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500 Round Brick .22 LR Aguila Match Pistol LRN 40 Grain 1080 fps 1B222502-1

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.22 long rifle, Aguila Match Pistol. 40 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet, 500 Round Brick.

Ammunition cannot ship by air!
40 grain solid lead lubricated bullet.
Powder is blended for optimum performance in pistols.
Non returnable item.
Standard Velocity.
Muzzle velocity - 1080 fps.
Muzzle energy - 100 ft/lbs.
Eley primed.
Uses: Target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, pest control.

Total number of Reviews: 24

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5.0 5
"I have shot 1 box of 50 so far. From my 10/22 they are quiet . Yesterday I had to shoot a racoon that had attacted my dog. Lights out with one shot to the head up in a tree. I have also shot squirrels with this as well. In my Buckmark with Leopold Gilmore I pulled off a shot on a very small sqirrel that was 40 to 50 foot up a tree. I still can't believe I did that shot with a pistol. In a pistol this ammo is not quiet but not obnoxious either ."
– DieselLandCruiser
4.0 5
"I have an LSP Match barrel on my Victor and this ammo is the only one to feed and fire reliable. LSP is designed for Green and Blue tag CCI but I still got failure to feed or fully chamber. The Aquila Match Pistol work every time. When indoors, the smoke has a funky smell."
– fred
4.0 5
"These are good."
– asd
1.0 5
"I can't get this ammo to group at 50 yards consistency....the best it did for me was a half-dollar size group. I can do better with Wolf."
– Bratt
1.0 5
"I purchased a large quantity of this ammo because of the favorable reviews, and because my preferred Federal Auto Match is almost impossible to find at this time. I tried it in three firearms: a new Walther P22, a High Standard H-D, and a Smith & Wesson K22 revolver.There is so much gunk on the cases that it was VERY difficult to force the rounds into the K22's cylinder; I did not proceed with that gun.In the High Standard, a gun that had been flawless for decades, there was a 40% failure to fire, and some ejection problems.In the Walter? An absolute nightmare. About a 90% failure rate, encompassing everything imaginable (feed, fire, extract, and simultaneous extract/feed problems).To top it all, the rounds give off a relatively unpleasant smell.Anyone want to buy five bricks from me? ;>"
– Anyone want to buy five bricks?
2.0 5
"I began testing in my Taurus Model 96 revolver w/ 6\" bull barrel. Accuracy at 30 yards was very good at 1\"-1.5\" with iron sights. If you count my 1 flyer it was 2\". I think with a better reference dot (I used small orange against white a paper plate), I could tighten that up. So I give it a rating of \"Excellent\" for accuracy. However, a 30% failure rate made shooting difficult, even using thumb cocking and single action mode. Yes it has an unusual smell. It did not appear very dirty in my gun after 150 rounds. Not sure what the rim ignition problem is, but it severely compromises the quality of the product."
– Joe
1.0 5
"This is the dirtyiest ammo I have EVER used,failur rateis high,smells real bad,won't feed very well in severalhandguns and rifles I have.Not sure what is all over thecases,but they are really greasy and dirty.I gave it a one because there wasen't anything lowerthan that.Will NOT buy anymore of this ammo,WORST STUFF I HAVE EVER SEEN."
– ohhdgman
2.0 5
"I will make this short and sweet:my son and I split a brick, he runs my childhood Ruger 10/22 and I run a sig 226 with .22 LR conversion- both firearms started very clean.my sig had major this ammo cycling and misfires, while my son has numerous misfires.I rated it 2 bullets because its better than no ammo.Next !"
– unclejosh
4.0 5
"This stuff is not for plinkers and guy's who think they should be able to run any kind of ammo thru their gun. This stuff is for Bullseye shooting semi-auto pistols for competition. It is very accurate and has enough recoil to work most slides. I have used this ammo in High Standard, Beretta 87 Target, Marvel Conversion and it was accurate and reliable in all 3. Eley priming is second to none."
– Kevin
2.0 5
"Firing this ammo produces an acrid smoke that smells of burning plastic. The occasional small clots of unburned power that can be seen fizzling out of the barrel make me think that a better shooter than me would not see consistent results. I concur with the comments about this ammo being quite dirty. Prepare to spend extra time at the cleaning bench."
– Trawlerden
4.0 5
"I shoot a Ruger 22/45 with a Vol accuracy kit and trigger in an indoor bullseye league. This ammo shoots very well and is very accurate in my gun. The stuff comes with a heavy wax coating which is best removed by spreading the rounds on a towel and spraying with synthetic-safe gun scrubber. Once this is done, the rounds feed easily. I have had no failures to feed or failures to ignite. I'm buying more of it!"
– Cousin Jack
5.0 5
"Aquila Match pistol ammo works just fine in my 22 auto pistols. I can tell by the report and the recoil that it shoots \"softer\" than even standard velocity 22lr ammo. Accuracy looks better, but I will have to shoot more targets to be sure. I have shot other 22lr target ammo but this is the only one that I have found that is specific for pistols. I think that it works."
5.0 5
"Shooting this thru a Ruger MK III accurized and UltraDot.50' x ring groups if I do my part."
– JimC
5.0 5
"This ammo is very accurate but dirty. I fired 200rds in my Benelli and got 1/4\" holes @25yrds. No FTF, no misfires. After 75 rounds i noticed my gun was real dirty so i cleaned it. After 75 more: same results. I just ordered 5 more bricks."
– catfishsr
5.0 5
"I fired 50 rounds through a match barrel browning A-Bolt rifle at25 yds & it surprisingly shot the best of any ammo I have tested so far. My first ten rnds made a 3/8 hole & it got even better as the barrel warmed up. Five more a 1/4 hole. The last three shots I fired was a perfect one hole. If it holds up at 50 yards like this from a good bench rest I can save money on the premium super match grade ammo I have been forced to buy for this rifle. A little dirty but I clean between shoots anyway. I have yet to see clean .22 ammo shoot with any accuracy. This ammo definitely likes match rifling barrels."
– Jaybuck
4.0 5
"Excellent ammo that feeds reliably in my High Standard Victor & Trophy. The bullet is not overly waxy like my CCI SV which causes some failures to feed properly. I have not shot this ammo for groups but I have been extremely happy with the slow fire groups I have obtained while shooting NRA bullseye."
– Bret
3.0 5
"After about 100 rounds, my Ruger Mk111 starts to jam, fail to feed, and just performs bad. So I dedicate the remainder of my last brick to my single 6. Foolproof? No.. after 1 or 2 boxes, it gets hard to fully seat the cartridges into the cylinder. Even a single action revolver can have a problem. But they are accurate for a while."
– phred7
5.0 5
"I shoot it in an H&R model 12 rifle at 50 yrds & consistently get a ragged hole & many times same hole from a 1/16 barrel. Cheap targetgrade ammo. I run a dry patch through the barrel 2 or 3 times every 100 rnds to remove the powder fouling. It likes target rifling."
– Jaybuck
5.0 5
"I have been shooting the .22LR Aguila Match Pistol Ammo for a very long time (I am a Bullseye shooter, and I shoot it in my .22LR Marvel Conversion). I have probably shot 10K rounds of this ammo, and I can count the number of times it has misfired on one hand. Great ammo, at a really good price."
– Glenn
2.0 5
"I bought this ammo for my Sig R522 which has a mag that holds 25 rounds. I was unable to use it because every time I tried to chamber a round it jammed against the slide. When I switched mags, I had the same results. When I switched to Winchester 22LR, I had no issues. When I compared the two brands, I noticed the Aguila was slightly shorter in length. This difference caused the stacking to be loose and incorrect angle for chambering. I now used the rest of the brick I purchased in my 22 revolver and have good results."
– Fight On
5.0 5
"This ammo is an excellent value. It provides tight groups at 10 yards, single ragged hole ten shot tight groups, through a bench rested Browning Buck Mark. At less than half the price of Wolf Extra Match, it provides results almost as good. This is an excellent choice for target pistol shooting."
2.0 5
"trouble feeding about every other round in a buckmark plus,on the plus side it would go bang every round."
– john
5.0 5
"Two trips to the range now and these out perform my Federal Lightings. Had several failure to feeds with federal but no issues with the Aquila. This was my first experience with this brand and I was impressed that they out performed the tried and true Federals."
– Bloodrend
2.0 5
"I bought a Sig Sauer Mosquito and was looking for ammo and this was the cheapest I could find. Gun jams probably 7 times on average for a 10 round clip. I tried 3 other brands that some of my friends have and had zero jams with any of them. So now I have 400 rounds left still for making my pistol a single shot instead of semiauto."
– C