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AK-47 Beryl Style Scope Mount with QD Flip-up Sight Guntec USA

Guntec USA
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Aluminum, Beryl style, quick detach flip up rear sight attaches to your AK to put you on target. Uses the rear sight base and stock screw for attachment points. 
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1.0 5
"This item is impractical for any shooter that would like to retain the ability to take down the weapon for cleaning or immediate action without carrying their smith set with them. Rear leaf site needs to be removed so front of item can be placed in original pin holes, which isn't a big deal. However, the rail is secured with the original rear stock screw. The rail blocks the receiver cover release, making it impossible to remove the receiver cover without removing the entire rail and rear stock screw. I immediately sent this item back. CTD was great with shipping and refunding value of the product. Would have appreciated a better description of the item, because I wouldn't have ordered it in the first place. Would recommend a new receiver cover with rail welded on. Texas Weapon Systems makes the best one I've seen yet."
– Nate
4.0 5
"The other guy here: I can understand, but the Texas Weapons System dust cover is almost three times as much as this thing. I just received this today and had to do a little modding to the rear part. Once I got it cut down to specs, it fit perfectly. It lowered my EOTech a lot. More than enough to be comfortable. For the price of this thing, you can't beat it."
– dave
4.0 5
"Id give it 5 stars if it had fit my milled Norinco, but the hole for the stock bolt was about 1/4\" too short. Just a heads up for you Chinese AK owners. I did email GunTec but have heard nothing back. I liked the mount (and the price) so much that I did modify it a bit with good results. This mount is vastly superior in my opinion to the high rise side mount and coupled with a lever lock scope base would be just as easy for easy on/easy off. The flip up ghost ring adds at least another 12\" to the sight radius and makes quick front sight shooting a breeze. As another reviewer pointed out- sure, you may have to keep an alen wrench handy for take down but the savings over a TWS rail nixes that"
– ex_dsmr
4.0 5
"Got and installed it today. HEADS UP CHINESE AK OWNERS, IT DOES NOT FIT PERFECT. That is the only reason for 4 bullet rating. Other than that, it is great. With a slight modification it is rock solid and I like the rear peep sight a lot. It increased the sight radius which makes longer shots a little easier. I think it was a great addition. It does impede the ability to quickly field strip the rifle as one must unscrew it, but that is not a problem for me. CTD, you've done right by me!"
– Mike
4.0 5
"The Beryl mount is not too shabby. For closer range (25 yards), you will have to raise your front site to match up with the rear peep site. Also, I had to trim the Allen screw that sits on the rear site block to make it flush with the top of the Beryl rail. I did this mostly for looks though, so the top of the Allen screw would not be in view of the rear peep. The forward sight tang fits my Saiga AK very well, with no fitting needed."
– Jose REmirez
5.0 5
"Got this and put it on my WASR 10/63 with a 3 MOA red dot. 720 rounds after zeroing, it still shoots 3 MOA, and is still zeroed. Looks great on the gun, especially with some polymer furniture. One tip for you: the Allen screw at the front of the rail needs to be tightened down well or it will unscrew itself and bounce the sight all over the place. Use some Loctite once you have it where you want and you will never have to adjust it again. AWESOME for the price. Get it."
– Boz
5.0 5
"Out of the box and on the weapon within a matter of minutes. Rock solid and fits like a glove on my I.O. Arms AK. If you don't know how to remove the rear sight, there are plenty of tutorials online. Some people are not happy about removing the rear screw for field stripping, but is not a big deal for me. What's one screw? Well worth the money."
– satisfied
3.0 5
"Got this for my Bulgarian ssr 85 c 2. It fits...kinda. A dremel to the back part would be in order for it to sit flush, but it is already angled a tad upward when you look down the rail. Now the rail is sitting as high as the rear sight, the peep sight sits too high. It is sturdy. If you attach a red dot or scope and got it sighted in I bet it will hold zero just fine. Needs some work. Peep sight is garbage. I'll keep it around for another AK maybe or work on it down the road."
– barracuda
5.0 5
"If you own an AK, you need this. Much cheaper than expensive milled machinery covers I have seen, and keeps any optic low enough to still have a solid cheek weld to the stock, even an EoTech. Even without an optic, the flip up peep sight is a very nice upgrade on its own. I installed on a WASAR-10 with minimal bloodshed pulling the old rear sight off, and their is no easy way I could find to do it but worth the effort once completed."
– JCTipton
4.0 5
"A sheet of instructions would have been nice and so would a pin for the front of the scope mount to attach it to the rear sight base on the rifle. I found an extra pin in my parts that worked. That said it mounted up well on my Rommey AK. Watch over torqueing the allen screw in front of the rail, I bowed the rail but it returned to normal when backed off a bit. The peep sight would not fit under my scope with out mounting it in some very high rings so I removed it and just put a scope on. To bad, its a nice sight and probably worth buying just for the rear sight. With a Dot sight this would not be an issue. Despite the lack of a pin it was not hard to install and fit up tight. I like this mount much better than the side mount I used before. It is lighter, more secure and looks a lot better. I would buy another and would recommend it to anyone."
– Some Guy
5.0 5
"This is a great product, forget any instructions or missing pins, mine fit easily into the rear sight base and bolted on like a glove. The only issue for me was finding a longer bolt for the rear, as I have a German side folder and the stock screw is too short. A standard 5mm machine screw works great. With wood stocks, you will have no problem.This is a quality item, trust me. I am a machinist for a living, and everyday I make quad rails, bolt carriers, rear sights, muzzle brakes and more for the AR15 and Barret 50 rifles. I know quality when I see it, and this is a true fitting, and well machined addition to your AKM variant."
– Mr. AK
5.0 5
"Fits good on my wasr 10/63! Went on in less than 10 minutes. Very sturdy and the rear peep sight is a nice addition too!"
– macdaddy91
5.0 5
"This fits perfect on my polish tantal AK 74! Just pick up a longer screw from lowes for $0.69 and you are in buisness. I highly recommend it!"
– Blackjacksarmory
4.0 5
"I bought this because I wanted to properly mount an optic. I don't trust side mount. Anyway, be aware every AK platform WILL get its pound of flesh somehow. Slammed a flathead across my palm and you can guess the rest. Be sure to really have it anchored onto the rear trunnion or the screw will back off after about 5 shots. just my .02"
– steve
4.0 5
"ok I have an update for AK owners. I like this rail system a lot. however, after further range time and testing, there are a few issues. First, anchoring is an issue with laminated stocks, even with longer screws. LockTite is now your friend. The rear peep sight is crap. It cannot withstand recoil whatsoever. I think flip ups will be in my future."
– steve
3.0 5
"I purchased this and put it on easily. Just remove the rear sight and slide it in. I needed to source a longer rear screw to make up for the added depth of the mount for the rear, but no big deal. Once installed, the mount is sturdy and holds a zero. The problem comes in when cleaning. The screw needs to be removed, the rail flipped forward, then procede as normal. After reinstalled the zero was off for me about 6\" at 50 yards. I'm sure each time it is off it is a different zero. I would spend the extra and get a good side mount like I'm about to do."
– shootsalot
2.0 5
"Bought it initially for the rear sight for increased sight radius, but after many times trying to zero it, it just would not zero. Original rear sight worked better, but as a mount for optics, it is pretty good. Might try to find a better rear sight in place of the peep that is included. Also, issues of the mount popping out of the stock because the stock screw needs to be longer, but good luck finding one."
– FluttershyGuy