7 Ch W/X Civil Monitor w/AM/FM

Midland Radio Corporation
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Midland Radio Midland Weather Alert Radio WR-10 The WR-10 Weather Max gives you two products in one. You have a combination AM/FM broadcast radio. You also have a 24-hour a day National Weather Service monitor. A complete information system in the palm of your hands. The Weather Max has a full tone alert signaling system built in. When the National Weather Service issues an emergency report, they transmit a special tone. This tone is picked up by your WR-10 to provide you instant emergency weather information. WR-10 will advise you of special weather warnings even if you are listening to standard AM or FM broadcasts. The WR-10 has an emergency battery backup system for use if you lose power. It will provide up to six hours of operation if power fails. It also allows the WR-10 to be used as a temporary portable to take on trips, picnics to the beach, etc. The WR-10 provides a new concept in high performance Weather Monitors combined with the information and entertainment of an AM-FM radio. Features: - VHF weather monitor with seven different national weather service channels in the 162 MHz fm band: provides 24-hour-a-day national weather service information from seven different channels for maximum reception possible (in areas where available) - AM-FM reception: receives standard am and fm commercial broadcast stations. special system interrupts broadcast reception for emergency weather warnings. - Alert monitor system receives special tones transmitted by national weather service stations warning of dangerous weather conditions: when the alert feature is activated, the receiver remains in a standby mode. - User-selectable warning system: your choice of led only, led & alarm or voice only - Weather button: large touch-bar turns unit from alert mode to fu ll time monitoring. - High performance chassis: receives weather broadcasts up to 50 miles from transmitter. - Test button: permits testing of alert system. - Large top-firing speaker: directs alerts and audio toward listener. - Emergency powered: uses a single 9-volt battery (optional).:makes unit completely portable. - Telescopic antenna: provides maximum range reception-up to 50 miles-folds down for easy transport. - Fully variable volume control: adjusts audio output. - External antenna jack: permits use of an optional extended range base antenna or a mobile antenna. - External power jack: allows use of ac adapter (included) or dc cigarette lighter power cord (optional) to run off a car or boat battery. - Compact, ultra modern styling: small enough to take along; looks good anywhere. - External alert jack: allows control of other alerting devices. Specifications: - Number of WX Channels: 7 - Input Voltage: 9-14 Volts DC - AM Max Sensitivity: 60 dB/M - FM 30 dB Quieting Sensitivity: 20 uV - WX 20 dB Quieting Sensitivity: 1.5 uV - Alarm Trip Sensitivity: 1.5uV - Speaker Impedance: 32 ohms - WX Rejection at 96.6 or 97.7MHz: 70dB max. - 10% THD Power Output: 210 mW max. - Dimensions: 8.5 x 1.6 x 6.1" (W x H x D)