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500 Round Case .30 Carbine BVAC FMJ 110 Grain 500 Round Value Pack 1900 fps Made in USA Using All New Component

Typically ships the same business day when ordered before 4pm CST.
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.30 Carbine, BVAC, 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket Bullet, 500 Round Value Pack, 1900 fps.

Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1888 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1643 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 1427 fps.
Muzzle energy: 870 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 660 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 498 ft/lbs.
Uses: Target Shooting, Plinking.

Total number of Reviews: 9

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4.0 5
"Just received my two orders of five hundred rounds. It came via FedEX quickly and no issues with the shipment. The ammo comes in 500 round cardboard boxes. There are markings on the outside of the boxes both stamped and written with a sharpie. My assumption is that these are lot numbers and initials for the people that worked on reloads. I went through both boxes to do a count. It came out to 1,000 rounds exactly on the dot. The rounds are stamped as, \"Top Brass 30 Carbine\". Primers all are flush and seated perfectly and I am not see any dings, dents or un-seated/poorly seated bullets. Visually they look just like any other .30 Carbine ammo at face value. No issues with the rounds here. Each round has a slight but noticeable to the eye bulge at the base of the bullet. It appears that they used a carbide (or other straight wall die set) to size the brass straight to about 1/3rd the way which makes the bottom of the seated bullet show a bit. This is not gratuitous at all, just slight and noticeable if you are looking for it. I reload so I will not size the spent brass this way and after fire forming the rounds they will be more than fine. This is also just my assumption, however, it fits my personal experience. I have not shot any of these rounds yet (as I just got them) or cycled them in a rifle. I will update this review later after I get a chance to go to the range in 2 weeks. Right now, 4 bullet rating based just upon the physical inspection."
5.0 5
"Finally went to the range to test the rounds in my new Fulton M1 Carbine. Not one failure to feed, fire or eject. As for accuracy, with a Leuopold 2.5x IER mounted I got a 1.5 moa 5 shot grouping at 100 yards. The accuracy seems to be fine. I did not chrono the rounds however they seemed to be tame compared to military surplus rounds. A little less snappy in recoil. I am bumping up the review to 5 stars and highly recommend the ammo for purchase for both shooting as is and reusing the great brass."
1.0 5
"I have an Inland M1, and my weapon will not go into full battery (bolt does not fully seat foward). In this state, the weapon will not shoot properly. It is very dangerous to fire this ammo. The blast can blow the bolt towards the rear (your face) and fragment. My opinion is that this company did not \"Calibrate\" the circumference of the brass correctly."
5.0 5
"Four day delivery time was a pleasant surprise. The ammo was clean, bright, and uniform in all respects. I loaded the 30 round mag (ordered and received from CTD), and three 15 round mags, set up the target at standard military (25 yds). First 5 rds were 2\" grp, 6\" high. Held 6\" below, another 4rd grp of 2\" dead on. Moved to 50 yd, shot a 2.5\" grp dead onl holding military sight picture. Changed out 30 rd mag for issue 15 rd mag. No problem loading with either mag. I might note here that I did a complete field-strip break-down, thorough cleaning of my weapon with \"Break-Free\" prior to this test. I found the gas piston and the bolt, as well as the rails were quite dirty prior to cleaning. Good idea to clean before a try-out of new ammo. My carbine is a 1943 Underwood GI issue."
1.0 5
"Both my WWII and new M1 carbine hate this ammo. Ammo will not load correctly, casings are slightly too large in circumference. Tons of misfires and jams. Lastly some of the ammo actually came apart in the barrel. Very dangerous and unpredictable ammo!! Please save your money. This ammo is terrible in all aspects."
5.0 5
"MontyB, contact BVAC and tell them about the ammo. Sounds like you got a really bad batch which could be dangerous to fire. I am sure they will replace it (most places do).I am now 600 rounds into the 1,000 and no misfires, jams or other issues. As for plinking or target practice it is working as well or better than the standard (50) round boxes of other popular brands. I have reloads that are much hotter or can group slightly better or are setup for expansion that I am using as primary load outs. For general use though there is no reason to NOT get this ammo as a low priced bulk solution to get trigger time and experience with your M1 Carbine."
4.0 5
"Been through about 600rds of this in my Saginaw Carbine, no problems whatsoever, have been having a great time with this stuff."
4.0 5
"I'll buy these again."
3.0 5
"I have ordered several boxes of the .30 carbine BVAC 500 round box. They shoot great and are working well with my m1 Carbine. I cannot say anything bad about the rounds. However, every single box I have received has been short. The box I received today was short 12 rounds, and that is the reason I gave only 3 bullets. BVAC needs to count. To date, I have been shorted 21 rounds."