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500 Round Case 7.62x39mm Ulyanovsk FMJ 122 Grain 500 Rounds Bulk Buy Made in Russia 2396 fps Steel Cased Polymer Coated.

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7.62x39mm Russian, Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works, 122 Grain Full Metal Jacket Bullet, 500 Rounds Bulk buy.

Non-returnable item.
Manufactured in Russia.
Bi metal bullet jacket will attract a magnet.
Polymer coated steel cases.
Berdan primed.
Non corrosive.
Non reloadable.
Muzzle velocity: 2396 fps.
Uses: Target Shooting, Training, Practice.

For quality issues and concerns please contact:
Lisa Weaver
888-317-5810 x4006 
Total number of Reviews: 30

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5.0 5
"Very nice ammo and my Maadi Misr 10 eats this stuff up! I haven't had any misfires and every round has chambered. Also, buying in a 500 round bulk has definitely been a savings on my wallet. After shipping I paid only .21 cents a round. On today's market, that price can't be beat. With the rising cost of all ammo, you gotta take advantage while you can. Will be ordering more. Thanks CTD for excellent service !"
– Mike
1.0 5
"These rounds are cheap for good reason. Out of 150 rounds I probably had around thirty misfires. Not my rifle, it is a brand new AK. I've shot three different types of ammo throught it and these are the only ones I have had trouble with. BAD PRIMERS! I am not to fond of handling live rounds with a good dent in the primers!"
– Eric
5.0 5
"I just purchased the second 500 round brick of this Ulyanovsk ammo and it has never caused a single problem in my Saiga! This ammo may be steel but any AK type gun is MADE for steel and buying brass 7.62x39 is just a waste of money! I will buy more any chance I get!"
– CO gun nut
5.0 5
"Great ammo for the price.. works great for the SKS...price raised in the last month but still can't complain."
– california kid
5.0 5
"This bulk ammo is the best on the market right now. Ive researched all over the internet; this is the best ammo for function, reliability and price. Using a WASR-10 Romanian underfolder, with Tapco Gen 2 mags or surplus mags, no issues. If you're having problems with these rounds, look at your mags or firing pin strength. Great buy and stock up. Prices will not go down anytime soon. I failed to \"pull the trigger\" before it went up. Don't make my mistake"
– St. Ryker
4.0 5
"I have tried this product in three different rifles. One frequently has primer ignition trouble (likely a weak firing spring) where the same gun performs much better with reloads. Two other rifles have had no duds at all. This ammo clearly has a primer that requires a sharp blow with the firing pin. Accuracy is respectable."
5.0 5
"I recently bought this bulk pack and would like to say its a great deal. While I haven't shot what I've gotten in the pack I've had this ammo before. It was very accurate and reliable and extremely well priced. A great buy!"
– Double Dubs
4.0 5
"I have shot hundreds of rounds of these through my Yugo and norinko nice ammo, fair accuracy. Reloading ...but for the price, you cant beat it! Ive sent tiger,wolf,Serbian surplus,Remington,hollow-points, not to mention wet rounds , even threw a few in a mud puddle- cycled just fine. Like it love it need alot more."
– Dreabon
5.0 5
4.0 5
"I've shot hundreds of these rounds without a single ftf, or fte.Just a comment on the above review by Eric.My stepson and I bought identical ak's brand new.I can fire this stuff all day without a problem, he had the same problem as Eric.However, today we tried a new firing pin and \"BINGO\" 300 rds went through his gun without a hiccup.Brand new doesn't always mean it works.I'm buying more of this stuff asap, and so is he."
– hmudd13
5.0 5
"Shot more than 300 rounds thru my AK ... No problems ... Great fun ... Can shoot all day long without going broke ... Great price too ... I'm buying more ..."
– John
5.0 5
"Got the 500 rnd pack, just shot off a 100 with a Romanian SAR-1, and a WASR-10/63. 100 trigger pulls, 100 bangs. Accuracy was good, this ammo functioned flawlessly. Will be buying more!"
– Sawz
4.0 5
"Great ammo! Shoots fine in both my WASR R/10 and my NHM-91.The only issue I had was that all the 20 round boxes were just put in a plastic bag and then in the box with the rest of my order ,so when they arrived, 8 of the boxes were destroyed and the ammo just all loose in the bag. The packing could have been better but the ammo shoots great .Thanks ctd for the low prices!"
– VT guy
5.0 5
"Just bought more of this for my AK, and SKS. This ammo never lets you down, just goes bang every time. Stock up while you can. 500 loose rounds will perfectly fit in a .30 cal ammo can! Buy it by the 1000's!! Hard telling when owning it will be illegal by Executive Order. Remember Change in 2012!"
– WASR10
5.0 5
"This ammo is GREAT. I love it, by far this is the bust by on the market. I have shot over 300 rounds of this ammo in my wasr 10 with no problems what so ever. I highly recomend for every AK owner. U will not be sorry."
– mike
5.0 5
"My two AK's eat this polymer coated steel like candy. It may just be me but, I get tighter groups with this ammo than any other surplus!"
– Georgiadigger
5.0 5
"Super price and great ammo for my Draco pistol."
– gweedo
5.0 5
"I have heard mixed things about this ammunition from reviewers and I have to say out of the hundreds of rounds I've put through my WASR-10 I have not had a single jam or failure to fire. Every round fed and fired flawlessly even when unloading from my 75 round drum and a mixture of several metal and varying plastic clips. I love this ammunition because you get plenty of bang for your buck and I plan on making another large purchase as soon as I can."
– Furf88
5.0 5
"Excellent ammo. Only issue is that my local range doesn't allow this type of 7.62 ammo."
– Big o
5.0 5
"This is great ammo for my SKS, not too dirty, no jams. You can't beat this price. I've put around 100-150 rounds through it without any issues. Highly recommend."
– Sean D.
5.0 5
"This will be the second 7.62x39 ammo buy that I've made. I ordered from Alamo ammo last time and it seemed like it took them forever to get it to me. It is the same ammo and let me tell you it works great. I think I had 3 rounds out of the whole 500 that failed to fire. I haven't received the ammo yet but the tracking says that it is out for delivery. Lightning fast delivery. Cheaper Than Dirt rocks!"
– Cody
5.0 5
"I've run through almost all the 500 rounds I purchased and haven't had a FTF or FTE to date. Copy says 2396 fps but from my M59/66 Yugo SKS the chrono says 2515 fps. Five rounds into 1.5\" at 50 yards with the issue iron sights and my 58 year old eyes isn't too bad either. If the 1' sq plate @ 200 yards is halfway freshly painted it no problem at all to plink it shot after shot."
– Rick
5.0 5
"I think the last review on 5/11 was the last bag out the door at CTD. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be seriously disappointed if CTD does not restock this stuff for us 39er's.I can't tell you how many rounds of this I put through my PTR91 PDW32 Pistol and rifle. I'm wishing I shot the cheap military stuff up first now. These have always gone bang and are accurate. Like the box says these really are a hunting cartridge. Just ask the varmits I,.. well I guess you can't now.GET MORE OF THIS IN STOCK CTD, PLEASE!"
– The Dude
5.0 5
"I bought 500 rounds of this stuff and just ran 210 rounds through my virgin WASR 10/63 with no issues at all, and minimal residue build-up. I was shooting thirty rounds a pop within 6\" groups @ 100-yds. That is EXCELLENT accuracy for AK iron sights in an unsupported position, which means these rounds are DOING THEIR JOB. I came back to buy another 1000 rounds and now see that its not available... PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE THIS PRODUCT!!!!"
– Stomper
5.0 5
"I've sent a few hundred rounds down range in the SKS and AK platform without a single flaw! No misfires, not a dirty ammo and I get consistent/great patterns!"
– Scott's AK
5.0 5
"Wasr-10 eats this stuff up like its candy- no jams or miss-fires cant beat it for the price."
– ak lover
4.0 5
"This ammo is worth the price. It's not as accurate as higher priced brass ammo but its not expected to be. It stinks when fired and smokes quite a bit but goes bang every time. For fun plink shooting this stuff is great and I highly recommend it. I gave it 4 bullets not 5 due to the smoke/smell but its hardly a big deal."
– David
4.0 5
"No miss fires and the price could not be beat. Box may have gotten wet, cardboard was wrinkled, but no problems."
– mkn
5.0 5
"Great Ammo for the price. Works flawlessly through my WASR 10/63."
– WASR 10/63 Owner
4.0 5
"I see CTD isn't carrying this any more but wanted to put this review in just in case they pick it back up. I put 1000 of these down and had 2 fail to fires with a perfect strike on the primer. Not a big deal at the range, but seems a little above average for such failures to me. Price was right though, so I give it a 4/5."
– SFC Rob