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Firefield AK-47 Carbine Length 8.65" Aluminum Quad Rail

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Replace your standard wooden handguards with this precision machined hard anodized aluminum Picatinny quad rail. Six inches of rail space on each side allows you to mount a variety of optics and accessories, including lights, lasers, vertical forward grips, and red dot sights or scout style scopes. Installs easily, with little to no gunsmithing required.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: FF34008
Overall length: 8.75", total weight 8.8 ounces.
Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction
Mil-Spec Picatinny Rails
Numbered Rail Slots

SAR-1, WASR, Norinco, MAK-90, US Arsenal, and Bulgarian AK Rifles 

Item#: 9-166915,AKS-175
Total number of Reviews: 35

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5.0 5
"This rail system fits really well. I put 180 rounds through my WASR 10 and it held zero perfectly with my scope. The barrel heat doesn't get through to your hands. I think its a great rail system for the price."
5.0 5
"At first I wasn't sure if this rail would fit my AK-47 (made by: Armory USA.). After ordering and receiving it in the mail, I removed the stock-wood forend (and pistol grip) and installed the rail. The rail fit perfectly! I added this rail along with a few other accessories, and the AK looks a lot more modernized (like a completley different gun), and it is also a lot more functional. The quad rail has a red dot sight on it, and some magpul 'ladder' rail covers. I also put a Tapco SAW pistol grip on it, and a Blackhawk M4/AR-15 buttstock mag pouch holder on top of the underfolder stock, which isn't really meant for this setup, but I made it work for me. (I have a 20-round AK mag in the pouch, a 30 rnd mag doesn't really fit since it's made for a 30 rd M4/AR mag.). The AK-47 looks like an entirely different gun from the original plain/wood grips, and I absolutely love it!"
5.0 5
"Great rail system. ROCK SOLID for optics. No need to buy the more expensive ones."
– boo
4.0 5
"Got it in two days. Great job as always CTD. As with everything I've done on my AK, the hardest part was getting the originals off. The bottom portion of the handguard went on flawlessly and locked in very securely. The top handguard was a bit more tricky and required minimal filing with a hand file, more than easy and gives the handguard a custom fit that was worth the 10 minutes of extra work. Holds securely everything I have attached and cost less than the others out there for the same quality. Lighter than the others, too. I have a chinese barrel and heard it would be trickier than others but overall pretty painless."
– exarmysarge
3.0 5
"When i got this in the mail i did not think it was going to fit it does not attach like your wooden ak grips the retainer clips that hold on to your wooden grips are not used to hold this on you have to put the bottom piece and the top piece on the gun together and screw it together tightly. You may need to shim in order not to put too much pressure on your blow back tube but once you get it on it holds together nicely, the down side is that it gets extremely hot!!!!! if you put 60 rounds at some what a rapid rate you have to put the gun down for at least thirty mins, if you get this you will need rail covers i just ordered mine last night."
– Nathan
5.0 5
"This guard took me all of 5 minutes to install....looks awesome, if you put a foregrip handle on it you won't have to worry about how warm it gets when you rapidfire rounds through it...i would recommend it to anyone who owns a wasr 10"
– wayne
5.0 5
"I was very weary about changing out the wood on my AK but I wanted to be able to shoot my rifle with comfort because my MAK-90 was made for right handed and I shoot lefty. So this was the best decision I have ever made. The quad rail fit absolutely perfectly. I couldn't be any happier! Thank you Cheaper Than Dirt. By the way fed ex sucks."
– djfdogg
5.0 5
"I installed this to my Hungarian 85M. It fits great and I installed a red dot sight and a UTG light and front grip combo. I have fired 200 rounds with no problems. It did not come with instructions, look to you tube, and no plastic covers. It is very light weight and sturdy. I will try another one on my Romanian SAR2."
– OU812
5.0 5
"WOW,took some time to get the wood grips off but when I did it fit just fine....and it looks wicked nice 5 bullets all the way thanks CTD!!!!"
– AD105KU77
5.0 5
"I just got it in the mail and installed last night. It looks great on my AK. However; I do not know if this quad rail is 922r compliant or not becuse this quad rail is made in China. Now I am concerned :("
– Kaman
3.0 5
"Took a total of 30 minutes worth of filing it down to make it fit my WASR 10. No instructions."
– Pat
5.0 5
"i installed this on my mak-90 without a problem. It fit very snug and no part is loose or wobbles. Very happy with this product!!!"
– julian
3.0 5
"I gave it 3 bullets only because I had to modify it to make it fit my WASR-10. Needed a little (a lot) of TLC with a dremmel to fit over the collar on the gas tube... once it was clear, it fit sung and looks awesome! Im very happy with the final product."
– A-Bomb
4.0 5
"No doubt it took 30 minutes of filing to get it to fit my mak-90, but the end result was tight with no wobble. Not bad."
– scott
5.0 5
"I was skeptical at first due to all the previous reviews. I didnt need to dremmel or file anything down for my WASR-10. I didnt even need a rubber mallet. I just used Vice grip wrenches to synch down a perfect fit. (use a sock or cloth to prevent the wrenches from scratching the finish) After I synched it down, I used the screws to hold the guards in place, and cycled through until the whole unit was installed. Its a sure fit, with no vibration. Mounted an EO Tech and forward grip with-in 20mins. Lock n load!!!"
– D6741
4.0 5
"This would have easily been a 5 if it had not been for the fact that there are no instructions provided. I had to surf Youtube and figure it out by looking at similar items from different manufacturers. End result, Perfect Fit. Rock Solid. Hi quality. Will be interesting to see how hot it gets :)"
– Mongoose
5.0 5
"The forearm and delivery deserve the 5 bullets. My personal experience gets 2 bullets. Initially the forearm went on w/o a hitch. Just a few \"love\" taps with a mallet and it was tight. Then I noticed the handguard lever on the lower portion of my AK was in the forward position. Took it apart put the lever back and then nothing fit. Did some dremel work, malleting, cursing, and lost some flesh on the handguard. Ended up leaving the lever forward and it went together fine. Great product irritating w/o instructions. Youtube helped."
– Roninx17
3.0 5
"Looked to be a quality product made very well. Upon installation however, things went downhill. No instructions!! The lower foregrip was the main source of trouble. I mounted it to a standard MAK-90. The lower foregrip merely butts up to the front of the receiver..nothing ties it into the well of the receiver as with the stock wood furniture. Same problem with front of the lower quad rail. The front retaining bracket that cams into the barrel merely fits flush with the rail..but does not tie into it. It depends on the upper gas tube for rigidity. Considering the torque forces placed upon the quad rail with a vertical foregrip, there's plenty of rome for movement. THIS IS NOT A \"NO GUNSMITHING\" MOUNT! Overall..pretty disappointed in it."
– Brian
5.0 5
"Just installed this on my AK-47 WASR-10 Romanian and I LOVE IT! You might need a flat head screw driver and a rubber mallet. This baby is SWEET though! Took about 15 mins to get it on. Can't beat the price either!"
– Brad0279
5.0 5
"Wow. This thing is impressive. For being Chinese made I truly am impressed. It is well made and has a nice finish on it. It\uFFFDs a tad hard separating the gas tube cover and the bottom rail. But damn this is sturdy. It comes with 4 screws to hold it steady so optics are no sweat for this, because it is rock solid. Mine came with 5 screws and an Allen wrench, I\uFFFDm not sure if I got an extra screw or as a spare. But all in all I\uFFFDm impressed. Highly recommend."
– Josh
3.0 5
"First off this thing comes with no directions so good luck... After that it's a good looking addition to any AK, BUT it took a butt load of work to get it to fit my WASR-10. It was very tight going on and getting the screw holes to line up was a challenge to say the least, but when all was said and done I'm happy with it, so just be ready to do a little work."
– Rob G
5.0 5
"It's a great product and would recommend it to anyone. It does how ever come without directions but if u know your guns and have tools u can install it in about 20 minutes or so. And besides it looks cool."
– scott
5.0 5
"Very sturdy setup. I bought a Tapco Intrafuse vertical grip with this. Very pleased! If you know your gun decently, it's not much of a problem to install without instructions.For the WASR 10-63: I had to put both the top and bottom rail in place LOOSELY in order for the sling-mount to properly secure. Keep the top rail (w/gas port) as loose as possible, but as near a \uFFFDseated\uFFFD position as possible, b/c you'll need some space in order to push the tab on the sling-mount backwards. If you don't leave some room, then the metal tab on the sling-mount will hit the gas tube and won't be locked.Once you have the sling-mount and bottom rail secured, then you can install the top rail. I had to flare out the corners of the gas-tube mount (with pliers) where it butts up next to the top/bottom rail. You'll see what I'm talking about when you get to it. The new rail system was designed for the top rail to go straight down onto the bottom rail, but the gas port (which has the top rail on it) actually goes down at an angle; flaring out the corners slightly will allow the top rail to fit onto the bottom rail. Hope this helps some of you.Keep in mind this might not work on all AK's and other tricks might need to be used instead."
– Erick
5.0 5
"If you know anything about AKs or tools, this quad rail is easy to install and holds tight to the weapon. I really like the look of my AK with it installed. Even my wife thinks it looks alot different. CTD was amazing as usual with their shipping and customer service."
– wolferick
3.0 5
"I am not too happy with this product. talk about a lot of work, I had to trim some off to get it on my AK 74. another thing is it lined crooked as hell. its a good thing I am only using it for a grip and flashlight because a scope would never work. for what i need it for its just fine but I would spend the extra money on a different one."
– roller
4.0 5
"Well, like everyone else said this doesn't come with directions. But if you know AK's and are decent with tools you'll figure it out. It took me about a half hour to put this on. Had to tap the top piece in with a rubber mallot. Holds firm to my WASR-10 and I didn't have any issue getting it level. Attached a Vortex Spark to it and zero'd it in about 10 shots. So far I've been able to hit consistanly at 150 yrds plus. Not bad for what you spend."
1.0 5
"I only gave this product 1 bullet because 0 was not a choice. It did not even come close to fitting my AK, and I damaged both just attempting to get it off! Spend the extra $$ and get the UTG. Cheaper Than Dirt should not even carry this horrible, horrible product. Firefield knows full well it's terrible. They cover themselves in every way possible from any liability, because I suspect I am not the only customer with this or similar complaints. OK, rant over, but save yourself my frustration and DO NOT buy this product!"
– bradk
3.0 5
"Pros: looks cool, can add stuff on it. Cons: doesn't fit Kbk wz. 1988 Tantal AK-74s. It really messed up my piston chamber. Hey, maybe it fits most AKs and I just didn't get lucky! But I'm giving it 3 bullets."
– Ryan
2.0 5
"Two bullets, as the craftsmanship of the item is quite good. However, the website itself is misleading. This does not, repeat DOES NOT, fit my Norinco AK-47 (type 56s-1). The bottom rail is about 1/4 inch too long for the bottom handguard lock to completely lock. The top rail fits the gas tube quite snug, so there were no issues there. Again, this item will NOT fit on my Norinco AK-47 rifle. Returned the item today, and will be trying the UTG rail next."
– Zyn
4.0 5
"I bought this a couple of months ago for my Arsenal SGL-21. After getting the original factory foregrip off, I then went to install this. Fit like a dream, no machining, nothing, just had to play with the bolt to make it level because of the design. I rate this a 4, simply because I figured it would dissipate the heat a little better than it does. Other than that, it is a great product and a hell of a lot cheaper than buying something similar at my local gun store (they wanted $114 for something similar). Got my red dot and vertical foregrip on it now. 7 months in, still solid. P.S. just don't over tighten the Allen headed bolts; they have a tendency to start stripping if you tighten them too hard. ;)"
– S E
4.0 5
"I have a Norinco Mak-90 Sporter and the top rail fits snug. The only problem is the lower rail needed 1/4in. dremmeled to fit snug. The results are satifying after all said & done. The issue with not having directions in is not an issue."
4.0 5
"I bought this forearm, thinking it would bolt right in. That is not the case, unfortunately. On a MAK 90, I needed to file about 1/16 inch or more of the aluminum from the bottom half of the handguard from the end that sits against the receiver. Then, I needed to file metal from the lower half at the forward end of the forearm, so when the gas tube was installed, the forward retainer for the wood handguard would not catch on the lower handguard. It took a while to figure out how to proceed, but once it was on, it fit really solid and looked great. Now I just have to figure the best way to refinish the aluminum where the metal was removed."
– Rob
5.0 5
"Fits my I.O. sporter perfect! Now I mount my laser dot on the bottom and it does not block my regular sights. I have seen other rail systems go for more than 100 dollars glad i found this one.If you have an IO and plan to use this you have to buy a new gas tube IO gas tube and upper can not be separated."
4.0 5
"Fits quite well considering the price. The instructions it came with were for an AR style weapon so they were useless. Just kind of had to try and guess how it worked together. Still tight 300 rounds later. The heat really soaks right through so using gloves or maybe getting some covers would be required. I'm using a foregrip and it seems to be working quite well."
5.0 5
"bought this for my i.o inc akm247c (ak-47) tight fit had to tap in place fit perfect..."
– jody vasquez, lubbock, TX