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500 Round Box .22 LR Aguila Sniper SubSonic 60 Grain 950 fps 1B222112

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.22 Long Rifle. Aguila Sniper Subsonic, 60 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet, 500 Round Brick.

Ammunition cannot ship by air!
60 grain solid lead bullet.
Muzzle velocity - 950 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards - 802 fps.
Muzzle energy - 120 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards - 86 ft/lbs.
Non returnable item.
Will function and cycle in most semi automatic firearms.
Works well with 1 in 9 and 1 in 7 twist barrels.
Eley primed.
Uses: Plinking, small game hunting, pest control.

Total number of Reviews: 57

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3.0 5
"This ammo smells bad right out of the box and leaves lead dust on fingers. On a clip designed for the .22 Long Rifle the metal guides at the end scrape away at the bullet's soft lead making it jam while loading in bolt-action rifles.These are actually .22 Longs with over-sized bullets and accurate when each round is loaded one at a time. The powder load is irregular with some rounds sounding like a firecracker while others make the ears ring without hearing protection.They fire dirty and leave a lot of lead deposits in the barrel. I don't recommend them."
– Nate
5.0 5
"I use these for squirrel hunting in my backyard. I used them with a marlin model 60 and they reliably cycled the action and produce a tremendous amount of killing power without over penetrating. I have also used this ammo on suppressed rifles and pistols too. It works well."
– seldomseensmith
4.0 5
"These are amazing bullets!These rounds are great if you use them for what they're designed for. They are NOT semi-auto pistol rounds, since obviously the lead will scrape off at any contact points, (magazine, chamber, etc), however, they work beautifully in my Taurus and Heritage revolvers. These bullets are designed to be used in longer-barreled, bolt-action rifles, 22\"-26\", but I have had great success in my Henry H001 Lever as well as my Marlin 981T. It helps to have a faster twist rate to stabilize the longer, heavier bullets; otherwise, you may wind up with the rounds keyholing. I haven't had a problem thus far.If you are wanting a rifle specifically to shoot these rounds in, with a suppressor, it would be a good idea to contact Aguila and find out the best specifications for the rifles they used to test this ammunition.Bottom line: These are great rounds, IF you use them the way they should be.4 out of 5 for keyholing in the average-twist rate rifle or handgun. I don't want to buy a new gun for every new round that comes out."
– Cleankill47
4.0 5
"These rounds are not that bad. They are very accurate, especially if you are shooting in less than ideal weather as the heavier bullet is less likely to drift in the wind. and in my experience their casing is more along the size of a .22short as the .22longs currently in prodution are very close in size to the long rifle. anyhow, I highly reccomend these, especially if you have a single shot rifle!"
– spd722
5.0 5
"I use these in my ruger 10/22 rifle as well as my walther p22 pistol and i have never had any type of problem with this ammo. I can honestly say that it is the most reliable .22 ammo i have ever shot."
– mtn man
1.0 5
"I shot this as a test cartridge, just wanted to see how well it would perform. It doesnt, atleast in a Ruger 10/22, it doesnt cycle barely. By the time it hit paper at 25 yards it was tumbling. Horrible smell to the fired casing, and left the gun very dirty. I wont buy Aguila again. I ended up giving the box to the range master, told him find someone that just wants to pull the trigger."
– Spence
4.0 5
"These rounds are great in my registered AR-15 suppressed SBR with a 7-1/2\" barrel and a Ceiner .22 lr conversion kit. It makes me chuckle when they hit something and the sound of the bullet impact is way louder than the round cooking off. They don't cycle too well in the old Ruger 22/45, though."
– Tathlum
5.0 5
"i tried a box that i got from a friend in my walther p22 and they worked great groups were small and no jams"
– mrbunky
5.0 5
"Great bullet. Shoots well out of my Wather p22 and my Marlin model 60. Both of these guns have jamming problems with quite a few brands. These and the federal cycle with no problems. I usually use these rounds for raccoon hunting at night. There very quite and the 60 grain bullets seem to drop the corn thief\uFFFDs efficiently. As for the rounds cleanliness it's rim fire round. Cleaning your firearm every few hundred rounds should be a given."
– greenmountainhunter
5.0 5
"Good groups with no jams or misfeeds, and no complaints. Does shoot dirty\uFFFDcleaning is a part of shooting."
– Lonnie
4.0 5
"Shoots great out of my PLR-22. I love the 60gr rounds. Only problem is they do shoot dirty, oh well I think its a fair trade off"
– Regsmizer45
5.0 5
"Been using this ammo for years in my P22. Best 22 ammo on the market. I have shot over 5000 rounds of this ammo and have never had any issues period. All 22 ammo leaves residue so cleaning is not an issue. Better buy as much as you can before this stuff is gone forever."
– Puzzlewizard
5.0 5
"When creating subsonic ammunition, the velocity is set. What Aguila did here was figure out the heaviest bullet that would fit within the overall length of a 22 LR while still being able to travel at the predetermined speed. This round was not designed to cycle semi-autos, if yours happens to work, then good for you. It was not designed to be stabilized in a 1 in 16 twist barrel, if yours happens to work, then good for you. What this round will do is shoot extremely accurately out of a 1 in 8 twist barrel and when you add a suppressor all you hear is the sound of the firing pin. I recommend the Yankee Hill Machine 22 Mite. So when reviewing this product, please keep in mind its purpose. I do agree that it smells a little funny, but so do some of my shooting buddies. :)"
– G. Fiedler
4.0 5
"I've shot out about 50 rounds of these, and they seem great.Cycled my Ruger 10/22 no problem, and actually shot 1.5 inches higher then any other at 25 yards.These work well even in mag.s that give me trouble with the others."
– Shooting Spree
3.0 5
"Well, I bought a couple of boxes of this stuff as some niehbors were complaining about periods of prolonged shooting noise. It works well in my CZ 452 Lux, but cleaning is required about every 60-80 rds as the lead will build up in the breach and casings become stuck after the extractor pulls the casing about an 1/8th of an inch. This is easily removed with either pliers or prying it out with a pocket knife.Overall a fairly decent round, but I will be buying something else for plinking and hunting purposes."
– Joey
5.0 5
"I have been shooting this ammo for several years. I shoot this in a revolver, a Ruger 10/22 and a Glock 22 cal conversion kit. It feeds and cycles. One of the pistols is temperamental with ammo but this functions flawlessly. Yes its a little dirty - to me itsflawles function outweighs any down side."
– skipg
4.0 5
"I give 4 bullets only because they don't shoot well in every gun, but they shoot great out of my 981T. Pretty much hit or enlarge the same hole out to about 50 yards and never seem to have a flyer. Shoot pretty good but not quite as good out of my Mark II. But the 10/22 is a different story for me. Back to the Marlin 981T . . . I can switch between these and CCI target shorts without having to adjust, again, out to 50 yards. If you want good 100 yd repeatability you might need something else. The SSS rounds have some serious knockdown too. And no sonic crack. Great rounds if you have reasonable expectations."
– mikeinalabama
5.0 5
"Cycles perfectly in my Spikes Tactical AR-15 conversion with Blackdog Machine mags. Quiet too. Only downfall is the wax on the bullets dirty up the gun fast."
– Nate
4.0 5
"It is great ammo but you will need a 1 in 9 twist barrel to keep it from tumbling. My 10/22 has a 1 in 16 and the rounds tumble bad down range. New barrel ordered.."
– plinker
5.0 5
"This is truely the best ammo I've ever had for my custom rifle. It cycles when no other subsonic could! Will even cycle the horrible WASR-22. Fired off 100 of these in one go, not a single jam or misfire!!! Got a custom made barrel for the twist, and I can easily take 150 yard shots. Truely the best ammo."
– Combat Master
5.0 5
"I have a little Marlin 795 Semi auto and i bought these rounds because they came fairly cheap and i wanted something quite. They are very quite and i havent had a jam yet i was scared to buy them at first but with ammo being so hard to get i bought them and i am very happy with the buy. It kills stuff, which i like, and i am only shooting iron sights so i dont shoot that far but the are accurate to at least 25 yard no drop off. I like me some killin and it does a great job is affordable and quite what more could u want."
– nick
1.0 5
1.0 5
"I would not reccommend this ammo. It would not cycle either my 10/22 or my Walther P-22. I also had three rounds in fail to fire at all in a single shot cricket rifle. Stick with the 38gr Remington Subsonic. Ive never had a problem with it."
– Jim
5.0 5
"This is great ammo! I just shot about 50 rounds through my new Winchester wildcat .22 rifle in my backyard. It can be a little bit difficult to feed at times, but it is not a probem. sounds quieter than a pellet gun. I chrony'ed it between 550 and 580 fps with a 21\" barrel. Definately buy this."
– John Callahan
5.0 5
"I have been going to try this stuff for quite sometime and finely decided to order a brick. Maybe I just got lucky, but based on the first 100 rounds it does just what it is advertised to do and maybe a little more.I shot the first 50 rounds in my old Remington 512 bolt action rifle which I have had since my freshman year in high school (mid-1960's and it has fired at least 100,000 rounds) with no problems. Shooting with the factory open sights without a rest I put the first 15 rounds in a group about the size of a softball (not a lot different than my shooting skills when I was much younger) at 50 yards. They hit slightly low compared to the Remington subsonic .22's I often use, but all of the holes were round. Next I shot 15 rounds from 25 yards still from a standing position without a rest. Those 15 were mostly right on target and 12 of them were in a group about the size of a silver dollar. The other three were only about two inches or so farther out in the group. Once again all of the holes were round, except for the fact that many were touching making a rather large hole. I shot the last 20 at at pop can from 50 yards out and hit the can most every shot. I shot the next 50 rounds through my 10/22 without any problems other than one bullet did tumble and tore quite a hole in the target. I was not really shooting for accuracy and I fired one 25 round magazine as fast as I could pull the trigger. I am sure some of my neighbors wondered what was going on! They are not quite as quiet as some people have indicated, but a little less noisy than the subsonic Remington .22's. They are much quieter than high velocity rounds. They are not a long range cartridge, but I would guess with a good scope and rest that they would be quite deadly on small varmints out to around 50 yards. As far as being dirty, I always clean my rifles and shotguns after every shoot or hunt, so I really do not consider that a real problem."
1.0 5
"I bought a brick of these and fired 31 rounds threw my Henry Repeater Golden Boy Series. I would have shot more but they tumble and ricochet so bad I was worried I might lose or chip a tooth. These are terrible rounds and they suit the chamber bad. I was shooting at a 5 gallon bucket from 40 yards and it would not penetrate the bucket, just bounce back. I would not recommend these."
– John
2.0 5
"I bought a brick of these to try in my custom Savage Mk II target rifle. Thought they might be an answer for windy conditions. Suspected there might be a problem with the twist rate of my barrel, and there was. These rounds will not stabilize in a 1-16 barrel. I usually shoot 1/2 inch or less groups at 50 yrds, but this ammo is more like shotgun patterns with many going in sideways. It may work in rifles with 1-9 twist, or revolvers. It was an interesting test, but oh well back to the drawing board."
– William
3.0 5
"I have not noticed any keyhole-ing or tumbleng rounds out of my 1960's savage bolt gun. Accuracy is decent at fifty yards but those heavy bullets really start dropping after that! The report is fairly mild, but what is really cool is you can actually hear the thwack when you hit a rabbit at about 40yrds. Sounds like it was hit with a club! It was one of the more devastating kills I have witnessed with a vitals shot. I think the bad smell is due to the eley priming. Eley has excellent priming but always wreaks!"
– mk
4.0 5
"My dad gave me a box of these for pest control. They were given to him by a friend who thought they were \"neat looking ammo\".They do smell funny (like burning oil), and do foul up a barrel a bit more than usual.I managed to get rid of 2 groundhogs with this round. Each with only 1 shot, and one past 50 yards.I like these because they're hard hitting and quiet. (I use CB caps for smaller varmints)I'm ordering a brick before I run out (or the government makes imported ammo illegal)."
– Erich
5.0 5
"This is Great reliable ammo. I am using it to run in my registered lower with spikes st-22. Any .22LR ammo you can get to run in fully automatic is great. This is the only subsonic ammo that will run at 100 percent. It is Very accurate too. It does not keyhole out of my 1 in 16 bbl. awesome product. I just have to put up with a strong odor and smoke. For what I\uFFFDm getting, it\uFFFDs a no-brainer!"
– mm
5.0 5
"Works great out of a 1 in 9\" twist AR-15 upper with a CMMG conversion. Single ragged hole at 25 yards. Feeds fine from the Black Dog Machine magazines & no cycling problems. Best used with a slight breeze as the fumes can be a bit acrid..."
– Nikdfish
5.0 5
"I use in My Sig Sauer Mosquito with a Advanced Armament supressor.No problems and pretty accurate to about 50. Tried other rounds in this gun, but these are the quietest so far."
– Tommym
5.0 5
"Have tried these out of everything I have. Love them in the Winchester 52 out to 150-200 yards. Plop goes the pest! Out the short barrel Rossi these did not shoot straight. Fed fine out the Ruger 10/22 but not nearly as accurate as the 52. A fine lock bolt weapon in good shape with a long heavy barrel will make a believer out of anyone. Using the wrong gun these rounds are near awful. Right gun pest are no more! The loud plop on animal impact signatures the hit! Much louder than the firing sound. All in all I really like these for a step up of CCI CB Longs which I use for squirrels and such to 75 yards and where quiet really counts like stalking."
– Pest controller
4.0 5
"This shot a tight group out of my Winchester Model 67 and from my Cooey model 81 bolt actions. There were no keyholes, and this ammo shot through door of junk 81 Buick at 50 yards. It is nice and quiet and I like the smell. It is a little dirty but so what. Pests beware. This is a little pricy(but I say that about damned neared everything nowadays) and made in Mexico otherwise I'd have given them 5 bullets. I'm a long barrel heavy bullet type, so these are great. Thanks CTD for having them on my step in 4 days,y ou guys rock."
– MN hunter
5.0 5
"This is PERFECT ammo with a 1:9 inch twist barrel, but do NOT use this or any other lead (non-metal jacket) ammo with suppressors. The lead fouling will ruin the suppressor baffles over time--UNLESS you have a suppressor that can be operator-dissembled and cleaned thoroughly. I have used this ammo with both my older AR15 with 1:9 twist with Spikes Tactical conversion, which, once tuned by the operator, runs flawless in semi-auto mode. I let my wife shoot it, and now that's her favorite \"for fun\" gun. I also use the Aguilla 60 SSS in my heavy barreled, High Standard Supermatic Trophy model. In both firearms the sound was barely as loud as the old, red, paper, tear-off cap gun \"ammo\" that came in rolls. Remember those? Those were the days..."
– GhillieMan
4.0 5
"I've used this ammo in both a bolt action .22 and and a Ruger 10/22. Overall, I'm not pleased with the performance of that Ruger in general, but I did have issues with the spent casings stovepiping. I think this is probably because the ammo just doesn't have enough kick to actually work the Ruger's bolt properly. However, in my bolt action .22 the ammo preforms incredibly well. So far I've made 200 yard shots on 3\" steel targets with great consistency. However, the rounds are especially affected by any cross winds due to their odd length and slow velocity and also burn very dirty, so I've just picked up the habit of cleaning my rifle every few days."
– sgtfl
5.0 5
"i use the 60gr for all my guns. i have an mp 15-22 sw. it operates the bolt with no stovepiping. i buy all i can get. i run a patch thru my barrel after shooting, no issues at all."
– tom
5.0 5
"Having read the reviews I had to join in. With a light load you do not expect these to cycle well in an automatic. Anyone with sense knows this. They are absolutely the best for small game out to 60-70 yards with a bolt-action. Accurate with the best transfer of energy hands down. I have yet to see a squirrel still alive by the time it hits the ground! I have given boxes to several friends and they are all raving about it. They are designed to kill small game and I have found none better. I suspect the poor reviews are Remington employees and sour grapes:)"
– squirrel plinker
5.0 5
"I have a custom built suppressed Ruger 7722 by Bluegrass Armory and the gun loves this ammo. Using this ammo the gun only makes 29db of sound with the guns internal parts make most it. I have shot it for about 10 years now and have never had any trouble. It has more down range punch than anything you can buy and If you have a 22LR you need to try this ammo. I would like to see it closer to 1050 FPS but it's not a big deal. I think it has more to offer than any other 22LR ammo made."
– Large Larry
5.0 5
"I love these and they work great for single or double action revolvers. Though very dirty, but they work very well."
– primer
2.0 5
"I may have just received a bad batch, but I'm about 300 rounds into a 500 rd brick and about 1 to 2 out of every 10 is a dud. I can't get through a single 10 round mag without having to rotate & re-chamber at least one, sometimes I have to R&R 2 to 3 times before I find a part of the rim with primer behind it. They all do fire eventually, but man it's annoying. The Remington subsonic is less expensive and after several hundred rounds I have yet to have the same problem."
– .22 suppressed mosquito
4.0 5
"In a bolt action with good optics, this ammo is some serious stuff. I shoot at metallic targets, and with each shot, the stuff is so quiet I hear the pin hit the primer and a noise about as loud as a cat fart, followed by the \"clang!\" with the strike. As for accuracy, I'm hitting a 1.5\" target consistently at 80 yd with it. Energy is great; with the 60 gr bullet it's slow but it hits hard. However, it ain't what you call flat shooting ammo, so ballistics have to be considered at various ranges. It's my new favorite, and I'd give it five bullets if it didn't misfire more than I think is acceptable."
– workin
2.0 5
"These are unreliable, inaccurate and they are not even that quiet."
– Shinobi
3.0 5
"Where these things shine is that they have the hitting energy of a regular sub-sonic round (mini mags for example) but are much quieter. Energy = Velocity Squared x Mass. Still not quiet in a rifle, but way less noisy that regular 22LRs. The powder is pretty nasty and if smoke gets in your eyes, it burns so wear goggles. I had occasional FTF, but overall, not a bad round for what it is trying to do."
– JerryS
5.0 5
"This ammo is great so far I've fired a total of 400rds thru my 10/22, 22/45, P22, and Kimber conversion kit with no malfunctions to the weapons nor FTF do to bad primer. Very quiet in my rifle but not as quiet in my 22/45 nor kimber. This is the best subsonic rimfire ammo out there. The only complaint I have is that it does smell odd when fired and there is a large flash that comes out of the chamber which comes from the long lead bullet head rubbing in the chamber. Sean."
– Sean From PA
1.0 5
"I used this ammo with a Mossberg 802, bolt action. 6 of 10 rounds of every magazine did not eject properly. The round fired, but I had to clear the empty shell before the next round could load properly. It was very frustrating."
– JB
5.0 5
"ammo is near match grade depending on which rifle you shoot it out of. ammo is different from normal .22lr rounds 60 grain round nose lead projectile takes up a lot of space so they use a 22 short brass case and use special powder it being subsonic is just a penalty of not being able to get enough powder in the case. bullet drop at 100yrds is about 2feet through my 18in 10/22 but the weight of the bullet is enough to roll fire wood at 100yrds the short case can give you issues from now and then but for what your getting out of it its worth it. at 50 yards dime size group all day. this ammo will cycle all my 22.s except my ar-15 conversion. slight blow back delay on my GSG-1911 .22 but it still works every time. just remember .22's are dirty keep it oiled."
– godzilla
5.0 5
"Dead accurate with my Marlin XT-22. It's a 1:16 twist, but my barrel is 22\",which helps stabilize and propel more energy to the 60 grain bullet at 100 yards. It's still sub MOA and as quit as my trigger action. I just ordered 1000 more rounds. It's a heavier round than my 55 grain AR-15 ammo."
– Quiet shot
4.0 5
"Even from a .22LR pistol, these 60 gr rounds have plenty of energy to knock down steel pistol silhouette targets that have been set up for 9mm competition shooting at 25 yds. They're certainly not for long range, as the low 60 gr bullet drops quite a lot, but at 25 yds, you won't really notice the difference. They're plenty accurate enough to deliver the extra knockdown when needed. High sectional density means they'll also go clean through a pine 2x4, so watch your target frames."
– B W
3.0 5
"Ammo smokes a lot - probably due to halfway cycling. Had no ejection problems and it's whisper quiet, even without a suppressor.Ammo makes it 100 yards with about 6\" of drop. However, it's pretty reliable, so you learn to work with it.Overall, the gas in the face is the biggest issue. Hard to rapid fire as a result."
– ChrisJ
1.0 5
"Ammo is junk first of all it looks like I'm smoking someone out with my deisel win u fire second it will not cycle in my ar. Even with my bolt action it is in accurate and it seems like the bullet spins sideways on longer further targets."
– infantry 1
2.0 5
"Cycled fine in kk 416, but wouldn't work at all in 10/22-which is usually pretty forgiving with ammo. Pretty dirty like most 22LR, but most distressing was that it wouldn't fire at all in the 10/22.... Guess ill burn them up up in the hk , but probably will not purchase again due to limited usability."
– 9lights
1.0 5
"Fired a 25 round mag of this through my AR15 converted to 22LR. This has to be the dirtiest junk I've ever used. Second mag through I had a FTE every few rounds. Broke down my weapon and noticed a grit like substance building up on the bolt. Almost like sand in my gun. Very dirty stuff. Will try some more and see how my results are."
5.0 5
"I have bought several bricks of this stuff. Yeah it has a strong odor after firing. Yes, it's a bit dirty. I have fired this through a semi-auto and bolt action suppressed Ruger rifles so far. Not one FTF or anything negative from it. Yes, because of the dirtiness of it, a lil more cleaning has to be done but nothing a small brush can't usually solve. But, I don't mind and enjoy cleaning my guns. To me, it's an excellent round. It's the heaviest bullet in .22 that I have found at 60gr and shooting out to 100yds is easy! I truly have enjoyed the quietness, range, and knock-down power of this round. I will be purchasing many more!"
– Nathan H.
5.0 5
"I have ran several boxes through a Ruger MKII Semi Auto Pistol with no problems it cycles great with no FTF or FTE it is quite and hits like a brick and at close range (50 yds) it is accurate and noticed no bad smell or excessive smoke that others talk about, and no dirtier than other ammo. I will buy more !"
– Rob
5.0 5
"Love these little suckers. This heavy 60 grain bullet thumps targets pretty hard and I have had no feeding problems shooting it from my Umarex MP-5 rifle. I have also read online that it is an good choice in shorter barrel hand guns because it tends to tumble/yaw while it penetrates a target because few .22 lr hollow point loads reach a high enough velocity to expand from a hand gun."
– High Desert Hill Billy
5.0 5
"I went to the range expecting to be disappointed, my bolt action marlin's 20 inch barrel with 1 in 16 inch twist is not supposed to shoot this well. My best 3 shot group at 100 yards was a ragged .30 caliber hole, my typical 5 shot groups (due to me, I was a little shaky) were 1.5 inches wide and half an inch tall at 100 yards with a gentle breeze. Note, I had 9 inches of drop between a 50 yard zero and 100 yard point of impact. This ammo outperforms me, I'm ordering another 1k."
– Josh