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AK-47 Aperture Sight Williams Sight Company Fully Adjustable Peep Sight

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Williams Gun Sight Company has been bringing new technology and time honor craftsmanship together for 79 years, their Fire Sights are used by professionals everywhere and all their sights are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Aperture Sights are designed to replace your original military rear sight, fully adjustable for elevation and windage with R 3/8 x.150 aperture, no drilling or tapping required. Fits most AK-47 Rifles. 
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5.0 5
"This product has made a huge difference in my shot grouping! Switching from the standard leaf sight to this peep sight is as different as night and day. For me, it's a little quicker to obtain sight alignment and I'm able to sight and fire with both eyes open. Just make sure that the handguard on your gas tube isn't one of the thick ones, like the ones that come with the polymer dragunov stocks; you may need to change out that handguard in order to get a clear sight picture."
– Enthusiast
5.0 5
"I was pretty well useless with open sights, I don't know if it was my glasses or what but trying to aim at the blur that the target became with iron sights was frustrating and headache inducing.When I saw I could get a peep sight from CTD I was thrilled! Now, with it installed, I went from random sprays to neat little clusters, even at 50-100 yards. It just made my red dot scope practically obsoleteI've heard of people complaining that they are difficult to install, but I found a very easy way to do it.A) Get a small c-clamp and pull off the flat tip of the screw with a pair of pliers (if you do it right you can put it back on when you're done).B) Remove the gas tube and piston.C) flip the notch sight up vertically and slip the screw of the c-clamp into the little space between the notch sight and the front of the sight blockD) Twist down on the c-clamp until it flattens out the leaf spring.From here it's a walk in the park and pretty simple to figure out. Just make sure the open side of the included roll pin is facing upwards, otherwise the peep sight won't elevate properly."
– bullet chucker
4.0 5
"A definite improvement over the stock sight, but not perfect. A must upgrade for any AK (mine's a WSAR-10), but for tighter groupings I would still op for some kind of optic system. I also have the Williams peepsights installed on a Mini-14 and Marlin 1895 45-70 and have had fantastic luck with those applications."
3.0 5
"Nice Ghost ring sight, good quality, but a pain to install. The roll pin had too large of a diameter. The pin did fit through the holes and over the flat sping, but not enough room for the sight in between. So, dremeled (slightly small diameter, almost unnoticeable) a nail to just the right size and now all is good with this improvise."
– Shot in the Dark
1.0 5
"I was expecting a higher quality sight. The base of this aperture sight had to be filed (the narrow front portion had to be extended further back) for the sight to fit. The screw for windage is small and the screwdriver slot is way to small to be useful (you better carry a very, very small screwdriver with you to sight in). Also that screw holds the hood by friction, and with using that small of a screw and screwdriver, I simply could not get the sight to hold its windage adjustment. All in all, a cheap sight."
– flytater
4.0 5
"It's a great sight. A bit of a pain to install but, nothing to dramatic. The thing is once you have the sight set where you want it either glue or use nail polish to set the screws. After about 100rds the windage screw came lose and I lost the back part of this sight in the bush. Ordering a new one now, so it would be wise to make sure to set the screws."
– shenbitt
1.0 5
"cheap sight, will not stay on good enofe to keep. i took it back off and putt the old one on. all n all bad design do not buy"
– supernut
4.0 5
"It took about 5 minutes to install with my son helping. It is really a two person job to remove the old rear sight and put in a new one. The spring under the rear sight is very strong. My son pushed down with a wooden dowel and I tapped out the rear sight per instructions. He continued to push down the spring while I slid in the crosspience and then the sight. I took the Saiga (hunting model of AK 47) to the local range. I fired a 3 shot group at 25 years. I adjusted the sights. I fired three more, made additional windage adjustment. Then three shots into the center. I proceeded to use the rest of the box of ammo and the groups were all in the black at every range. This is a very good sight to use and easily adjustable. It is worth the effort to install."
– D. Moore
1.0 5
"it took me 4 hours to put it on and then when i went to sight it in the screw kep going down. I even tride to put locktight on it that did't work ether. It's a wast of $20. Trust me DO NOT BUY THIS CRAPY THING!!!!!!!!"
– good custumer
1.0 5
"I have a Saiga(AK-47 style rifle)The sight popped out too easily. It also seemed that the pin it sits under tended to obstruct the view. I guess because the sight is so flat. There were other problems but probably are fixable with some locktite and a file. Quality is what I expected for the low price.It was hard to take off the old sight. Modified C-clamp didn't work. Padded/taped vice-grip worked for me.Putting the old sight back on I had to use a small piece of hard wood. This was much harder than than taking it (the old sight) off. It's just not worth the effort."
– NormNip
5.0 5
"I purchased two of the Williams sights. My son and I installed them both in about 8 minutes. A 1/4\" wooden dowel rod to depress the springs, a brass hammer & a punch to tap out the original sights and it was done. Not a one person job, but a cinch with two people. I'll bore sight them initially until I can make it to the range. The sight picture is great. I've always done pretty well with aperature ('peep') sights. I suspect these will work fine. Yep, I'll loctite or vibratite the adjustments after zeroing."
– Collector
4.0 5
"I have two of these sights. Installing them is a 2 person job. One to push down the end of flat spring with a screwdriver and one to slide the sight in/out. It's that simple with 2 people. Both of these have held up to several hundred rounds and have reduced group sizes by half over the notch sight. My complaints are that the set screws are too small and require loctite. If it incorporated the original slider and/or had click adjustments, it would be a 5 star winner."
– AKophile
4.0 5
"I have a Yugo M70 AK. Had to dremel it a bit to get it to fit right, but once in, it's in. I'm no gunsmith and I got it in by myself in 30 minutes. As for whether it's worth it, I like it on lot better than the factory sights, which can get REALLY hard to focus with when you are doing rapid fire with smoky ammo."
– Nik
1.0 5
"Fellas,this little peep sight is horrible. first, it doesnt fit well under the roll pin provided. second it does not fit well within the sight housing, the set screws also are worthless.. If you put the thing in and needed it to adjust the shot group, the first shot you take would bounce it back up to a neutral postion.It's made out of cheap aluminum, and the paint scraps pf it very easily. It also doesnt incorporate the slide bar from your original sights.... it just looks wrong. 25 yards 5 inch groups.Original sights were 3 inch."
– Infantryman
2.0 5
"Mounted easy enough. But it shoots loose (the adjustment screws)way too easy. Pretty shabby. If you buy this, use lots of loktite and hope for the best."
– Shinygoon
1.0 5
"I did read the reviews prior to purchasing two of these sights, but decided to try them anyway. Had my gunstore install them, and they did not have any complaints regarding the ease of installation. However, as many of the reviews pointed out, the first one on my AK-47 shot lose after on one 30 rd mag with the aperture getting lost in the desert. Was very cautious w/the second one on my AK-74, and managed to catch it before it likewise came off. Have sent them back to CTD for a refund, but since I didn't save the original packing/instructions, will be charged for a restocking fee from my refund??? The idea of an aperture makes sense, but if you have to loctite you lose the convenience of making both windage and elevation at the rear sight. Wish I had just stuck w/ the original sights to begin with!!!"
– Run4ever
1.0 5
"I thought this sight would be perfect since I have used Williamsproducts in th past. The adjustment screw will not hold. I have since replaced it with the original sight. Do not buy this junk."
– AK lover
4.0 5
"Don't understand what all the fuss is about. Bought one, installed it in 10 min. by myself. Then shot a bunch of ammo.It's great. I would like a smaller opening, like a .093instead of .150"
– coletrain
5.0 5
"Forget the loctite. Sneak into the old woman\uFFFDs makeup cabinet and grab a bottle of clear nail polish. This will hold the screw plenty tight and also allow for later adjustments without using a prybar to loosen a loctite frozen screw. ALSO, if you contact Williams, they sell smaller apertures for next to nothing so you can really make a tack driver out of an open sighted AK without the expense of a red dot (though I was given an EoTech and a magnifier so my use of the Williams has been turned over to my \"beater\" AK, an old Polish rifle. Pretty much the same accuracy without the range that makes use of the magnifier and you don\uFFFDt have to shell out close to $350 wholesale for the EoTech sight."
– Barbarosa Guns
4.0 5
"I don't know why this got so many bad reviews. Loc-Tite works fine. I keeps loads of the stuff around. Install was a little tricky until I figured it out. You leave the original sight leaf spring in place and put the new roll pin in WITHOUT the new rear sight. Press down on the up-turned end of the leaf spring with a flathead screwdriver and slide the new sight under the roll pin. Took less than 1 minute once I figured that out."
– Tonimus
3.0 5
"It is a good improvement. The smaller(.93) aperture is 8 bucks froms Williams. But I really think this product should be cheaper then what it is, so it only gets 3 stars. 12 to 15 bucks is more in line with this product. Instalation isnt hard.I did it myself in 5 minutes."
– Subversivepatriot
4.0 5
"Good sight. I got it because my WASR-10 was shooting too far right for the front sight to be adjusted. The hardest part in installation was depressing the leaf spring. Shooting with the sight was easy and accurate."
– Peter
1.0 5
"It took me less than 5 minutes to install and less than 5 rounds before it fell apart. I took the AK back to the shop, used a file to make the notch on the factory sight bigger and circular, then brazed a #8 washer onto the sight to create a functional peep sight. Works great and cost me roughly $1.00 in shop supplies and 20 minutes shop time."