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Ace Case Ankle Holster Compact Autos Also Fits Subcompact Autos and 2" Revolvers

Ace Case
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Elastic ankle holster with calf support strap fits 2" revolvers, compact and sub-compact autos. Ambidextrous design features heavy-duty hook-and-loop sizing straps, padded pistol slot, and an adjustable thumb-break retention strap, Made in the U.S.A. 
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5.0 5
"After researching different holsters, I opted for this one because 1.It was constructed of elastic - others are thick and padded, and would be too bulky under my clothing, 2.It has a calf support strap to keep it from riding too low, and showing below my pants cuff, and 3.The very low price.I have used it every day for the last week, carrying my Kel-Tec P-11 (double stack 9mm), and it works perfectly - even better than I expected for the low price. I am very happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone needing a simple carry option for their sub-compact auto (FYI - it probably would work just as well with a snub-nosed revolver, due to it's universal construction).Remember, a gun at home will do you no good when you need it. This is my first ankle holster (always used a home-made belly band that works great, but isn't always comfortable for extended wear), and I haven't left my gun behind since I got it. I am very glad I made this purchase!A couple of thoughts on improving the design (minor issues): 1. The height adjustment for the calf support may not have enough adjustment for a shorter individual - I am 6'-1\", 185 lbs, and have it adjusted to the shortest length (without modifying it - that could easily be done with scissors).2. The velcro for the calf support is designed so that the sharp \"hook\" side presses onto your skin, and starts hurting after a few minutes. It has to be this way, to keep from catching on the inside of your pants leg. I fixed this by gluing some black fabric to the exposed part, and it has been comfortable ever since.3. Why is the color grey, and not black to enhance invisibility in case your pants ride up? I like the color, but it doesn't make sense.4. Having only had it a short time, I don't know how long-lasting the elastic will be. My guess is that it will last for a long time, but who knows.Buy it with confidence, you will love it, and be glad you did!"
2.0 5
"I got my delivery from Fed Ex about ten minutes ago and couldn't wait to try it on. Strapped it to my ankle, adjusted the calf strap, walked around and went to get my weapon. As I put my sub-sompact .45 into the holster, 90% of the stitching came out on one side. I heard no popping or tearing so I looked closer and most of that stitching was already loose. I want to return it, but with cost time it will take, I could it to a sew shop and get new, stronger stitching put in."
1.0 5
"Despite of the warning on the other review about the stitching coming loose, i reallized how cheap i must be to purchase this ankle holster. When i recived it , i put it on and before i placed my glock 30 (.45 cal.sub.), 90% of the stitching on the pouch that holds your firearm in place is completely falling out in small stitches. Either someone needs to be drug-tested, or the children at the sweatshop making these holsters need better instruction on what they should be doing.There is absolutely no QUALITY CONTROLL WHAT-SO-EVER.....I had the sewing re-done by a pro. Immeadiately after, the stretchy material is just splitting right along the stitch. By this time I have come to the conclusion that this item is A COMPLETE P.O.S.! My overall thought is that if you value your firearm and must carry it on your ankle.. Don't be a cheap A-HOLE...Buy a high dollar model. Im sure you would feel stupid if you gun just falls off your leg in a public place.... or in front of a police officer.(NOT VERY CONCEALED!!!!!) All for being a cheap bastard. Good Luck!"
3.0 5
"I was searching for a light weight ankle carry holster. This one fit the bill of being able to handle my Kel-tec P11 and my S&W 637. I have looked it over and find no initial problems with the holster. I will wear it tonight for duty and report back in a week or two what I like or dislike about it then. One must admit the price was cheap. It is made in the USA and seems to be average so I give it the first day (3) for a rate. It might be a little tricky to hide both of my carry options with my uniform pants and Bates tac boots but we shall see. I do like the option of multi carry and multi settings. These options and the initial quality make the price very very reasonable. As noted above I shall return with a report after some hours of use. One other nice thing with this little feather weight holster is that it will easily handle Ruger's LCP or the Kel-tec 32 Auto or 380 pistol as well."
4.0 5
"I've worn this rig for two days now and am perfectly happy with it. I'm using it to carry a Kel-Tec P3AT, which is pretty light compared to my PF9 or larger autos. I wouldn't want anything bigger than a J-frame or a PF9 on my leg anyway - just too heavy and hard to walk. The stitching seems fine, unlike others have experienced. The gray color is also very dark so I don't have a problem with that either. I would give it 5 stars if it had a cinch strap instead of just a wrap around calf support, but that's a bit nit-picky. The stability and comfort are fine for me and it was very reasonably priced. If this stretches out or fails I would buy another one."
5.0 5
"The stitching is pretty flimsy and overall it doesn't seem built to last a lifetime...but it's cheap isn't it. Fits and carries my PF-9 like a glove, a J-frame or SP 101 wants to rip it's way out the bottom though. It truly is ambi useable, not like some that claim they are but lefties are expected to use the thing inside out and backwards. A person with modest skills on a sewing machine could reinforce or repair it very easily. Very good alternative to more expensive holsters. I'd reccomend it to your grandmother."
5.0 5
"Its a little on the cheaper side but i find it to be confortable and have not had any stitching issues since i purchased. have worn regularly for about a month. not an amazing product but it was well worth the price i paid and when it eventually wears out which i would give it maybe a year before that happens, i will buy another."
3.0 5
"I would agree with others that the sewing of this product is sub-standard. However the hardware and clasps are more than worth the cost. I will have someone re-sew the seams and put this to good use. I would recommend this because of the price but would warn you about the stitching quality."
4.0 5
"Best ankle holster you can find anywhere for the price listed. The padding wears out quickly but than again I've been wearing it for two years. I did have to restitch the seems once in that time frame, but it is always there after all my foot pursuits. It easily adjust to anysize, around ankles or boots, and the thumb break ensures the gun stays put. I carry a Glock 30 in it on a regular basis and I love it."
5.0 5
"I couldn't be happier so far. Granted, I've only had it a few days and have worn it twice, so long-term quality is still unknown. I wear suit pants to work, and unless you KNOW it's there, no one would ever notice it. Under baggy jeans, leaves practically no print. This is first time I've used ankle carry, it feels a little weird for a few hours. It is like wearing a light ankle weight, but I got used to it quickly. I have complete confidence that it's unnoticed by anyone else. It's been pretty comfy so far- especially with long socks under the ankle wrap. It's adjustable in every direction, so you'll get a decent fit out of it. Others have suggested reinforcing the stitching- I see no problem with it so far, but that's a very easy, and cheap thing to do. It may give you a little more reassurance that it won't come apart when you're walking into the bank to make your deposit."