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500 Round Brick .22 LR Aguila Match Rifle LRN 40 Grain 1080 fps Target Load 1B222503

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.22 Long Rifle, Aguila Match Rifle, 40 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet, 500 Round Brick.

Ammunition cannot ship by air!
Standard velocity match ammo.
40 grain solid lead lubricated bullet.
Powder is blended for optimum performance in rifles.
Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity - 1080 fps.
Muzzle Energy - 100 ft/lbs.
Eley primed.
Uses: Target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, pest control.

Total number of Reviews: 32

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5.0 5
"This Ammo is wonderful! I can hit a 20 peney spike, 9 out of 10 times with this stuff at 500 ft. with my 10/22 bull. I tried CCI, Federal, remington, and PMC all subsonic, with 4 out 10 at best. Works good for scalping critters and not alerting the others."
– L.S.D. Long Slow Distance
1.0 5
"I tryed this ammo in my 52 winchester international match and shot a consistant 1.5 inch group at 50yds. It shot even worse in my 64mpr anshutz and in a H&R M12 as well as a 453 varment CZ. It's cheap and it shoots like cheap ammo winchester wildcats are more accurate."
– Joe
5.0 5
"I've tried over a dozen diffrent types of Match 22lr ammo from Lapua,Eley, to Wolf,and Aguila and this stuff shoots great! There was a .1 diffrence in group size from the $19.00 per box stuff to the Aguila. I shot this ammo in a Savage, 10/22T, CZ, and Marlin and the diffrence in group size from this to the high end stuff is not worth the money. If you are shooting a benchrest match buy Lapua or Eley, if it's a tactical match save the money. You will buy more!"
– Don
5.0 5
"can't be beat for the money! I try everything, this is top notch! 1 in. 5 shot groups at 100 yds in my Savage MKII."
– MS
5.0 5
"1 inch groups at 100 yards doesn't surprise me at all. It's my favorite ammo for frigid cold, out of a Henry lever 22. Shoots and cycles well out of my bull-barrel 10/22s when it is warm out. Probably shoots better than cci mini mags which is a real compliment."
– deaner
5.0 5
"Best ammo for use with a .22 LR conversion kit on an AR 15 I use frequently. Tried Remington, Winchester, Many other types and brands and found this to be the best. Accurate and dependable."
– DJ
4.0 5
"Bought this for a dedicated match grade .22RF upper for my Service Rifle...next to WOLF's ammo, this stuff shoots and functions great!No problem getting one-hole groups at 50yrds, so it's great for cheap offhand practice!"
– Charlie
4.0 5
"Shoots subsonic above about 45 degrees (F), goes sonic below that. It cycles my Marlin 795 almost flawlessly (an occasional failure to feed the next round) and my Henry Survival rifle most of the time (occasional failure to eject). About a 1 in 100 misfire rate in the Henry; no misfires in the Marlin. Very accurate in both rifles mentioned above, and extremely accurate in a Marlin 925 bolt action. It is second only to CCI Standard Velocity, which functions a bit better in all areas mentioned, except accuracy. In light of current availability, this bullet is a great substitute for the CCI SV and shoots almost the same."
– Bifurcatio
4.0 5
"Out of my bull barreled 10/22, 1 ragged hole at 30 yards! Very nice cycling of the action. Why spend more when you can shoot more? The accuracy of this stuff will definitely make it a favorite. I have a single shot .22 with an aperture sight. Can't wait to try that one too. Will post again following my testing."
– Joe
5.0 5
"This ammo is far superior to any other I've tried. Not the first failure to feed or fire out of my custom 10/22. I not only use this ammo for target shooting, but I also use it for squirrel hunting. The subsonic nature of the bullet makes it much easier to remain stealthy. I wouldn't shoot anything else in my rifle.With the Eley primers, it does have an odd smell but it seems to keep the mosquitos away!"
– X ring
1.0 5
"Used in a Marlin Model 60 and jammed every other time. Had to manually eject empty and at times, pry the empty out of the chamber. The powder smells like rotten pineapple. I think the rounds are underloaded or the powder is bad and this is the cause of the jams. Not enough pressure to eject properly. I switched to Peters to test the gun and had no problem. Switched back to Aguila and jammed again.These might do well in a bolt action but for a tube fed semi I would not recommend them to anyone.Holding my nose on these."
– John
3.0 5
"\"I think the rounds are underloaded or the powder rate but to much is bad and this is the cause of the jams. Not enough pressure to eject properly\". EXACTLY i have a Glenfield marlin 75 tube loader and out of 300 rounds more than 20 did not fire or didn't eject properly , i switched to CCI and those performed flawlessly also used aguila interceptor accurate but to much kick, i gave this 3 bullets because they are accurate and low sound...might be good for single shoot rifles..."
– gaga
1.0 5
"This is very accurate ammo when it works. I tried it with my Smith 41 and a Wilson 22 conversion. It was a disaster with the conversion unit, failing to eject more often than not, but when it fired consecutively , I was able to get some very good timed and rapid fire scores. When they failed to go off, I was able to cock the hammer and a second strike usually did the trick.With the Smith 41, I experienced partial ejections, stove pipes, double feeds and two unfired rounds got stuck in the chamber after not going off. It was not pleasant tapping unfired, but primer struck rounds out of the chamber. When it worked, it was very accurate."
– Upstate
5.0 5
"This ammo is as fine as you can buy for the money. I use it for target shooting as well as squirrel hunting. VERY, VERY few flyers and have yet to have a failure to eject.I have shot 3 shot ragged hole groupings at 40 yards off the bed rail of my truck with a 10/22. I won't be shooting any other brand until Aguila ceases production!"
– 1shot 1kill
5.0 5
"Sighted in scopes with this ammo using a Ruger 10/22 and a CZ 452 Varmint at 50 yds. The Ruger with it's horrible trigger shot 1.5\" groups and the CZ would shoot one ragged hole all day long with this ammo. Clean, accurate, and relatively quiet. Not one Failure to fire. I'm sold."
– Bill
5.0 5
"Very accurate in a CZ453 bolt gun. Also had some excellent results in my Kimber 84M. This is my ammo of choice for rim fire silhoutte. Those chickens are like bugs on a stick and if I do my part they are gone. I highly recommend this ammo."
– varmint hunter
5.0 5
"I don't care what other says about this ammo, it is very accurate. I have tried many other brands but this one is best for my 10/22 custom barrel. I emptied the 25 rounds mag in one ragged hole (nickle size) @50 yards from the bench. Cycles very well and works excellent with the silencer too."
– chicsman
5.0 5
"Very good ammo for the price very accurate. People who have jamming problems have to remember this is not HV ammo it is intended to be target ammo."
– issf
3.0 5
"I purchased this ammo when ammo was scarce. It was inexpensive so I did not expect it to be awesome ammo. In my Kimber 22LR 3 out of the 10 rounds did not cycle the slide or did not eject correctly. I plan to use all that I have remaining, however if other ammo is available I would recommend you spend a little extra and get better ammo."
– Doug
5.0 5
"Ok. Let me just say that this is great ammo for the competition shooter with a bolt gun. Those of you that are trying to put this ammo through autos (rifle or pistol) should pay more attention to what ammo is available. This ammo is loaded light on purpose for accuracy reasons. They do make ammo especially for auto loaders. This shoots as well as wolf. Good ammo in my book."
– nmshooter
4.0 5
"Extra Clean (thru my suppressor), Crown was frosty silver after 50 rounds( with can mounted ) Accuracy @50 meters in the mid .3s to low .5s . With Hawke Map 8 reticle scope @8X. Cold bore hits @ 200 yards not a problem on Prairie dog size steel silhouettes. Just Bloody awful round! Please don't buy!( so more is in stock for me!! :-) I will take all I can get for my 77/22s. NOTE: For Bolt actions, so If your buying for a autoloader and it doesn't cycle? Don't snivel, and badmouth the ammo as its gr8 in bolt actions!If you need a subsonic match round in say a 10/22 and it won't cycle?Then you need to reduce your bolts mass by drilling holes in the( rear end sides ) of your bolt. Then it will cycle, be sure to use a buffer to prevent bolt metal to metal \"clack\", also aids in vibration control.This is quieter than a pellet gun out of a 5\" suppressor.:-)"
– 300YardL.R.
4.0 5
"I've run a brick of this, and the Pistol match, through my Ruger MK III competition pistol recently. I find it shoots slightly better than CCI SV. No misfires or other problems. I recently shot 50' NMC course scores of 285 out of 289. Then 93 out of 95 SF scores. Again, great stuff for the cost!!"
– Michigan shooter
5.0 5
"Most accurate ammo I have ever shot through my Ruger 77/22. I have tried a lot of different brands from ultra cheap to ultra expensive and the best accuracy I could get from the rifle was about 2\" at fifty yards. I was seriously thinking of selling the rifle, then I bought a box of these rounds and the fifty yard groups are down to one ragged hole. Doesn't shoot worth a crap in my Savage Mark II BV though. But it's the only ammo that I will use in the Ruger. I will keep buying it."
– gunslinger
4.0 5
"The jamming issue is most likely the waxed bullets. I use this ammo in a bolt action for silhouette, and it's a non issue. Some tighter weapons have issues with waxed bullets.. It may be a pain but try cleaning more often when shooting."
– cz'er
4.0 5
"This is good ammo for the money. It is standard velocity, and doesn't cycle reliably in my 1911 Government .22 Conversion, but it does well in my Beretta and my CZ-452. Almost as accurate as Eley Club and Target. No FTF's in 500 rounds. This has the Eley prime system which is the best IMO."
– russ45
5.0 5
"This is great ammo for the money. Better than Eley Sport in my CZ452. No misfires and a nice funny ammonia-like smell."
– Russ45
5.0 5
"This ammo (Aguila Match Rifle) shoots perfectly out to 100 yards using my Browning 1966 T Bolt. I use it in all my MRPA matches. Shoots just as good as Wolf ME or SK Standard Plus ammo. Highly recommended in any bolt action rifle."
– Jim
4.0 5
"Great ammo for the price. Sub 2 inch groups at 100 yrds in a Savage Mark II with a 9X scope. Don't bother with anything you can get from Walmart if you want accuracy. Though the Remington Target did produce just over 2 inches, everythig else was 3 - 8 inches at 100 yrds. Going to try the Wolf match next."
– JC
3.0 5
"I bought a couple bricks of this due to the Wolf MT price increases. I used it in three bolt guns, including Anschutz 54 Sporter. I found the results very inconsistent. It would shoot 3-4 rounds touching at 50 yds. But throw one or two randomly 1/2\" to 3/4\" out of the group. This drove me crazy. For me, it doesn't compare to Wolf or Eley. Too bad, because I really wanted this stuff to work for me. I should say, I gave a couple boxes to a friend and he had better luck. This ammo may shoot well in your gun, but it's not the great savior you'd expect from most of these reviews"
– eric
5.0 5
"My son switched from Eley Sport to the Match for use in CMP rimfire events. It shoots very accurate (holds the X ring) in the CZ 452 models. We have been through about 7 bricks in the last two years...knock on wood,,,no problems see you fellows at CMP Eastern Games and National Matches...."
– pellet
5.0 5
"I'm on the downhill side of my 1st brick of this stuff. I love it! Have used it exclusively this season on squirrels with great effect. Fairly quiet in my old Remington model 512...shoots a dime sized ragged hole at 40 yards! I just bought an Anschutz 1415-1416 with a Leupold vari-x III...gives a VERY tiny ragged hole at same distance. No failure to fire after about 400 rounds. Love the smell!!!"
– Doctor B
2.0 5
"My usual target ammo was backordered, so I decided to get some of this as a backup. Bad idea! Went from .077 five shot 50yd groups to 2 inches! Might be good for plinking beer cans, but make sure you have at least the 16 oz size cans!! One good note... not too many missfires!"
– VaBob