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TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 Quad Rail Handguard Black

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The TAPCO INTRAFUSE AK-47 Quad Rail handguard set enhances the look and function of your AK-47. Features a lower handguard with a concealed Picatinny rail for mounting lights, lasers, or vertical grips, two side rails perfect for mounting lights, and the upper handguard with a Picatinny rail allows for increased heat dissipation.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: STK06312 BLACK
Bottom handguard overall length: 6.5"
Bottom rail length: 4"
Top handguard overall length: 4.25"
Rail length: 4"
Side rail length: 2"
Total weight: 9 oz
Made in the U.S.A.
Lifetime warranty from TAPCO
This item counts as 1 U.S. Sec 922r compliant part

Dark Earth ... (AKS-521)
Olive Drab ... (AKS-522)

For Warranty questions please contact:
PO Box 2408
Kennesaw, GA 30156-913

Item#: AKS-523
Total number of Reviews: 15

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1.0 5
"I bought this for my Yugo underfolder. I should have checked the tapco website for compatibility. The yugo handguard is longer by almost an inch so it wasn't even a chance to make it work.So, I figured I'd put it on my WASR-10. Oh, it went on ok, after about 2 hours of grinding and working parts around. And it sucks. I can't get the cleaning rod back in. The upper part rattles around, so obviously there would be no reason to put a scope or any kind of sight on it - it wouldn't stay true.Other than all that, it's awesome! CTD did a great job in getting to me quickly - as usual.Unless someone posts a review stating what specific AK model this was made for and that it actually went on well, I would highly recommend NOT getting this."
3.0 5
"I also found that the gas tube guard had to be hand filed on the rear. A little at a time and it fit tight. It would have been nice if it weren't necessary, but maybe it is needed for a custom tight fit. I don't know. Also, the cleaning rod won't go all the way in, so it can't be seated into position. The rail on the bottom won't stay hard in position and wants to slide forward from locked. The side rails would have been better placed on the gas tube guard so they wouldn't be in the way of my hand when it's holding the guard directly. Also, I filed the sharp edges of these rails and it helped. I'm still glad that I got it, but I was really nervous that it wouldn't work at first. It seems really durable and strong,though and the bottom was rail cover was easily replaced by a ladder style rail cover that stays put really well as is comfortable."
1.0 5
"I bought the Quad rail for my WASR 10 AK-47. First issue was that it does not work as intended. The lower grip installed with no problem, however the top will not seat correctly or lock in place. I assume it has something to do with the spacing. End result is I now only use the lower rail system. So save money and buy the lower if you really want to upgrade. Secondly if you do buy just the lower portion, certain accessories may prove to be a pain as add on's. Example; is a pop down Bi-pod hand grip. This could get in the way of the 30 RD magazine removal/install (due to the curve). So to off set, the grip has to be fully forward and in my case at least 1/4 inch past the rail. Still provides a stable platform thought. Ok! finally the side Rails have about a 3/4 inch gap between grooves (used for stability after you tighten) so if you have a standard military surefire flashlight which has a 1 inch gap between grooves it will not seat snuggly. However it will still work, but the grooves will not line up."
1.0 5
"I had to sand the top guard down to get it to fit. There is no way I would mount any thing to it either. I am going to go with a plane jane one and give my brother who does not care about function but looks! haha! Crap Crap Crap Crap!"
5.0 5
"I see there are a lot of bad reviews for this, but I got one for my Draco Ak Pistol. It should have the same size handguards as any other AK's, and it fit perfectly like it was tailored for the gun. I went to sand the corners down on one end because it wouldn't fit. Then I realized I had to turn it around. It fit great, no wobble or anything. The cover for the rail stays on fine even when I am rapid firing. I am very happy that it doesn't collect heat like my other wooden handguards do. I will be buying a set of these for every AK I buy in the future. Great Product."
4.0 5
"These parts fit my Romanian AK variant like it came from factory. Very tight and solid. It took about 10 minutes to install. TIP: Use your cleaning rod for leverage when twisting the top guard - place it in the notch of the gas tube. I had to do minimal filing of the top guard to fit - just the two dimples at the corners. TIP: The cleaning rod will fit into place if you install BEFORE tightening bottom guard tab. It's tight, but will seat all the way. The bottom rail cover is useless. It had too much play even while seated and locked. I bought this set to add accessories, especially the bottom rail, so I simply discarded the cover. Overall, this is another fine TAPCO product, and a worthwhile upgrade to your AK. For the quality though, I feel the price could be a bit lower, however I still recommend buying it."
3.0 5
"Bought this for the romanian draco. It fit after a little filing down. It's not too tight on there, but I have a pistol grip on the bottom of it and just went to the range and rapid fired 300 rounds, so in my opinion it's very reliable. I feel good about the money I spent on this. I just feel it could have been tighter, but I think it was my fault for filing it down a lil too much. Other than that good buy."
4.0 5
"I bought this to modernize my wife's AK from wood to Intrafuse. I had to shave down some of the polymer, thanfully we have knives lol, and it fit perfectly. Feels very solid. Fits perfectly to my wife's WASR-10 Underfolder"
2.0 5
"Nice item but will not fit the Zastava PAP AK 47..."
5.0 5
"I just installed this on my Romanian WAST 10/63, and it fit perfectly, with no wobble at all. If you have a problem with the cleaning rod going back in like some people do, try putting the lower hand guard on, but don't put the lock back on. This will give it \"wiggle room.\" Then, put the cleaning rod in all the way, then put the locking ring on and lock it down."
3.0 5
"I finally got the quad rail to fit on my WASR-10, after some filing on the top grip. The bottom one went on in a flash, and the top after about an hour of careful sanding. It would have gone much faster with my Dremel, but I wasn't thinking it was going to need that much sanding. Overall happy with the outcome. Used it to mount a foregrip and flash light."
5.0 5
"Looks great and is very solid on my Tantal. I had to file the lower a bit, but it's a very tight fit now. The upper doesn't work on the Tantal, but that's because the Tantal has a unique upper and isn't compatible with standard AK uppers."
4.0 5
"Just finished installing this on my WASR 10/63. Took no more than 10 minutes, had to slightly sand down some polymer off the top piece so that it would lock down when reassembling. Looks awesome, fits awesome, and I definitely recommend getting this one. Only 4 bullets because you may need a small piece of sandpaper to sand down some polymer for a minute or two to get it to lock in."
1.0 5
"After I finally installed it, it wasn't a tight fit. Mounted a holo sight on the top and a forward grip on bottom rail. Long story short, the rails rattled apart from the recoil of the ak. Ended up taking the rails off this grip, drilled and tapped holes in the stock tapco forgrip and mounted the rails to that. Much sturdier."
5.0 5
"Fits my RPK perfectly."