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7.62x51mm 10 Round Stripper Clips Package of 20 Clips Allow for Quick Loading of .308 Magazines New Production

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Stripper Clips .308
Package of 20 clips, each holds 10 rounds of .308 ammo on reusable metal stripper clips, speeds up magazine loading.

Pair these stripper clips up with our speed loader (MCB-322) to save your thumbs from cramming mags. 
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2.0 5
"need more spring tension, the rounds on the end tend to fall out easily."
– Dan
1.0 5
"I bought these passing up on the 5 round vietnam era clips. Spring was much too weak and rounds would fall out. All of them failed."
– M14bevo
1.0 5
"won't work with my m1a"
– unlucky
5.0 5
"If you can't increase the tension on a stripper clip, maybe you shouldn't be handling real guns. One quick tweak and the one loose one of the bunch was fixed. If you don't want to earn your bargains, shop at the high dollar sites and leave this stuff for those of us that know tools, guns and how to save money. These clips are great. I'll be getting more of them soon.Range is going HOT!"
– Socom Lately
5.0 5
"These are great stripper clips. New manufacture, clean, oiled, good price. Only the inexperienced would fail to appreciate these."
– R O'Toole
5.0 5
"I don't understand why these got some poor reviews. My 9-year-old son and I tested every single clip, and all of them functioned flawlessly. The only time a round would fall out was if we purposely didn't fit in in the clip all the way. These work great!"
– Jon
5.0 5
"These are good clips. 20 of them gives you the ability to hold 200 rounds of loose ammo, witch is handy. they all worked in my socom. The springs do come a little loose, but after a day in a backpack only the last round on each end fell off the clips. this also happened with some surplus Mauser clips that seamed to have more spring tension. give the springs a little more bend and these clips are good to go."
– evan
5.0 5
"These are GREAT Stripper clips for a 308. I use them with the MCB-322 Mag Loader to load the magazines for my Armalite AR10TN and they work smooth as silk. Be sure to degrease them before you use them. There is enought oil on them to possibly soak through a primer and deactivate it."
– RJ
5.0 5
"Great deal for the money. Work great in my Enfield 2A1."
5.0 5
"These clips were exactly what I was hoping for. They're durable and well made. All the rounds stay on until I'm ready to load my mags. I need to buy more of them."
– Gunner
5.0 5
"It is nice to have your rounds bundled, and ready to use no matter what the circumstances are when you are shooting. It makes it easy to load individual mags or top feed your M1A. They hold the round well without being too hard to use properly."
– Schinoli Freezin
4.0 5
"A good buy for the price, but be aware that rounds tend to fall off. If you package your clips in bandoliers you should be fine, just wrap 'em up tight."
– Sprocket
4.0 5
"Got these to store my M80 ball and other FMJ surplus ammo on, and to expidite loading my FAL mags. They work just fine for both. The only issue I've had is that on a few of these, the pressure is loose enough to allow a round to fall off. However, I've only noticed this on two or three clips, and even then it's not a big deal. Overall, these are great clips. I just wish they had 5 round clips on here too!"
– Airborne Alpha
5.0 5
"These are great clips!"
– Mr. Krebs
4.0 5
"They are made in China.? The clips are oiled and come in two packs of ten in one box. I filled one clip and used it to load a m1a magazine. Worked good. I will buy more."
– 1-12020
5.0 5
"While the fit is a little loose, these clips work fine for loading ten rounds of .45 ACP ammunition into my modern reproduction of the Chinese Shansei Broomhandle .45 pistol."
– Broomhandle fan
3.0 5
"Thought these would be real USGI, but they came in an NCSTAR box covered in oil, spring tension is a little loose, but not a big deal, only 2 bullets because they don't load properly in my M1A standard, not sure if it's the gun or the clips, the rounds load too far forward and jam up while stripping. I have used mosin strippers, AR strippers, so I know how to use stripper clips, not sure what the deal is with these, have not tried them with magazine stripper clip guide yet."
– John L.
4.0 5
"I used these in my rifle today using the built in clip guide and they work pretty good. Sometimes they do load the rounds too far forward but I think it is my technique. If only I could find a bandoleer and a clip guide on here..."
– M1A
5.0 5
"Confirming what other reviewers have already said, these come 10 clips per bag with 2 bags per box. Mine were made by NcStar (made in China). Stripper clips were packaged oily, with a \"dirty\" feel to them. Took me a few minutes to wipe them down to get the excess oil off them. Used them for storing loose boxed .308 ammo. Have never tried to use stipper clips for loading ammo into a magazine, so I won't comment on that. For storing loose boxed ammo, they work and do the job fine. I'll buy more for that purpose only."
– edsette
5.0 5
"These clips come in a small package, packed in grease for preservation. They are good quality nonetheless. Will work with 7.62x51/.308win. No problems, you may want to \"adjust\" the little metal tabs on the ends to hold the rounds better. But for me I found they work just fine out of the box with no modification.ADDED BONUS: If you own an M1A and are not looking to spend a lot of $$$$ on magazines for it, this is a good alternative, they do work with the standard guide rail. It does however take some practice, first few times I did this I was feeding the rounds too far forward. So just be aware, you may want to practice a few times, especially if you have some dummy rounds, wouldn't hurt. Also in a SHTF situation, having these sorted in pouches weighs less than say the equivalent in 20rd box magazines. Though a mag will always be a little bit faster, these still have some of their own advantages, besides just saving me money."
– KillerBD
4.0 5
"I bought these for storage of loose ammo, and they work fine. I own an M1A, but I have not used them for loading the rifle, because it has a scope on it. The stripper clips come in an NcStar box, and are oiled in plastic wrapping within the box. They don\uFFFDt have a lot of spring tension to them, but they work fine for storage."
– Todd
5.0 5
"Got these for the NCStar loader and they work perfectly."
4.0 5
"Works well does what it should not to tight not to loose"
– 308 guy
4.0 5
"I bought the 7.62x39 version several years back and was not impressed and had most of the problems others complained about. Bought these when I used up my 5 rounders. These were the only thing available. They are much better. The USGI clips were also finicky. These are twice as long, so the friction and curve of the clip is increased. They take some getting used to. Neither size functions as well as the USGI 5.56 clips because of the design and size of the casing. Clean them off and have some patience. They work. Now, if someone will make a magazine clip guide. Mine are wearing out."
– Mark B
5.0 5
"Exactly what I needed for all my loose rounds!"
– John
4.0 5
"I thought they were of good quality. I bought two packs, and have given them a good working, loaded many .308'sfor my DPMS."
– Richard W Tibbetts Jr