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.45-70 Government, BVAC, RFP, 405 Grain, 20 Round Box, 1400 fps, Rounded Flat Point Lead Bullet.

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.45-70 Government, BVAC, 405 Grain Rounded Flat Point Lead Bullet, 20 Round box.

Years of experience has gone into perfecting Bitterroot Valley Ammunition which is considered to be the best amongst shooters worldwide. Produced in Montana using reloadable brass and new, top quality components to make this some of the best ammunition at an affordable price! A Shot Above the Rest

Non returnable item
Muzzle velocity: 1400 fps.
Uses: Deer, Medium, Large game.

Total number of Reviews: 15

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2.0 5
"I fired 10 rounds of this ammo through my 1884 Springfield Trapdoor. When I went to clean it that night, the bore was heavily fouled with lead. The bore in my rifle is excellent, so I can only assume the bullets used in this round are too soft."
2.0 5
"Same experience as previous reviewer. Left my 1895 with a filthy barrel, took the better part of an hour to get it clean.Not only a lot of lead fouling, but significant unburned powder too."
5.0 5
"I had misgivings about this ammo after reading the previous two reviews, but for the price I figured I had to try it. After putting 40 rounds through my Marlin 1895G yesterday, I can truly say that BVAC's 405 grain ammo is great for the price. The recoil really didn't feel any worse than from my 336 .30-30, and my rifle cleaned up very easily. I was only shooting at 30 yards, so I can't really speak on longer range accuracy. This ammo turned in 1\" groups with ghost ring sights. I loved it, my shoulder feels fine, and I will definitely be purchasing more."
4.0 5
"I bought 100 rounds of this ammo to try in my Marlin 1895sbl. Its a very good range ammo. The kick is minimal and easy on the shoulder. It\uFFFDs very good for practice shooting. I found it to be good for its price, but not very accurate. My Marlin was pretty dirty after 100 rounds, more than usual. I've used other ammo before that didn't leave as much deposit as this ammo. But still, for the price it\uFFFDs excellent range ammo."
4.0 5
"You will see a bit of smoke after you fire this round, but that's not going to hurt a thing I personally use a bit better round for hunting but for this being cheap, it's great for going out and just firing but if your trying to impress your buddies this is not a high compressed load so at least the gals can shoot the big bore rifle"
4.0 5
"I used this ammunition in a Marlin guide gun. Overall I was pleased, I consistently produced fairly tight groupings at 25 meters. I've fired forty rounds so far and the Ammunition performed flawlessly. Minimal recoil, Lots of smoke though."
3.0 5
"Got two boxes for my new Marlin. No experience with this round but I'm a good shooter and at 25 yards to simply get a feel of the ammo, man it felt like a 12 guage. Not smooth at all. Then I tried some Hornady and the recoil was reduced so the ammo gets 3 bullets....they are half the price of Hornady. Keep that in mind."
5.0 5
"Bought 10 boxes to start off with. Fired 40 rounds the first time out, and 70 rounds the second time. Recoil is far more moderate than some would have you believe. The 70 rounds in 2 1/2 hours left really no discomfort at all. I was wearing a t-shirt and only had the factory recoil pad on my Marlin GBL. There is a significant amount of unburned powder, but the fouling isn't bad at all. The rifle cleaned up very easy. Accuracy is good, piling 10 shots into a ragged 2\" hole at 50 yards.You also get good Starline brass with this. 22 bucks a box is real hard to beat with most other 45/70 priced around 40 bucks."
4.0 5
"Are their nicer rounds you could put thru? Yes. For target though, I don't think these can be beat. I'm realistic. With the BVAC rounds, I enjoy putting them thru my new Marlin to get a feel for the rifle. I'll work on some hand loads later, but these are perfect to get acquainted with. I'm not looking for extreme performance, just something that'll load and shoot reliably. Lead and fouling seemed no worse than others."
2.0 5
"Cowboy load. Lots of smoke!! Left unburned powder in the spent cases and in the action of my Marlin 1895 GS. Spend the extra dollar and go with the 1900fps BVAC loads."
5.0 5
"I bought this ammo back in August of 2011, and used some for target shooting, I thought it was great!, it did leave some powder granules in my 45-70 carbines chamber, but I expected that. recoil is very good, and overall I give this ammo FIVE STARS, for target shooting you can't beat the price. (who the hell would spend more for fancy ammo just to target shoot with?) I even HUNT with this ammo, if it was good enough for the US army 135 years ago, its good enough for me. I plan on buying some more at a later date!! Keep up the good work and great prices CTD !!!"
4.0 5
"T BURNER? You stated that this load was not smooth at all? If this stuff kicks like a mule to you, my friend, then you have the wrong gun. I shot this ammo in my Marlin and it was very low recoil. I could shoot it with one hand. These loads are real close to the original cowboy loads, loaded with black powder. You will find that the cowboy shooters prefer the lower velocity ammo for long range. I am not quite sure why, but most cowboy loads are lower velocities. This is a good replicated ammo using smokeless powder."
5.0 5
"Tried 80 rounds through my 1874 Sharps Reproduction. Smokey, yet cleaner than black powder for sure. Didn't try at long range. I chose this based on low FPS and low recoil. Can't beat the price! I'll by more. Based on price and function this IS 5 bullets."
5.0 5
"Bought my first box of this two days ago, have shot 20 rounds out of my Handi Rifle. Fired excellently. Very miniscule powder fouling and build up. This is my first rifle, so I don't know, but it does make QUITE the muzzle flash. Looks like a backfire out of a big block V8 with open pipes. Very light recoil. My first shot ever firing a .45-70 load and it kicked very easily. EXCELLENT penetration and power for a reloaded case."
5.0 5
"Due to less recoil, I can get tighter groups and faster follow up shots with BVAC than with Hornady. 405 gr @ 1400 fps will drop most anything in N. America. I can also reuse the brass. Hornady trims cases down to keep OAL where it needs to be with the longer flex tip bullet."