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AK-47 Magazine Clamps ProMag Industries Black Polymer Package of Four Clamps

Pro Mag
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AK Magazine Clamps. Polymer clamps attach two AK-47 magazines together for quick magazine changes. Will fit standard or European mags with a ridged back. Sold in a package of four clamps. We recommend using two clamps together to more securely hold magazines together. Each clamp weighs approximately 1 ounce. 
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5.0 5
"I am very pleased with these mag clamps. I have them for my AR-15 mags and it takes two of them to securely clamp a pair of .223 mags. Oddly enough, one of these clamps a pair of AK steel AK mags perfectly. With the steel rib on the back of the mags, these clamps screw down tight and hold up under fire well. Make sure to off-set the mags to allow for loading with the safety bar, though. These clamps do not work on the polymer Pro-Mags I have for the AK, but they are perfect with the steel military/stock style mags. I'll buy more!"
– Ike
5.0 5
"just one isn't very secure, but with two they work great. definitely pleased"
– Timmay
5.0 5
"i got mine in and they were very easy to use. They are real strong and hold the mags tightly together i like them very much."
– Jesse Da Hammer
5.0 5
"I just got my four yesterday. These are of very good quality and strength. One does hold them together but the lower mag might jostle around a bit. So use two if you do not want that to happen. Overall these a great mag clamps so if you own an ak you should get them."
– zelmo
4.0 5
"Since I only had four AK magazines to mount, I used two clamps on each set of magazines. Two clamps makes the set nice and solid unit. I didn't care for the method shown in the photo here and inverted one magazine."
– John Christopher
5.0 5
"These clamps work great. Use two for the high capacity mags for more stability. You will have to offset the mags as shown in the pic because of the safety lever. Good Product...cheaper than dirt!"
– Sean
5.0 5
"Nice mag clamps fit nice and snug holds two mags very well and secure and for $8 you get four cant beat it"
– Tommy
5.0 5
"Like others have said, I am using two clamps at a time which makes two full magazines absolutely rock solid. I also inverted my magazines - I'm not sure why anybody would want to do it like they show in the picture. These things are very tough and get a super solid grip on the magazines and I couldn't be happier with the super cheap price. I'll be buying another set along with a few more magazines for sure. Definitely flip one of the magazines upside down, though. That's the proper way to do it."
– Jesse
5.0 5
"I bought a few of these to couple some 30 rounders, I did not need to use 2 to make a solid coupling. These are great for someone who really wants a little more ready ammo."
– Ronnie
5.0 5
"I bought these clamps awhile back and i love them!! I,m not understanding why people are saying they have to turn one mag upside down. if done properly, connecting them together like they are pictured (thanks CTD, for the example shown), works perfectly and makes for a quicker reload. it may take a couple of tries to fit them correctly, but once u find the right length to stagger them you should have no prob keeping it from hitting the safety lever. during some testing at the range, my co-worker and i tried different ways of clamping them together to see which configuration would be faster during a high stress situation under fire. we found that having to flip the inverted mag combo over (under stress) not only took longer but also took more of your attention away from the target threat. so, clamp them however you want, but if your looking for speedy mag changes.... CTD's example pic is the way to go!!"
4.0 5
"Solid item for the price, no problem there. Got these for my Romanian WASR-10, the integrated scope rails on the side interfere with using these with both mags upright at the same time. Switch one around so it is pointed down and they work fine. Not the clamps fault, but it would of been nice to know before I ordered."
– Pete
5.0 5
"Superb mag clamps. Light weight and extremely solid. I can flip two clamped mags and reload in less than a second. 60 rounds of pure mania! Highly recommended."
– the Zombie Killer
5.0 5
"Prior postings said these were 'awesome'. I trusted them and they were right. These fit tight and a single clamp really does do the job, that's how good they are."
– psifly
5.0 5
"These are absolutly great! They clamp down tight and dont budge using just one clamp per two mags. All in all great buy, get some before obama makes these illegal!!"
– Brendan
3.0 5
"These clamps work great, very tight and dont move, however I have an issue with the way they fit around the side of my Romanian AK 47 I often have a bit of trouble getting the second mag in due to there not being enough space between the mags."
– scott H
4.0 5
"The clamps work well but i had to use two clamps on one set of magazines but that most likely why they give you 4 of them. over all i am happy with my buy."
– red wings 4 life
5.0 5
"These clamps work better on our Romanian AK-47, than our Saiga. They work with the Saiga, but you have to rotate the magazines 180 degrees for them to fit. My husband bought these for me to use in a class, but ladies if you get these clamps start building your upper body. It makes you gun really heavy when you have two fully loaded 30 round magazines."
5.0 5
"Great item, I just wish they would say that IS NOT for polymer mags, because I just got mine in and they don\uFFFDt work on polymer. Great service, great shipping, way to go CTD!"
– jeepmstr97
5.0 5
"Works great on my 20 round tanker mags and I only used one per set. Thanks CTD."
– Biz
5.0 5
"I got these a week ago. I love them and Ilove how it looks."
– chris
5.0 5
"These clamps work great on 40 round AK mags. It takes 2 to lock them tight, But when set they won\uFFFDt move. It seems like they will last a while. I have already dropped them several times and they didn\uFFFDt crack like the last pair I tried (promag garbage)."
– Subversivepatriot
5.0 5
"Clamps work great the steel mags but wont work with the plastic ones. Had to invert (jungle style) the mags as one of the mags would all ways hit the side rail of my Wasr-10. Overall a must buy."
– DonColeone
5.0 5
"A well made sturdy clamps. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks CTD."
– heavyD55
5.0 5
"Does exactly what it says it will do. It only works with steel magazines though."
– Peter
5.0 5
"Great product, solid, easy to install and you probably can get away by using only one of the four that comes in the box. I used these on metal magazines 7.62 X 39mm."
– A+++++++++
5.0 5
"I have a Romanian AK and I use these to hold my 2-40 round clips. I put two on the magazines, and I\uFFFDve never had a problem. I have it to where one is upside down, and nothing gets in the way of a Picatinny rail or safety. Definitely a good buy. The others that say it\uFFFDs too heavy, no it\uFFFDs the fact you are adding another 30-40 rounds on the gun, not the clamps issue"
– Michigan
2.0 5
"I have Tapco and Pro-Mag black polymer mags are too fat to fit into the prongs of these clips. They are shaped grip onto the skinnier metal (I.e. Bulgarian, etc.) mags unfortunately and are useless if you have polymer mags."
– B
2.0 5
"I really wanted this coupler... Unfortunately as Dan said, your second magazine will either hit your safety or side mount. I gave it two stars because it was a fairly sturdy product, very well priced and i really wanted it to work...I did return them as i am not interested in inverting as dan did because to me that deters from the primary funcionality of a coupler, which is to enable fast switching. Having to turn them upside down and then reverse their position with one hand is awkward and a waste of time. Will have to find a coupler that positions the magazines just slightly farther apart."
– BobD