7mm Caliber .284" Diameter 140 Grain Boat Tail Barnes MRX Rifle Bullets 20 Bullets per Box

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7mm Caliber, .284" Diameter, 140 Grain Boat Tail, Barnes MRX Rifle Bullets, 20 Bullets per Box
0.406 ballistic coefficient
0.248 sectional density

Boat tail bullets have a truncated conical shape at the base of the bullet, streamlining stabilizes the bullet and increases accuracy.

Barnes' MRX Bullet features a patented Silvex core surrounded by an all-copper body. Silvex is a patented, non toxic, tungsten based material manufactured by a patented process. The dense, tungsten based core makes MRX bullets shorter than their TSX and TTSX counterparts, increasing case capacity. Deep penetration-even through heavy bone-makes MRX bullets ideal for raking shots at large game. Streamlined polymer tip boosts BC for flatter long range trajectory, and enhances expansion with longer range shots.

On impact, the MRX expands into four tough, copper petals, doubling the bullet's original diameter. Creates maximum shock and tissue damage. Effective at short or long range. Multiple rings cut into the base increase accuracy and reduce fouling.

Specifications and features:
Denser than lead Silvex core
High retained energy at long range
Rapid expansion
Effective performance at all ranges
100% lead free

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