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450 Round Can .45 ACP TulAmmo FMJ 230 Grain 450 Round Can Sealed Spam Can 850 fps Steel Cased Polymer Coated

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450 round can of 230 Grain .45 Auto ammunition from the Tula Cartridge works in Russia. Each can contains 9 boxes of 50 rounds each. This is high-quality ammunition. This is steel cased, Boxer-primed, Bimetal jacket (copper over steel) full metal jacket, non-corrosive and non-reloadable. Muzzle velocity is 850 fps. This ammo has polymer coated steel cases. Simply put, this is some of the best ammo on the market today at a great price.

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4.0 5
"I bought this ammo because the price was good. It fed through my Hi- point with no problems so as long as you clean the weapon. The ammo is awesome for the price, you just cant beat it. As always, super fast shipping. Thanks, CTD"
– Albert Speer
3.0 5
"Great JIC ammo, might work well on zombies or hordes of incoming commies, but beware - these rounds are only good for outdoor ranges / plinking. These do not pass the \"magnet\" test at the range. As soon as the range master sees the TulAmmo box, he'll tell you that you cannot shoot the ammo because of the steel core. Additionally, if you are plinking with this ammo - be sure you have a soft backstop (clay, wood, etc) because these have a high ricochet factor."
– Darrell S
5.0 5
"I shot 250 rounds and had no problems with my Para Ordnance GI Expert 1911. So for the money, I believe it's great practice and plinking ammo. I will buy more."
– Adam
4.0 5
"I bought this for target ammo. It performed great. It's dirty but I had no miss fires. I put all 450 rounds through my Kimber Ultra Carry TLE. This ammo wont let you down as long as clean your weapon properly."
– farleylloyd
4.0 5
"I\uFFFDve put about 350 to 400 rounds of TulAmmo though my Glock 21, and one dud. I bought the 450 round Spam can looking to stock up on range ammo. First it\uFFFDs come in a large heavy, sealed spam can with a tool that opens the box. The tool is easy to figure out and after you get the hang of round edges the can opens easily and quickly. The box is filled with 9 snugly fitted 50 round TulAmmo boxes with cardboard around the edges and the top and bottom. The box has a piece of cloth around it you just reach in and pull it out. Yes the ammo is a bit on the smoky side and one dud out of 350-400 rounds is pretty good considering the price. To any preppers this would make great back up ammo for any SHTF situation when you don\uFFFDt want to use JHP or simply don\uFFFDt have it. The ammo is reliable, the cans store easily and the cans can be used for other things if you need to."
– Glock Zombie
4.0 5
"I bought this can of ammo a month ago and finally had the chance to go shooting today. It fed nicely through my S&W performance Center 45 Recon. It was dirty about 350 rounds in, but I was impressed with how it shot. I'll definitely get more in the future."
– Bystandah
5.0 5
"Typical Russian ammo: shoots fine, perfect for range, cheaper than the rest. Ran almost the whole can through my dirty Colt 1911 without any problems. Can't pass up this price for .45 ammo. I'll definitely buy more. Highly recommended unless you'd rather pay more for pretty brass ammo. Btw the core isnt steel (that'd be illegal) the jacket is (as it clearly states in the description) and that's why it fails a \"magnet test.\" Sounds like the rangemaster needs an education"
– Rider_1911
4.0 5
"Aside from the hassle of getting the \"spam\" can open, this is great stuff! My Remington 1911R1 loves this stuff, but I have to clean up after shooting. But don't we all clean our guns anyway? At this price, I may not be in too much of a hurry to set my reloading equipment up. I'm for sure going to be ordering more as soon as it's back in stock."
– g1949p
1.0 5
"Bought this to store in my mountain house SHTF house. Opened and tested one can to make sure I can depend on it. FTF, FTE, bad primers, bad loads - you name it, and it's got it. Every 4 rounds!! This was in my HK45 USP. Good for malfunction practice drills only."
– Chalwie
2.0 5
"Bought the 450 rnd case and out of the 1st 50 so far I have had 3 FTE and 1 FTF in my G36. Will shoot this up but at this rate ( 4 failures out of 50)I should be around 36 fails per case. I won't buy Tulammo again."
– CincyJoe
5.0 5
"Great Russian ammo!!"
– Dutch
4.0 5
"I bought these for plinking and for that they work great. I fired a few hundred through my XDM .45 and only had one fail to fire. Thats the only reason for removing a bullet.Don't know whats up with other peoples problems but I really had none other then the one FTF.I recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap bullet for shootin stuff."
– The Dude Abides
5.0 5
"Shot 250 rounds through my RIA 1911 and only had one jam near the end of the last 50 round box which I attribute to my not cleaning my gun before I tested this ammo out. Prior to testing it out, I had fired between 300-400 rounds of recycled ammo from the last time I shot my weapon. All in all, this ammo is well worth the price and performs better than Winchester ammo. I have also fired the 9mm version through my mom's Glock 17 and there were no jams after 100 rounds likewise."
– .45Mike
3.0 5
"An update to my 5/8/11 review. Since I bought a case, I used two boxes through my CQB 1911. 100 rounds without any malfunctions? A 1911 beating the venerable HK45 USP in reliability with cheap ammo. Weird but true. I still have 4 boxes left and raised my rating since it worked better in another gun. Definitely not a dependable ammo, but for the cheap price in today's inflated 45 world - it's perhaps good for practice."
– chalwie
5.0 5
"Love this stuff, cheap and it works great. I think I had 1 FTF in the whole damn can. I wish the rest of you terds would quit buying it all up so I could get more. And for the pansies worried about it getting their gun dirty, quit being lazy and clean yo gun."
– A-dogg
3.0 5
"This wasn't bad ammo. I have not had any problems out of this company's .45 ammo, but I would stay away from the .223. The .45 rounds are great and carry well."
5.0 5
"These babies went boom every time. The only time I had jams was when I was using those stupid ProMag magazines. For the price, this is a sweet deal for sure."
– Wounded Warrior
4.0 5
"Shot about half of the case. No failures. Good cheap ammo for about 28 cents a pop. Spam can kind of hard to open which is why it doesn't get 5 bullets. Ammo was boxed up nice. I will buy this ammo again."
– Goose245
4.0 5
"Shot 300 rounds off so far in my sig 1911 with no problems. This ammo is pretty dirty though, but for the range it's great. You can't beat the price."
– Yosemite Sam
5.0 5
"This ammo is fine, works great in my Glock 21L. I have had no problems with it. My problem was a malfunction of the gun itself, not the ammo. Thanks for the good buy..."
3.0 5
"I bought these to shoot in my WW1 1911. The primer hardness of these rounds is a lot harder than the U.S. made rounds. I know this because 250 rounds into my can I was having an issue with the firing pin not wanting to return, and it was staying forward in the striking position. The tip of the pin was getting mushroomed gradually. I suppose if you have a titanium pin you might be ok... but I'm shooting a 98 year old pistol, and I have no idea if the pin is an original Colt fiting pin or not. I guess at this point it doesn't matter.Other than that issue, it's a bunch of bullets, and had no failure to fire in the 250 I managed to shoot."
– Bryan
5.0 5
"My glock 21SF runs this ammo flawlessly and I can still pull off 3\" groupings at 25 yards standing."
– G.I. Jared
4.0 5
"Excellent ammo for the price, I'm ordering 2 more can's. I shot about 200 rds out of my glock 30 and not a single problem. a lil dirtier than most but a good gun owner will clean after every use. thanks"
– Southern California
5.0 5
"I bought two cans for plinking, because I couldn't find a cheaper .45 Auto round. My SA 1911 has no issues with the ammo. As mentioned, it's dirty, but if you don't mind cleaning, no problems found here.They also included the can opener, which was nice."
5.0 5
"This ammo is not too bad for the price. It's great for target practice and sighting in if need be."
– crispy
4.0 5
"Good plinking ammo. Remember, it is steel cased and dirty; point being clean your weapon thoroughly after shooting. Not sure if it's the most accurate ammo, but good price for generally expensive .45 rounds. For personal defense, you would most likely want to have something a little higher quality. I fire this thru my Glock 21 and find accuracy to be sufficient for target practice."
– Eric
3.0 5
"Like everyone here, I bought this stuff because of the price. There is just not much risk when you're looking at .45 ammo that's this cheap. That being said, the price is about the only thing it has going for it. This stuff is smokey and very dirty. Accuracy is also very poor as well. Bottom line: If you're looking for THE CHEAPEST crap to run through your pistol, look no further than TulAmmo. For me though, I would like a much more accurate round with a lot less mess, so I will never buy this stuff again, regardless of the price."
– MikeL
4.0 5
"I'll say it again and again - this is very good to excellent ammo, considering it's not brass. Face it people - the Russians are selling us affordable ammo and this TulAmmo is no exception, along with the Wolf and Bear brands. I hate it when most people you talk to automatically say the Russian stuff is junky, dirty, etc. For the price, you can't beat it - hands down - and it works. I own two Ruger Mini-14s; a pre-ban (yes I'm from California) and a later model that eats this ammo up all day long, with several thousands of rounds thru each of them. Check out TulAmmo's web site and you will see an independent study/test performed with steel and brass products. I won't go into details; just see for yourself. No, I don't work for CTD or TulAmmo. I just want to tell you what I know and think of not only the TulAmmo, but all the affordable Russian ammo that is available today. Our country needs to make us some more affordable ammo. The only reason I didn't give it 5 bales ( means bullets) is because of the steel casings, but then again, it can always be recycled. Does not prematurely wear out your firearm, including your pistols. I also buy and shoot 9mm and .45 ACP steel thru my Glocks and a Sig."
– RickRock1
4.0 5
"It sounds like people need clarification as to what \"dirty\" means when they talk about this ammo. Because this ammo comes in steel cases, it does not expand in the chamber when fired, like brass cases do. As a result, powder residue blows back into the firearm, getting a few things dirty - namely, the magazine. I noticed, after using this ammo in my XD-45 4\" Service pistol, that the magazines had powder residue on the top 1/4 of the mag. After doing some research, I found out why. I am a little concerned about those areas that are not so readily cleaned (i.e. firing pin and trigger assemblies), but not enough to stop using this very cost-effective ammo."
– XD Guy
4.0 5
"Bought the rounds Sunday and arrived Wednesday! Thanks CTD. Now to the ammo, I took 100 rounds to the range and was shooting a glock 21 .45. I had three miss fires and 0 FTE. However my 1911 hates these rounds and it does not feed the rounds at all. Final thoughts. If your using a glock go for it! 1911 don't even try it!Very cheap ammo, not a bad thing. As always you get what you paid for."
– Pat
4.0 5
"The ammo is cheapest per round you can buy. This ammo is best used for plinking and range use only. After firing 200+ from a 1911 and XD, the 1911 had no issues, but the XD jammedevery couple of rounds. Not enough bang/force to cycle the spent round out and insert/chamber a new one. The newer XD has a stronger spring than the 38 year old 1911. And more than likely, quality and consistency (amount of powder) from one round to the next is lacking. Remember, it's made in Russia. Steel case will cause blow back on to your gun, so be prepared to spend an extra hour or two cleaning your pistol."
– justme