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AK-47 Original Chinese Military Chest Rig Grade II At Least Three Mag and Two Grenade Pouches

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Original 1950's chest rig that would not be appreciated by US forces until Gulf War, and is now extensively sought after as it securely holds your gear while you run or move in and out of vehicles. Easily access three, 30 round AK-47 or AR-15 magazines from any position; sitting, standing, or kneeling; features a crossed canvas adjustable web harness, constructed of heavy cotton, and all pouches have secure wooden button closures. Rig contains at least three magazine pouches and two grenade pouches, styles vary, no choice. Used in Grade II condition, surplus products are non-returnable.

All Military surplus products are used, the condition of the products varies, and the quantities may be limited. Unfortunately, we can not accept backorders or returns on any surplus products. Surplus condition scale:
Grade I Used in like new to excellent condition.
Grade II Used in good condition, may show minor use.
Grade III Used in fair condition, will show normal wear and tear from daily use.

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Total number of Reviews: 44

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5.0 5
"Well made, fits great. Easy access to the clips. Doesn't snag in heavy brush like hip pouches. Grenade pockets are good to carry cell phone and cigarettes."
– Norton
5.0 5
"They smell a little funky, but these things are good value. Comforatable on a variety of people sizes and decidedly useful, these will liven up all your role playing needs, in and out of the bedroom.You can't afford to not not not get one of these."
– Steve
5.0 5
"I Just received mine today! It truly is a great item to have for airsoft or paint ball. When I received it, it had a little bit of a musty smell to it but we can all live with that! I haven't found a use for the small pouches yet but in some time I'm sure I will. Plus on hot days this small and light rig wont be as hot as my plate carrier. 5/5"
– Kevin
5.0 5
"This thing is pretty cool. Its really durable and seems pretty nice and sturdy. Its made of a strong cotton canvas. I got it for one of my friends birthday on my airsoft team. The large pouches are great for airsoft feeder bottles, and the four smaller pouches are great for airsoft grenades, cell-phones, and the small magazines for an airsoft TAC-1 shotgun. It also has a stamp on the backside that has some chinese or korean writing on it. One thing I might have to add is....when I first opened it...it really smelled pretty bad. But I can deal with that! I just left it outside for a few days and let it air out. Overall, I think this chest pouch is a great piece of gear for airsoft, paintball, and even hunting."
– Airsoft sqaudleader
5.0 5
"Very good mag carrier, Bulgarian polymer mags fit fine. Mine did smell pretty nasty, but thats not an issue given the low price and usefulness of the item."
– Cobra-Viper
5.0 5
"When this package arrives and you puncture the wrapping. You are enveloped in a wonderful smell of communism. Once you put it on it fits comfortable and brings a feeling of equality. This vest will last many generations, wars, and revolutions."
– Colin
4.0 5
"first, i love the shipping. i paid for 7-10 day delivery, it only took i think 3 days (NOT includin the weekend). when i got it it smelled a little but not bad. i love the smell of surplus.it was ridgid and fits great. maybe dye it black so i dont look like an iraqi. absolutely worth the $10 bucks. i paid about $17 after shipping, i still think its worth it."
– whiteboy
5.0 5
"It's hard to find pockets that fit 30-round mags. This rig is plenty deep and has a little play so sliding in/out is very easy. Will be recommending this to my friends."
– MrAK
5.0 5
"i bought this rig after extensively searching the web for an efficient way of carrying my ak mags and coming up empty handed.it does what its made to do and more! not only does it hold my rifle mags and cell phone and lighter and cleaning kit,buuut the grenade pouches are big enough to allow a soda(or beer) can to sit snug in them. the main mag pouches also hold my pods tight and secure when running through the woods during paintball matches(though the flaps wont close, but the pods sit so tight that doesn't matter) i am very pleased and will be ordering a couple more."
– RobotZombie
5.0 5
"It's very comfortable, mine didn't smell at all like some other people said. I bought one of these for my VZ58, works like a charm. Easy to put mags in, easy to get out. I didn't think it would work for my VZ mags, but it did. 5 bullets"
– Magic Man
5.0 5
"This thing is great, I love it!It holds your mags close to your chest for quick and easy access.This item comes in almost brand new condition and is a great deal for 10 bucks."
– dave
5.0 5
"I'm using the two AK chest rigs I bought here at Cheaper Than Dirt to help with training U.S. Troops heading for Afghanistan at Fort Dix NJ. They are the same style magazine pouches used by the Taliban and Al -Qaeda in Afghanistan. Thanks for helping me give the best training I can give to our Troops."
– Fort Dix OPFOR
5.0 5
"For 10 dollars this rig is a steal! Mine came in about 2 days after I put in the order. There was a slight smell but that when away within a few days. The rig itself is very comfortable to wear and offers easy acess to 3 mags on front (and the pouches are secured with a little button, so pulling out makes no noise). At first the rig takes some getting used to, but once youve grown accustomed to it the rig fits as well as any t-shirt. The ONLY downside I've found with this product is that it only carries 3 mags, but for 10 dollars, I cant really complain."
– jimmey
5.0 5
"I ordered three rigs. They arrived in a timely manner. I inspected all three closely. The Chest Rigs could pass for new. I am very Satisfied."
4.0 5
"I ordered two, one was about as new as it could be and never issued. The other was worn and one of the straps was half ripped. They're both different colors and different makes. Overall, this is one of the best low profile rigs you can get and the best for the money.4 bullets because im going to have to mend the strap"
– AK Nut
5.0 5
"I've purchased some name brand chest rigs for big bucks in the past, but after ordering a couple of these Chinese chest rigs from Cheaper Than Dirt I wish I'd would have known about these long ago. They both smelled musty like any other military canvas gear that's been in storage for decades but after giving them a tour of the washing machine and drying them in the sun, they're good to go. Of a minimalist design, they are very well stitched and made from good material. I will be ordering more, so if your aim is to save big bucks and own a piece of AK history, this rig is for you."
– Murph
5.0 5
"I love this, light and whatnot."
– wasr-10
5.0 5
"Mine was in like new condition, just a little dirty. The original color was kind of a bright military green (typical of the '50s) and it didn't match my other OD gear so I dyed it black after bleaching it using Rit powder. It took the color very well. It looks much more modern now, and smells better too. This thing is fantastic for the cheap price, including the dye! I couldn't ask for more."
– The Car Guy
3.0 5
"I read some reviews that state 30 rd mags slips in and out good. Mine won't button down. I would like to cover the mags when in transit. 20 rd mags fit approx. 1\" 1/4 below top, allowing fastening. This is a great piece of history."
– Me
5.0 5
"I ordered two. One had three pockets, the other four. Both were in great shape. Delivery was quick. I will do business with you again. CTD is a fantastic place. Thanks a lot!"
– 1055rebel
5.0 5
"This is a great rig, very well made. only problem? It stinks. I threw it in the washing machine, let it sit in the sun for a while, and next thing you know it smelled like sunshine and snuggle. Overall, great product. Just wash it when you get it. Very strong. Very sturdy. Very reliable."
– Novus
5.0 5
"As close to new condition as it gets. This is the most practical way to carry spare mags/grenades in the field at such a reasonable price. I consider this item a \uFFFDbest buy \"."
– JP
5.0 5
"Item came in fast. Exactly as described. Smelled a bit, but that is just from the supply warehouse. Green stuff like that will smell a bit. I washed it, and off to train. Good job CTD."
– MSgt
5.0 5
"Great product. The one I received had 4 magazine pockets and 2 grenade pouches. Hardly looks used at all and didn't even have the Chi-Com storage smell! CTD also has the best price around anywhere for this. A perfect piece of AK nostalgia, but very practical for current use.Highly recommend."
– akshooter
5.0 5
"This chest rig is just as described; durable and ready to go, and for the price, you can't beat it."
– Sbrends47
5.0 5
"Great rig. Bought 2. For the price they are a steal. Thanks CTD!"
1.0 5
"This rig could not fasten the pouches over metal or polymer 30 round mags. The mags fit in the pouches, but the covers will not go down far enough to fasten closed."
– kaybee
3.0 5
"Well, the shipping was quick, but the flaps wont close down on the mag pouches. It is still a great deal though. I will be buying more of them."
– AK Dude
3.0 5
"Dont know what went wrong with mine, but it wont hold mags, not even AR-15 mags. It's built well, but kind of kills the point of getting it if I can't get mags in it."
– Jess
5.0 5
"I just got mine in the mail today. I wasn't sure what to expect for the low price. I'd been looking for one of these for quite some time now. Every time a company gets them in, they sell out immediately. Mine had 4 magazine pockets and 2 grenade pockets...very pleased. It does not seem used at all, just a little mothbally (the \"y\" turns it into an adjective). Jump on this deal. Oh, and both metal and polymer magazines fit just fine and flaps closed with room to spare."
– C Van Huss
5.0 5
"This light OD Green AK chest rig is Chineese 1980 surplus, it has thick canvas for 3 ammo pockets, and 4 smaller grenade pockets that latch with wooden pegs and fabric loops. The ammo pockets will hold 3 standard 30 round metal AK magazines. The plastic mags tend to be thicker and have more of a curve and can be a tight fit. AR15 30 round mags also fit easily. The back of the pockets are double stitched. The grenade pockets are good for a zippo lighter and compass. The first 2 genade pockets will hold a tennis ball. Cut the teniis ball and use it as a hasty weather proof storage container. The last grenade pockets are slightly smaller and are good for a cleaning kit, or a field dressing. The 1 inch widestraps are good on this one. This is an inexpensive and durable chest rig that can be utilized in a minutes notice. No velcro, and noiseless during stealth movement. The crossed shoulder straps will keep it in place while running. This item will need hand washed, remember to put mags in the pouches and stuff paper and close the pouches with clasp as to prevent shrinkage during drying. This works while hunting and at the range, or as a last ditch emergency ammo vest for an AK or AR."
– Ammo @ Hand
4.0 5
"It fits the steel AK magazines perfectly. It is a little tight for the Tapco polymer."
– rss
5.0 5
"Where do I start? The package came the next day I ordered it! Thanks CTD! So, I ordered two of these babies. I like them because they are minimalist and I can actually go prone, sit, stand, roll and climb without being impaired by a rig carrying 10+ mags (don't know how people can do that)! The first one I pulled out was a slightly deeper green color, while the second looks exactly like the picture advertised. Both hold three magazines, have the four smaller pouches and are in grade I condition! It was difficult at first to fit my steel mags in them, but when I did I knew they were all secure. The loops and wood toggles just needed a little exercise. The Tapco mags were nearly impossible. I don't like the Tapco mags anyway though. A great buy!"
– AKfanboy
5.0 5
"Good quality will hold AR-15/M-16 40 round magazine's as well. Get'em fast guy's & ladies."
– Thug
5.0 5
"Got two chest rigs today. They both appear to be brand new/ never issued. CTD sent me a 4 mag pouch and a 3 mag pouch. The 4 mag pouch is really nice. I put 4 Tapco 7.62 30-round mags in there which fit perfectly. Buttoning and unbuttoning the pounches is easy. As you may know, the Tapco mags tend to be bulkier than surplus steel mags, especially where they flare out at the bottom, but no problem in this pouch. The 3 mag pouch unfortunately fits snugger length-wise though width is just fine. You have to jam the mags down in there and pull the cover down hard to button them up. Steel mags would probably do better in the 3-mag pouch."
– Deke
5.0 5
"I read all of the reviews before ordering. Advertized as used. Reviews said smelly and the mags did or did not fit. When mine arrived, I was amazed to find it absolutely NEW. It has the odor of new canvas. It has three mags pouches and four grenade pouches. I tried a AK-74 Plastic Mag & it fits perfectly and the covers close and button. Great Bargain."
– Frank
5.0 5
"So far I've ordered 100, in 4 lots of 25. Got 5 4 cell pouches, and 95 of the 3 cells. Most are very nice. As noted some do have a problem closing with a magazine in, perhaps 10-20%. Probably 2/3 or so have original ink stampings as well."
– Zach
5.0 5
"Just received the four pouch rig in the mail. Mine looks to be in unissued condition. No stains or rips and there is no smell. The ink stamp on the back has no wear on it. My AK mags fit tight but very well in the rig and the tops close. Overall, I am very impressed."
– BlacksmithMan
3.0 5
"This is an affordable alternative to the expensive chest rigs and raid vests. I find the hand grenade pouches to be useless, they might be useful for speed loader pouches if the operator carries a revolver. The 3 magazine pouches hold 30 round AR15 magazines and 20 round AK-47 magazines very well however 30 round AK-47 magazines do not fit well as the closure cannot be fastened. The back strap is also missing a fastener."
– Yq397r
3.0 5
"This rig is ok if your using steel mags. The tapco mags are bigger and stick up past the top of the pouch. It's kinda clumsy but that's just the way it was made. It's practically new and in great shape. You get what you pay for, but as always quick shipping by CTD."
– devildog
5.0 5
"I ordered one of these chest rigs to see how I like it. I have to say that I like it quite a bit. Mine is very well made and seems to be lightly used. My chest rig came looking just like the picture with the 3 mag pouches and the 4 grenade pouches. The 4 grenade pouches would be very useful for speed loaders as a reviewer sated below. Also, the mag pouches hold 30 round AR-15 mags VERY well."
– milo
5.0 5
"This is a great piece of history. I ordered 2. The two seemed to be of different manufacturing years due to the color in fabric. I customized one by removing the small pouches and adding molle webbing. I recommend this load out for someone looking for good quality gear that doesn't break the bank. I am 6' 300lbs with a 54' chest area these fit me fine."
5.0 5
"exactly as described fast shipping and item in excellent condition no wear or odd smells either"
– monkey na
5.0 5
"Received in very good condition, almost like new. The stitching is very solid, looks like this thing will last a long time. Steel 30-rd AK mags fit just right. I haven't tried it with plastic mags so I can't comment on the fit of those. The grenade pouches are the perfect size for a 20-rd box of Wolf or Brown Bear ammo, so you could carry an extra 80 rounds that way. Overall a great value for the price."
– Jeff