can't be beat."
– Papi Dulce
5.0 5
"I bought one of these many years ago. Although my interests have grown to where I like the classic AK look better (I eventually opted for an Ironwood stock set), I had this on my milled MAK-90 for a long time. It dropped right in with no need for fitting whatsoever. As much as I no longer care for this stock set anymore, it is better than the butthole stock that came on my MAK. I recommend it for those who aren't picky as to how their AK looks."
– Troubledjoe
5.0 5
"First, the forend pieces wilL not fit a Saiga sporter. You would need to replace your gas tube and add the lower bracket...BIG HASSLE and expense.That's not why I bought this kit for my Saiga 223. I wanted the stock. Hands down, this is the most comfortable stock to have. I've got an Arsenal SGL20 with a Warsaw and NATO stock and they don't even come close the feel of shouldering an AK with this stock. Iron sight speed is absolutely perfect. You shoulder the weapon and it just plain dumps you in perfect sight alignment. You just have to try it to believe it. It is also perfect for a red dot sight, if you use a low profile mount like the K-var. I am getting another one right now for my Arsenal SGL20."
– FreakovAK
4.0 5
"Not bad at all, I bought a Maadi that had this stock already installed, great cheek weld. Front grips are ugly as sin. Throwing them out as soon as my Galil style fore grips come in the mail. Over all stock is comfortable to shoot, cheap looking, cheap feeling fore grips need to go though."
– patty wacker
1.0 5
"I purchased the product for my 386 AK-47 hunting rifle (Valmet Copy). Not even close to fitting either stoc or forearm. There was no need for disassemble as everything it's the wrong shape or in the wrong place.However it worked well on a Romanian AK."
– Gerry
4.0 5
"I picked up one of these to upgrade my MAK 90. Over all I was very pleased. The stock is quite heavier than the wood, and feels very solid once installed, and it gives you a full sized stock feel to your AK. The seams are a bit sharp and may require a few minutes with some sand paper, if that troubles you. Also the stock was designed to only be attached with the pistol grip screw, even though it fits tightly under the back receiver screw which used to hold the wood stock in place. I took a drill with a bit just smaller than my stock screw and cut a hole in the new stock, then I used my original stock screw. It most likely didn't need the extra reinforcement, but I know the new stock is solid now. I would have given it a 5 if ATI had the design foresight to have the rear hole already in place, overall not bad."
– RobMP123
4.0 5
"This stock is NOT a drop-in installation. They really need to change the description to \"Some Drilling & Tapping Required.\" However, once installed, this is a great product. Fits like a glove on my NHM-91."
– PigPopper
4.0 5
"Drilling the stock and enlarging a hole on the gun was required for me, nothing bad at all, however the foregrip didn't fit (too small) on my I.O. AK-47C. Love the stock though, definitely worth getting!"
– Scott
4.0 5
"I just installed mine, it was a breeze. (MAK-90) Instructions were spot on and it looks great. (better than original wood) I was a bit apprehensive about the integrity of the front hand grip, but after installing and screwing down, it was more solid than anticipated. (I did have to use an exact-o knife to trim some over-mould material off the flat ends for a tighter fit, no big deal) I also had to use a 7/32 drill bit in order to reuse original buttstock screw. (the recommended bit was too narrow, causing the screw to bind and the screwdriver to booger up the screw head a little) The stock is definitely worth the price. The only thing I wish it had was a recoil pad, even a thin one. (the rifle really doesn't kick though)"
– GunFun
3.0 5
"This is a good buy, if you want a dragnov look. In all honesty, it was quite hard to install this on my ROMAK 991. Took me 4 hours but it was worth it. I had to mill the hand guards so I could sneak in the cleaning rod. As for the butt stock, the screw they gave with it was way to big. They recommended me to drill it from the bottom. I just used my stock screw. As for the pistol grip screw, I used what they provided me. This stock adds a little wieght but nothing severe. Cant wait to shoot it."
– 808choppin
4.0 5
"While I can't say that this was a simple drop in like ATI described it, it was certainly doable on my Romanian WASR. It took me an hour and a half to clean the mold flash and chamfer the edges and put it all together. The hand grip and tube cover kind of fit like a saddle on a sow until I matched it up with some sand paper and a dremel. Otherwise, it was well worth the price paid for the advantage gained. Sock length incresed about and 1 1/2 inch over the original wooden stock. But that isn't a problem for me as I always thought the original stock was to short anyway. All and all I would do it again."
– Spectre520
4.0 5
"Got this for my wasr, could not remove wood from gas tube without breaking wood or welds, (wanted to keep the wood). Instead bought a used tube cheap and replaced it to install handguard. Stock made it much easier to gain comfortable sight picture, but seemed to transfer vibrations to cheek bone more the the wood stock. Found a hunting rifle padding kit that took care of that. Less bullets for work required, but still very happy with purchase and end results."
– kam
4.0 5
"Extremely good piece of equipment. Little bit of work on installation but it feels great when lighting off some rounds."
– chambo