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.45 ACP BVAC FMJ 230 Grain 50 Round Box 837 fps Practice Plinking and Self Defense Ammunition Remanufactured Once Fired Brass

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.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), BVAC, 230 Grain Full Metal Jacket Bullet, 50 Round Box, 837 fps.

Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

This load uses inspected and resized once fired brass and all new components.

Non-returnable item.
Muzzle Velocity: 837 fps.
Velocity at 50 yards: 806 fps.
Velocity at 100 yards: 777.4 fps.
Muzzle Energy: 357.7 ft/lbs.
Energy at 50 yards: 331.9 ft/lbs.
Energy at 100 yards: 308.6 ft/lbs.
Maximum Point Blank Range is 71 yards with Zero set at 59 yards.
Uses: Target shooting, Plinking, Self defense.

Note: May use brass jacketed bullets.

Total number of Reviews: 37

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5.0 5
"Went through 3 boxes of this with my Springfield GI.45 with no problems. Feeds great and shoots great. Fires clean too. All round great ammo! I've already ordered more. Well worth the money."
– Ultimate Sven
5.0 5
"Saw this ammo for sale when looking for .45 ACP. It's a bit cheaper (being reman.) than most other brands so I figured I'd give it a shot. The stuff I got was about 1/4 new ammo (federal steel casings) and 3/4 reused brass. It looks a little on the rough side but at the range my SA 1911 went through three boxes without a single hiccup. Would definitely buy again!"
– IY
5.0 5
"Good Ammo, no problems with 5 boxes in a Taurus 1911. Clean, cheap, and CTD is the place to get it."
– Danny
5.0 5
"Put 250 rounds through an XD 45 and not a single problem. The gun seemed very clean after. Buying more of it."
– ckerst
4.0 5
"This is pretty decent ammo. 150 rounds fed fine in my RIA 1911. The only problem is inconsistent powder charge. Not dangerously so, but some of the rounds do have a little more 'zing' than others. All in all, very happy with the rounds for the price."
– Nic
5.0 5
"I've shot @600 rounds through a Kimber Ultra CDP II and a Taurus 1911 and have been very pleased. This shoots as well as much higher priced ammo. It's accurate, clean and cheap."
– Mike
4.0 5
"I shot these on sunday and had no hiccup's. It was very accurate."
– dan
4.0 5
"150 rounds through my Ruger P345 with no problems at all. Good ammo for the range."
– Kevin
5.0 5
"I wasn't originally sure what to expect from this ammo, it being reloads and this cheap. I went through a box with my Kimber Custom II and have no complaints. I was firing this alongside a box of the range's ammo (practically Wolf) and the BVAC was MUCH better. I paid more for the range stuff and honestly I may never buy anything other than BVAC ever again."
– umdcornholio
4.0 5
"Dirty ammo, but cycled just fine through my Ruger Combat 1911. I shot 100 rounds at the range and had no misfires or squibs. Just fine for practice and using reloads helps on the cost of shooting."
– 2Cents
4.0 5
"Did not know what to think of this ammo. I put 100 rounds through my Glock 30 just to see how it would go, with no issues, gonna get as much as my FedEx dude can handle without giving him a Hernia. Great practice ammo, cheap and clean."
– Chaz F
3.0 5
"It was jamming in my HK45, the accuracy is ok, I did try another brand, they are better feeding and more accurate than this ammo."
– ted
4.0 5
"Very nice looking 45 ACP ammo and for the price, a good value. I tried it in several 1911s, (Colts and Springfield) all shot it well, with average accuracy. It's not \"match grade\" stuff by any means, but it shoots groups as small as some of the much more expensive ammo. Just don't expect tiny groups. Couldn't notice much difference between this and the red boxed stuff.It's full powered 45 ACP, I wish they would load it down to moderate power, and I'd bet the accuracy would improve, and would still function reliably in all but the heaviest sprung guns."
– KS Shooter
5.0 5
"I fired up over 100 rounds last week at the range. It worked great. It was accurate and any problem was not on the ammo or the pistol. No jams etc. I was a bit aprehensive at first, but I'll come back to this in the future. I am very happy with it. It did as good as Federal. This is a very good reliable product."
– The colonel
4.0 5
"I shot 50 rounds of bvac and had no problems."
– Berlin
5.0 5
"Put 100 rounds through my Glock 21 .45 ACP at a match last Saturday, no problems, clean up the same as first fired top of the line ammo. One thing I just tested this ammo and checked on more, I paid $16.50 on 11/09/10, now it is $19.19. I should have tested sooner."
– Sherm
5.0 5
"I took 100 rounds to the range to test on my 1911 Springfield. Box-Drill, Failure-Drill, Hammer Pair, Control Pair, and just plain trigger happy pulling trigger. The rounds all flew with no problem. Awesome quality. I will buy more"
– Jrod
4.0 5
"I ran through a box of 50 yesterday in both my customized series 70 and my Kimber Ultra Carry. No malfunctions at all! As other readers have mentioned, these are a little \"dirtier\" when firing and there seems to be more noticeable muzzle flash. At this price, I'm ordering some more!"
– BillK
4.0 5
"It fed well in my 1911. The accuracy isn't the best but it certainly isn't bad. If I was paying more then I'd have a reason to complain."
– Dan
5.0 5
"This ammo is great for the price, all cycles well through my Rock Island 1911! some very nice brass and some that's a little older, but it is once reloaded so no complaints!"
– Ryan S.
4.0 5
"Have used this before in 9mm with no problems. Today I used these in my American Classic 11 and Springfield XD 45's and the ammo performed very well. After openimg the box these did not look like reloads. Shot good groups at 25 yards with both guns. Will buy again."
5.0 5
"Great ammo for the price. I shot over 500 rounds through a Para 1911 with no FTF or FTF. At short range, 7 yards, tight grouping with most rounds touching. Not excessively dirty."
– Mark
5.0 5
"Took my first delivery today of 12 boxes of this HTM. Put 100 rounds through my Glock 21SF, no jams - and I am sure I used fewer q-tips for the over all cleaning. This is a bargain at this price. Great range ammo. Shipping was fast!"
– AZRussell
5.0 5
"I had a great experience with this ammo. It's all obviously reloaded brass, so keep that in mind. There is nothing wrong with it. If you're too pretentious to see one bullet with Federal brass and another with Winchester brass, this might not be for you, but if you actually know how to shoot, get it while you can."
– Berezansky
5.0 5
"Excellent ammo for practice. My Glock 21 ate up 250 rounds of this stuff before I knew it!I never had a failure to feed, fire, or eject. mild recoil, good groups, and you get to keep the brass to reload if you do that! it is kind of dirty but who cares?I would clean my gun just the same whether it is covered in powder residue or not. This is probably the 5th or 6th different caliber Ive bought and used BVAC in and it has never given me a problem.."
– gun fan
5.0 5
"I bought 250 rounds last Tuesday and got it Friday. Great service. Put 100 rounds though my USP .45 with no malfunctions. Good accuracy and pretty clean. Honestly, I only bought this because my usual ammo was sold out and this was a good price. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again."
– GJ
5.0 5
"I bought this ammo for breaking in my new Kimber Stainless Pro TLE/RL II. Wow, not bad stuff at all. I\uFFFDve used other BVAC ammo and I\uFFFDve always had good results. Although I probably would use other stuff for my CCW, this ammo was fairly accurate, chambered well, and goes boom every time - No Problems at all. Good clean brass too. Good job BVAC & CTD\uFFFDI will be buying more!"
– Dare2Think
4.0 5
"For bulk ammo this stuff is hard to beat. never a feed problem...no jambs...no stovepipes...5 to 6 inch groups at 15 yds.both of my 1911's love this stuff."
– justajetmech
5.0 5
"First off I would like to just say that at the price, this stuff can't be beat. If you are just practicing at the range or just plinking, this is the stuff to get. Very economical, accurate, very few rounds key-holed. The brass is not the prettiest, but who cares right? I'm not an ammo snob. I clean my weapon after every shooting session so I could care less if is dirty or not, and laugh at reviewers who base their opinions on that fact. It's like \"gee that 85 octane gas is dirty - perhaps I need the 92\" .... really? Buy this ammo, it's a great value. Had zero FF FTF out of 500 rnds. Glock 30 SF"
– djt9000
4.0 5
"I just put 150 rounds through my PT 1911. Every shot fired with no jams or other issues. It is accurate, but just a little dirty, but you have to clean your gun anyway. Made in Montana and inexpensive. Great for basic target practice and plinking."
– Yeti
5.0 5
"This is pretty darn good FMJ ammo for the money. Despite being \"remanufactured\", I didn't notice any obvious case damage. Fired a couple hundred rounds through a Colt 1911 and a Ruger P345 with no issues: every round went bang and I have to say it didn't leave the guns abnormally dirty, either. As for accuracy, I can't compare it to anything because I'm a lousy shot, but I did put lots of holes in the paper. Overall, I rate this ammo a \"really good value\". My only beef was with CTD's packaging: one of the boxes broke open and about 25 rounds were sloshing around in the outer box. For what CTD charges for shipping (ahem...), I expect better than this."
– Joe
5.0 5
"I bought 500 rounds of this stuff and my 1911 ate it. Now I need more. It seemed fairly accurate. Not quite as accurate as American Eagle. but I'm not going to complain."
– Dan
5.0 5
"Shot 100 rounds without one mf. Accurate cheap ammo. Definitely buying again!!"
– John
1.0 5
"Bought 4 boxes to try out. They jammed almost every round. Would not cycle in my Rock Island. No problem with any other ammo I tried. Gave it all away. Will NOT buy reloads from BVAC again."
– Hopper
1.0 5
"Bought 5 boxes of this thinking I'd save a couple of bucks for plinking ammo...bad choice. Not sure if I got a bad batch, but I can't get through one clip without a jam or fail to feed. Switched back to new ammo and my 1911 cycles perfectly. Don't waste your money. Buy new. At least I have some brass for reloading now."
– El Zilcho
3.0 5
"I use this ammo when I am running low on brass...to reload. \"Once Fired Brass\" as they state gives me yet another cost saving alternative to paying for expensive new .45ACP. At least I can get one to two reloads from this. Yes, you will have a few mis-feeds 50:1, but I have only had one Failure to Fire out of ~500 rounds 500:1. It is what it is! It's still of some value to me, but you need to purchase with the appropriate expectations."
– Defensive Shooter
4.0 5
"I shot this ammo through my SIG 1911, my Springfield Ultra compact V10, and my vector SBR with no problems. It's not as dirty as other cheap ammo and I was very impressed with the accuracy. I have tried BVAC ammo in 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, and each time I am surprised at the quality I have received. I would defiantly recommend this ammo and I purchased a 500 round pack immediately after testing."
– DB