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Ace Case Black ShotShell Sling Holds 25 Rounds of 20 or 12 Gauge Shells

Ace Case
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This black nylon 2" no-slip sling has a large gripping ring and holds 25 shot shells in elastic loops. It features rubber gripping strips to prevent it from slipping off of your shoulder, and a 2" diameter ring handle that you can use to comfortably take the weight off your shoulder. Easily fits shotgun shells between 12 and 20 gauge and attaches to standard 1" sling swivels, or can be secured to the barrel or magazine tube. 
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5.0 5
"I took a chance on this with no pic available and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for at a fantastic price!IMO it's a little on the light duty side and I probably wouldn't trust it humping day in and day out, but I mainly purchased it to have extra rounds on my shotgun and the occasional sling over my shoulder."
– Todd
5.0 5
"Just got the sling today and I put it on my remi 870. Looks great! Holds rounds nice and tight. Well worth the price. Highly recommend it!!!"
– Peanut
5.0 5
"I looked at other slings and purchased one from Bass Pro Shops, but this sling is absolutely the best value I have found. I have a Mossberg 590 with an eight round mag tube. You need a sling swivel for at least the butt mount, and you can wrap the other end of the strap around the mag tube on the barrel end for the simplist installation. I have mag tube cap with the swivel base so I added the sling swivels to both ends of the sling and it took about three minutes.Great Product, Great Deal, Great Value."
– lvcigarz
4.0 5
"i love this product!!"
– AJ
5.0 5
"Perfect sling for home defense shotgun. No need to worry where you left that box of buckshot! Does not include swivels but attached an extra pair I had and took all of five minutes for complete installation. For some reason the sling I recieved holds 25 shells unlike the 24 advertised, but no complaints here.Once again CTD delivers!"
– Patrick
4.0 5
"Not a bad sling at all. It's way too heavy for home defense, but for TEOTWAWKI, the extra firepower would come in handy. All in all, for the cash, this is tough to beat if CTD decides to get anymore in stock... Guess I got the last one."
– Nic
5.0 5
"When you hump day in and day out in 120 pounds of gear, the more weight you can save by placing your breech rounds else where the better. This opens up room on your rig and helps disperse weight. As home defence. . .30 plus total rounds? If that's not enough to stop the burglar, gang, fire team, Jason Vorhees??? then your luck has pretty much run out."
– Rob
3.0 5
"flimsy material and construction. This will do the job as long as your needs are moderate. I would suggest spending a little more for a better sling. I wanted to purchase the Blackhawk sling but it was out of stock at the time. This sling is dirt cheap so I guess I got my money's worth."
– Jay
5.0 5
"I also bought this for my Mossberg 500 and put it on the ModGear Black Shotgun Scabbard, that I bought as well. I love all this stuff. It feels like Christmas in Sept."
– Fatboysneedlove2
5.0 5
"Excellent Sling. I Have a Mossberg 500 Tactical 7 Round mag tube that is as long as my 20\"Barrel with a swivel at the end so my gun is 41\" all around so it was hard to find a sling until I got this one. its at least 54\" Long and very durable. Be careful though it does not come woth swivels"
– Bad boy Bob
4.0 5
"Talk about riopt control, this thing will turn your shotgun into a monster. A lot of people buy a side sadle for their guns, thats awesome but there is only four to six shells, this beast has 20. It will make your gun very heavy but Im sure if \"all hell breaks loose\", your not going to mind the weight."
– Jimmy Cecil
1.0 5
"I bought one, then I tried to actually use it: It is well made, but the entire concept of a shotshell sling is completely and totally flawed, no matter who manufactures such an ammo sling. The reason is that shotshells are heavy, and placing 20 such rounds in a swinging sling is very unwieldy, and utterly unbalances the gun when brought up to the shoulder. Not only that, but due to the weight of the sling with its ammo, there is a very real chance of accidently having one of the shotshell's primer strike a hard object during the sling's pendulum-like swinging action, with tragic results. Instead, purchase a regular sling, along with an Ace Case Shotgun Butt Cuff (6 round) Ammo Holder. A lot lighter, it doesn't swing around or get in the way, and you'll be very happy with your purchase."
– Cottersay
2.0 5
"The previous guy was correct that this sling really doesn't have any application other than a high capacity carrier, probably better off detached from the shotgun and rigged to a vest or backpack. It makes the shotgun heavier and sways when brought up to aim. I wouldn't worry so much about an accidental discharge of a shell against a hard surface as it would have to be a pretty direct and very forceful hit to ignite the primer, but it unnecessarily weighs the gun down. You're better off buying a shotshell magazine, ones similar to handgun magazines. They might be costly but they're definitely the way to go for high capacity."
– Chris
5.0 5
"If you are trying to make your weapon look mean, this definitely helps! I purchased this with a heat shield, universal shell holder and the folding shoulder stock. My Mossberg 500 has been turned into the ideal home defense tool... and looks bad ass to boot!!!"
– Dr. Glen
4.0 5
"The only thing was that it should have been made 2\" inches longer. I'm a big n tall guy, but it looks nice on my Mossberg 500 12 g.a"
– mikef
4.0 5
"This is a good sling overall. The shells fit snug in the elastic bands. I don't think there's much of a danger of one of the shells going off by striking a hard surface if the sling swings some, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. A couple of downsides: the sling doesn't come with the 1-inch swivels to attach it to the gun, but a trip to CTD remedies that. Second, the sling does add a lot of weight to the gun. You don't really notice when it's slung over your shoulder though."
– Myers
5.0 5
"I bought this for home defender. It saved me a lot of room having the shell's on the sling other than having them on my chest pouch. I just wish it was longer."
4.0 5
"I liked the sling on my Mossberg 500. Having 20 extra shells when hiking in the woods is great to have. Just wish it came with swivels on the sling."
– Paul F
3.0 5
"I received the sling and while in my opinion it is a very nice sling, I can only give it a 3 bullet rating, because they only sent one keeper (the plastic piece that is looped throught the swivel) with the sling. Also I feel like the sling that I was sent is of a much lower qaulity than the one depicted. It is poorly stitched, and falls short of what I was expecting. However for the money, it's still a decent buy."
– matt
4.0 5
"Overall I am happy with this sling. There are a couple pitfalls but the goods outweigh the bad. Like a lot of the other posters, the sling doesn't come with one of the clips to attach the sling to the gun. I just happened to have on that worked so not a big deal in my case. However, you need to be aware in case you don't have one. The elastic band that holds the shells seems to be holding up very well. Still tight after almost a year. Seems to be pretty well made all in all. Gun does get heavy when it's fully loaded but nothing unmanageable. Of course I have 5 rounds on the stock, 6 on the side receiver plate 25 on this sling and 8 round extended mag under the barrel, so 44 rounds total. Even with almost 2 boxes of shells on the gun it is still manageable."
– Nashcbrguy
4.0 5
"This sling works well for the money. The reason I gave it 4 bullets is the plastic clips could be a little thicker, but so far so well. You will need to order swivels"
– sonebezi
4.0 5
"This sling is worth the money, I took one bullet off because I had to buy swivels which I knew I had to. I was upset over that fact because this low priced sling cost me more to setup. It is well made and holds the shells tightly. I was impressed that it held them so well, and is comfortable. I would recommend to everyone looking for a tactical look for their shotgun, it also does it's job well. Love the look. Thanks CTD!"
– JP
5.0 5
"This is perfect for my Mossberg 500 with it's pistol grip. If I had a stock it would be a pain, but it functions perfectly as an ammo store and sling. Certainly worth the money."
– mordecai
5.0 5
"I purchased this sling for my tactical Charles Daley. The sling is comfortable and securely holds shells in place."
– W Keith
5.0 5
"I love it! I got it on my H&R 20 ga."
– eddie
2.0 5
"First of all let me just say this item is not what you think- even though the picture has an ace case logo on it the item does not! It will work if you are very desperate and low on money but I wouldn't depend on it even for a toy gun (the quality is like it was made for two pennies in China). Second of all even if it had good quality, having 25 shotshells on your shotgun does not work out so well- especially for tactical situations. CTD can do way better. DO NOT BUY!!!"
– Alfa Leader
4.0 5
"I bought one of these for a Defender 1300 which is made as a home defense version scattergun. Be advised that a sling like this will make your weapon very awkward and heavy. You lose any advantage you had unless you are a very big and muscular person. I am 6' 200lbs in good shape and the only thing this is good for is tying the two ends together and throwing it over your shoulder. Just my humble opinion."
– readyman
4.0 5
"Be advised this will not directly attach to a mossberg 500. make sure you get the attachment rings for the stock. The stitching is strong and will make your weapon very heavy as mentioned before so actually mounting it to the gun wouldn't be best. Pretty much just loop it and drape it on your shoulder. i give it 4 bullets."
– mr1
5.0 5
"This ammo sling is great. I put it on my Maverick 88 H.D. with mods and it does make the gun rather heavy, but everybody should get used to the weight of your weapon and know it well. After fully loading the sling with regular 2 3/4 ammo, along with the 5 shell holder for the top folding stock, and pistol grip fore-grip, the gun is considerably more heavy in the front, but it gives your arms a good workout if you are in the field carrying it. The ring on the sling is a good idea, take the extra weight off your shoulder. 5 bullets"
– J. Turner
2.0 5
"I bought this for my 870 Express Compact JR. It does not have the logo, as shown. Mine came without one of the plastic buckles, so I had to return the item. It did hold 20 Ga. shells quite well and tight. Not sure how well the elastic will hold up over time, but appears tight from the start."
– Chad
5.0 5
"I ordered this along with a few other items to outfit my Norinco 87. I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of the sling. The elastic loops fit 12ga shells TIGHTLY, which is a good thing as you won't have to worry about anything slipping or falling out. The sling is nylon and elastic and the loop is cheap plastic, but for $12, what do you expect, right? Very pleased with this sling."
– Anonymous
1.0 5
"The sling material itself is very low quality, the buckles cut through the sling after a few months of use."
– Dcav
2.0 5
"OK but I wish I had bought the ACE 50 round one its really cheap and I just have it acting as a single loop sling on my SKS. I don't suggest this one -I would buy the ACE...."
– wayne from tucson
2.0 5
"As titled, this was less than expected. While the material seems to be acceptable at this point, we'll see after some field use. Presently, it does hold the shells tightly. There was however, NO attachments for swivels. Just the flat nylon material & plastic binders. So you could attach this to the barrel or magazine tube, but nothing acceptable on the butt end. It'll find a use, but I'm back to needing another sling. CTD however, is as always, quickly shipping."
– Need another sling
5.0 5
"Works great. Comfortable. All you need to use it is normal sling mounting pieces."
– proffitt
1.0 5
"It's pretty cheesy. very cheaply made, low quality stuff. loose stitching, the end buckles are made of cheap, thin plastic. I was pretty disappointed when I opened it. wish I would have paid closer attention to the reviews."
– cd
3.0 5
"I bought this sling for extra carry capacity for my H&R Pardner. It works well, but I had to use super glue to tighten it down. It fits fine now, but I'll be looking into other slings that fit better. Worth 3 bullets"
– 6GunTrucker
1.0 5
"Do not buy it. Very cheap. It seems like it would be part of a cheap airsoft shotgun package. Save your money and buy the Blackhawk model"
– USMCTNP.....
3.0 5
"I like that it holds a lot more rounds than the Blackhawk sling, but it's definitely no Blackhawk brand. The sling itself is very thin. Now I just use it to hold my shells."
– 0311 E5
5.0 5
"Upon opening package, I found that the sling appeared to be a quality product. It isn't a hard, stiff nylon, but instead felt as if it had been prepped comfortably to go right on the weapon. The elastic holds the 25 shells in place, ready for deployment. The hardware is a hard plastic. The gripping ring is available for those who wish to use it and the rubber gripping stripes help hold the slung weapon on our shoulders. With 25 rounds of 12 gauge Winchester PDX1 Defender rounds, the sling plus the ammunition feels approximately 5 lbs. Having the sling and ammunition attached to our 870 gives my wife and me additional peace of mind that we have sufficient firepower to neutralize any threat that we may encounter in our home. Would recommend to family and friends."
– Army_MP_From_MO
3.0 5
"This is a cheap sling and does NOT include everything to mount to the 870. But for the money I paid, it is not the worst sling either. I wouldn't mind paying more if the base of the sling was wider and made of better material. Also, know that 25 rounds of RIO 00 buck weighs 2.5lbs on a sling that will be swinging while you shoot."
– Donkey McWedges
5.0 5
"I'm happy with the sling. It's very easy to install. I recommend this for any one that needs a sling and has a budget. Also great for shotguns that can't have side saddle because of other parts that are in the way. Great buy, great item."
– italianyankee
4.0 5
"I bought this product mainly because I hoped it would fit the butt slot on my Savage 320 12-gauge pump gun, without me having to drill holes and install new hardware.This sling works great for that type of application, and is wide enough to make the weight of the shotgun comfortable. I did NOT buy it with the intent of loading up the webbing loops with shells, since it's apparent that a fully-loaded sling would be a bear to keep stead, let alone aim, with all that weight swinging around. But it's nice to have that option if you really, really need it."
– gaaack