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5 Gallon Fuel Can Case of Four and a FREE Nozzle Steel Construction WW2 Jerry Style Cans

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We sell these in a case of four, brand new, five gallon fuel cans styled after the original WWII "Jerry" can. Each four pack includes a free flexible nozzle that securely clamps onto each can for use with modern vehicles. These quality steel construction cans offer classic WWII styling, but with a modern style NATO neck for the best of both worlds. Features a cam lever latching lid with a rubber seal to prevent leaks folds out of the way when use of the nozzle is preferred. These fuel cans are ideal for emergency situations and to fill up your boats, ATV, or other gasoline powered vehicles and they fit securely in most Jerry Can transport racks. The lightweight construction is not conducive for long term storage, Imported. These fuel cans are ideal for emergency situations and to fill up your boats, ATV, or other gasoline powered vehicles and they fit securely in most Jerry Can transport racks. The lightweight construction is not conducive for long term storage, Imported. 
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3.0 5
"Decent cans, but not really NATO cans. The stamping is a little weak and the seams are exposed. Mine had surface rust on the inside. Likely chinese as quality is not as good as the previous surplus cans. Still loads better than the CARB cans, and CTD has some of the fastest shipping around."
– ben
3.0 5
"Lighter duty and not made as well as a true NATO can. The seam around the can is not recessed, instead it sticks out about 3/4 of an inch. The spout will not allow a diesel fuel pump nozzle to fit completely in it. It also only hold about 19.6 liters without tilting the can back and using the air space that needs to be reserved for expansion. You also have to make sure that the lock lines up correctly or it won't seal.All in all a bad example of a NATO can, but far better than anything available today that is CARB compliant. If this would have been a few years ago, I would have sent them back. But in today's market I'll keep them and be thankfull to not have to deal with CARB junk."
– SwampThing
3.0 5
"Have to agree with the folks below. Cans aren't bad, but not amazing either. Mine also have slight rust on the inside, but seem sturdy. I'll keep them, but probably won't get a second set."
– Mark
2.0 5
"Cans are painted inside the spout, and the paint is not meant for contact with fuel. Before I could get home and pour the can most of the paint had already flaked off or loosened up from the metal. I have to pour all the gas through a screen or filter before I can use it. Who's bright idea was this? Also, the rubber tip on the nozzle does not seal around the steel portion, leaks all over when you try to pour."
– Tom
1.0 5
"These cans are very poorly made of thin, non-galvanized steel. They have significant rust already on the interior and are not internally painted or coated, just bare steel. The fuel spout cam-action closures bend easily when opening or closing. The free nozzle is just as cheaply made and wouldn't even engage the spout tangs so it can't be properly attached. I would definitely not recommend these to anyone. Buy the REAL Nato cans instead."
– PRT91
1.0 5
"The welding on these NATO \"style\" jerry cans are some of the worst welds I've ever seen. My 14 year old welds better, there are massive amounts of slag, jagged edges, it makes me think the production company and/or production personnel have never even laid eyes on a grinder, let alone used one. The paint looks slapped on, heavy in spots, thin in others, runs all over the place. The lids are clunky at best and they barely seal. Definitely STAY AWAY from these cans. I'll be returning mine ASAP.I have real NATO jerry cans, stick with those, or if you can't find those, purchase Blitz jerry cans, I have those as well, and both the NATO and Blitz jerry cans are FAR FAR superior to these NATO \"styled\" cans in EVERY way. These are absolute junk and I don't trust them for fuel storage."
– Dean T.
2.0 5
"I've tried to get these for some time now. CTD seems to run out of them about as soon as they get them. Finally got mine and CTD's shipping was superb, as usual. I had gotten four NATO type cans about six months ago from another vendor. Price there was $196 with free freight and NO nozzle. These are NOT the same thing. I haven't used them yet but am skeptical as to whether I want to trust valuable fuel or even more valuble engine on these cans. I might just use for water and hope for the best. Sorry CTD..best I can say except that \"the price reflects the difference in these cans and what I was expecting\"."
– Bob
1.0 5
"The cheapest fuel cans I have ever bought. Obviously CTD is tryin to mislead us into thinking these were actual NATO cans, but I guess shame on me for not catching their slick marketing of listing them as \"NATO style\" cans. These cans are cheap lightweight sheet metal, bare steel inside, cheap Chinese paint on the outside, welds mismatched, air vent tube in one spout is welded so out of place that it is actually blocking the spout from being able to put a pump nozzle in it to fill. The welds are weak and rust was already forming inside the can. The paint began sloughing off from contact with gas. Gee, who would have expected to have exposure to gas on a fuel can. I don't believe these cans will function safely as fuel cans. If this is the type of junk that CTD is going to market, I don't think I'm going to be buying anything else fom them."
– Jason
2.0 5
"I have two older Wedco brand \"a.k.a. The Jarry can\" nato style cans that I bought years ago and just love them. Over the years I have beat the heck out of them and would like a few new ones. Unfortunately Our government has put in place a new law requiring all portable fuel canters that is to be sold as retail must be CARB compliant. Now this sucks because the spout on the CARB compliant can is much smaller and slower. so when I saw these I jumped on them. Order and got them in no time flat. Open the box only to be disappointed in the cheap flimsy metal that was used to make the can and on top of that there was no spout or spouts in the box. (Return) Save your money and spend a little more and buy the real thing."
– Hummer X
1.0 5
"The price definitely reflects the quality of these cans. Mine came with rust on the inside of the pour spouts, as well as rust and slag bits floating around loose on the inside of each can. The nozzle that came with them fits (and does not leak as long as you use the included gasket), but true NATO nozzles DO NOT. I have not trusted them with fuel yet and may only use them for water. Buyer beware."
– Jay
1.0 5
"Stay away of this product. After the first use for about a month, the paint from the internal surface is bubbled and parts of it are floating in the fuel. Not safe for your engine to use. Stay away from it."
– Alek
1.0 5
"I bought these cans for fuel storage. I do not believe they are safe to use. I had them in the back of my truck in 75 degree weather and they began to expand and leak. The thin metal is permanently deformed due to the gas vapor pressure in the sunlight. I was afraid they would burst before I could get the gas home. Be very careful if you plan to use them. They DO NOT fit in Blitz can holders. If I were a retailer I would not sell these to anyone."
– mike
1.0 5
"I bought the set of four about a year ago. The cans were poorly painted with bare metal showing on the bottoms of all four. I should have returned them, but instead took a paint brush to them to \"repair\" the paint. I set them aside to dry, put them back in the shipping box and there they stay. I worried that with such thin steel they might puncture from their own full weight when set on gravel. I do not believe a full can would survive being dropped from just a couple of feet onto a hard surface. I subsequently bought a 4 pack of real NATO cans for $196 delivered from another supplier. BTW, the CTD cans, as it turned colder with the can closed but empty, the contraction of the air inside caused one can to buckle. I am not sure these cans will take the pressures of full fuel and desert temperatures. Contrary to the specs, these are likely better used for storage, with a rust preventative additive, as I'd worry about actually tying these onto a 4x4 in rough country. I think my plastic fuel cans will take more pressure and vacuum."
– Bruce A.