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.50 AE BVAC JHP 325 Grain 50 Round Box 1367 fps Hunting and Self Defense Ammunition

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50 round box, .50 Action Express, BVAC, 325 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point, 1367 fps.
Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle velocity: 1367 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 1221 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 1110 fps.
Muzzle energy: 1348 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 1077 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 889 ft/lbs.
Uses: Deer sized game, Target shooting, Plinking, Self defense. 
Total number of Reviews: 14

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5.0 5
"I was excited to see brand new 50 AE ammo for less than a dollar a piece and immediately bought 2 boxes. I've never had experience with BVAC, so I did not know what to expect, but if I did have expectations they would have been met and surpassed. This ammo is brand new unfired star line brass (I think, it has stars on the bottom where you would normally see the manufacturers name so I'm guessing star line) fully jacketed hollow point so it is safe for desert eagles and provides great accuracy and massive fireballs out the muzzle. Not to forget, the rounds come in a plastic shell holder tub not all jumbled together and provide a great container for reloaded rounds, although I may postpone reloading since this stuff is now available and will definitely buy more from BVAC"
5.0 5
"50 rounds of 50 AE huh? I asked myself. Tried it and was very happy with it. THESE ARE NOT AS POWERFUL AS OTHER BRANDS but that\uFFFDs not a bad thing. Easy on the wrist at the range. The desert eagle likes this stuff. Will always order boxes of this when it is in! Plus the price is real nice. GOOD JOB GUYS!"
1.0 5
"I was kind of concerned because of the low price. I was right, I shot it in my Desert Eagle and it did not have enough power to even rack the slide back. it did fire.. But if you are using this in a Deagle don't bother. Mine ended being a single shot I had to manually rack the slide for each shot."
5.0 5
"I purchased a box of these a few months back when they were in stock and just finally had an opportunity to hit the range today. I still had about 20 Hornaday rounds left over which have all fired without a single incident. I than decided to see how these would fair compared to my Hornaday rounds. I personally put about 20 rounds through my Desert Eagle, and I let a few guys at the range pop off about another 14 rounds combined. Not a single jam and pretty decent groupings. If your tired of spending $1.50+ per round for the likes of Speer and Hornaday rounds than pickup a box of these, for less than a dollar per round I'm sure you'll be just as pleased with them as I was. On a side note, I might just have a fantastic DE. I've put about 150 rounds total though the gun and the only jams have come from my brothers friend who limp wristed the weapon."
1.0 5
"I bought a bunch of'em for my Desert Eagle because they are cheap for 50AE, and you get what pay for. It constantly caused my gun failure to chamber the next round, because it didn't produce sufficient amount of energetic punch to slam the heavy slide all the way back and force the next round in to the chamber. The slide would move back just enough to extract the spent shell and cock the hammer, but not force the next round in to the chamber. When I tried the Hornady 50AEs, the gun immediately started working right. Also these underpowered ammo don't have the kick and the noise you expect out of 50AE, they feel like a 44 magnum. They might be ok for a revolver, but definitely not for Desert Eagle"
1.0 5
"I purchased two boxes to run through my Desert Eagle because it is the best value in 50AE. I couldn't get this ammo to function properly. I let four of my shooting buddies try it to make sure it wasn't just me and every time it would kick the spent brass out, but wouldn't have enough force to move the slide all the way back to pick up the next round in the mag. I called BVAC and the lady I spoke with was very uninterested in my complaint and told me they needed lot numbers, receipt numbers, and some other set of numbers before they would accept any form of return. Apparently, that is why the ammo is so cheap they skimp out on the powder to cut costs :) Terrible ammo and terrible customer service."
3.0 5
"Overall they are just okay, and their quality is not that high. They come in plastic storage boxes. Open the box and look at the way all the ammos are placed. You will notice that some of the ammo are longer or shorter than others in length and they will stand out. The bullets are seated with varying deepness because quality control is not there - sloppy and inconsistent manufacturing. My friends told me that the bullets look ugly and cheaply made, they asked me if I had bought some crappy reloads from someone. On my new Desert Eagle with the freer-flowing/improved gas port system it worked OK cycling through. On my older Desert Eagle it kept causing jam because it wasn't hot enough and didn't have punch to kick the slide back with sufficent amount of force. It also felt more like a hot .44 Magnum and not a mighty 50AE. Also if you store these ammo for a long time the cases on them tarnish to an ugly green, almost looking like Wolf 7.72x39 ammo. They are not cheap enough and they are not worth it. Hornady brand is a little more expensive but it is much better."
1.0 5
"I have shot a lion's share of bvac with no complaints would not cycle to different DE's or a carbine. I would give it a 0, but there is no option."
4.0 5
"I have shot about 150 rounds of this ammo. I can hit golf balls at 15yds. Zero jams, or failures. DE shorter of the two barrels. I have had three different people shoot with the same results. I also have shot the Gold Dot 300. I didn't do ballistic comparisons but if the BVAC ammo is consistent on every order I could see a 5 bullet ranking. Ratings are earned. Great first two orders."
4.0 5
"I've put 50 rounds of BVAC thru my gun w/o any problems. So far it has done as well as the 2 boxes of Hornady. Can't beat the price for just plinking. Will do some serious shooting later to see how it is for accuracy."
5.0 5
"Put on a laser lite V3 sighted it in and put 5 of 7 shots in the same hole and the other 2 touching, all in a one inch diameter group. This on a 25 foot pistol range. Right on the money at 100 yrds. Good and consistance ammo loads."
5.0 5
"Bought and shot over 750 plus rounds of .50 AE BVAC. Never had problems cycling, never jammed, and always hit my targets up to 100 yards. Purchased ten more boxes to shoot. Will buy ten more when Cheaper Than Dirt stocks back up."
5.0 5
"I've put 100 rounds of BVAC thru my Desert Eagle w/o any problems. Can't beat the price for just plinking!"
1.0 5
"Ammo is not charged enough to extract spent cartridges and load a new round. I experienced many jams due to this crap. Very faint muzzle flash and not the typical \"ring of fire\" that I've come to expect from good quality .50ae ammo. The recoil was extremely weak. I was beyond disappointed. Do yourself a favor and buy good ammo. This crap is a waste of money."