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.223 Rem. DRT Terminal Shock FMHP 79 Grain 20 Round Box 2730 fps

Dynamic Research Technologies, DRT
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.223 Rem. DRT Terminal Shock FMHP 79 Grain 20 Round Box 2730 fps 
Total number of Reviews: 16

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5.0 5
"The review is true, (despite the horrid grammar) DRT rounds are as effective as claimed.I tried a box at various distances and these are accurate up to 300 yards, (as far as I was shooting) and these things completely destroyed a cantaloupe."
– c0untrysh00ter
5.0 5
"I have purchased these bullets and reloaded with LC brass and my own powder. Flawless operation, great recycling, no problems. I used it in my M4. No complaints."
– Chrissy
5.0 5
"Compared this ammo along with Black Hill's MK262 over the weekend out of a LWRC M6A2 14.5\". Gropings were about the same at 100 and 200 yrds. On a previous test, the MK262 out preformed the Hornady NATO Tap which had about the same groupings as the LC 62 grain ammo. This is good accurate stuff and still cheaper then MK262 if you can find it."
– gooseman80
5.0 5
"I shot a few of these with a buddy of mine into some water-filled gallon jugs. The results were fairly spectacular: The jugs would virtually explode -- sometimes coming off the ground. Inspection would find a typical .223 entry with a shredded plastic hole of about 2-inch diameter exit, and bits of copper jacket inside the remains of the jug. Hey, it's not fruit and I don't get to shoot at people much, but it looks like DRT works as advertised -- at least in this caliber."
– non-operator
4.0 5
"If you need explosive terminal ballistics at closer range, it will work. But when I want to reach out a little further it was not meeting up to the 77-SMK in my rifle."
– VNvet72
4.0 5
"I killed a coyote @ 243 meters out of my Rock River m4. I was impressed. The round went in and just dispersed. The poor thing dropped. One thing I have never seen before was the entrance was about 3 inches wide. I figure that was from energy dispersion."
– 6 pax
5.0 5
"On November 29, last Sunday night, I finally had a chance to put this round to work. It was devastating. A really big white tail, approximately, 200 lbs, walked in to one of my shooting lanes 42 yards away. He was working on pin oak acorns and had no idea I was there. I was holding a custom Cavalry Arms AR 15 with DRT .223 rounds. I hit him 4 inches behind his shoulder. The impact looked like he had been hit with a sledge hammer. He bucked and ran NINE paces and dropped. He kicked one time and DIED! Upon field dressing him, we found that his heart had a huge tear through his ventricles. His near lung had a large wound as well. His diaphram had ruptured and there was blood throughout his abdomen. He was devastated. This was from a .223 bullet! I will NEVER shoot another round."
– CS
4.0 5
"I fired this round at about 75 yards, and did not see much for rapid dissipation. I tested it compared to an Hornady Ballistic tip. I could not see the difference, and they did not stop at a solid back. Shooting at soup cans and oranges at 75 yards, we saw no difference with the penetration on a solid or soft target. It might be different at a closer range, but for a 223 traveling at such a velocity. I would suggest testing more for your personal use, especially if you are concerned about this round in a close quarter combat. Long range I would think this is a good round to harvest a good size deer, and I know would know about hunting deer. A Doe on average in our area before field dressing will weight about 150 lbs. or more. I would test before selecting this round for hunting."
– Mikey
5.0 5
"You \"shooters\" who evaluate ammo by shooting water jugs amuse me. This ammo is contractor ammo. I notice the accurate reviews are those stating what happened when someone dropped a deer or some other game, but someone who shot a milk jug filled with water was disappointed. Humans are not milk jugs filled with water. I have seen this in action, I've used it, it works. I can only tell you that it WORKS! Don't let MW2 and Call of Duty fans tell you otherwise. This ammo does what it says."
– B
5.0 5
"I read the reviews complaining of missing primers and uneven/loose seating, etc., but I found none of that in my 5 boxes. All look fine. A bit of staining on the cases but that doesn't bother me. I care about performance more than appearance, and these perform! I have talked to Operators that used these and they do exactly what the manufacturer claims. Simple as that. I will be ordering more!!"
– Tom
5.0 5
"I was skeptical at first, but bought this and tried it. First, it is the most accurate .223 ammo I have fired. No FTF or FTE in my RRA AR-15. Second, normal rounds cut paper as usual, but these rounds seem to burn holes in targets. I saw the YouTube video on these rounds and suggest you buy them while you can."
– MK
5.0 5
"I bought this ammo because, in California, we need some lead free ammo. This ammo has been a surprise though. It is extremely destructive. More destructive than my favorite lead ammo. However, the round is so soft I discovered that out to distances of 250 yards, it goes off target. I think the round is so soft that my 1:8\" twist barrel is a bit rough with it. This is DRT's store bought load and it seems to be their hottest load for FPS. So, I'm thinking that if I load my own with some of their ballistic info that they provide, and slow it down, it will perhaps stable out at further distances. I took my lead bullets that were only 5 grains difference and about 30fps difference and at 100 yards sighting in, I noticed that they shot the same groupings through my Stag AR-15 with 24\" stainless barrel as the DRT without changing my dope. We're talking 1\" MOA from 10 rounds where both the DRT and lead bullets could take 5 of the 10 shots and cover it with a quarter, and sometimes a dime. For an AR-15 platform and coyotes, this is good! I took my lead rounds at 250 yards side by side, and when the DRT soft bullets would stop hitting my 7\"steel plate, the lead bullets hit it every time! The DRT would not hit out at that range. The furthest I could hit every time with the DRT was 150 to 160 on a 7\" steel plate. The DRT and lead groups nice too in the center of the plate. It chips the paint to make a one hole looking group on the plate, so it is shooting right. I will experiment with lighter loads to slow the DRT bullets down and see it that helps. I also shot a squirrel at 100 yards with the DRT and it went through the squirrel and the squirrel dropped straight down like a large bear, as opposed to the usual effect from hitting a squirrel with a .223. No blender effect. Clean kill with tiny exit hole on the back of Lord Rodent. So after that, I took some poor man's ballistic gel (large plastic gallon Gatorade bottle, filled with water) and hit the bottom of it at 150 yar"
– DragonFlySlayer
5.0 5
"I bought 5 boxes of these to try out in my new AR. Grabbed a pumpkin and set it up about 40 yards away and let her rip. First shot hit center mass. As expected. a small entry hole, but the back side...what back side? The bullet did as advertised. It dispersed its energy in the cavity and simply demolished the guts and blew the back side out. Can't find these in any stores, so I'm back for more."
– Ryan
3.0 5
"Recently purchased a box for the Wisconsin whitetail hunt this year. While sighting in, I had one dead primer out of the three rounds I shot. Hope this doesn't happen in the woods. I will do a follow up review after the hunt is over."
– Dan
5.0 5
"I've shot over 100 rounds of this stuff and I've yet to have a FTF, FTE, or a misfire. Extremely accurate ammunition as well. I'm no ace shot by any means and when I went to sight in my cheap $50 3x scope, I put 9 rounds in a 3 in circle from 100 yds, no bench rest, not kneeling, just standing free form in an open, plowed field. Buy it here while you can! It's cheaper here than it is from DRT themselves."
– Ryan
5.0 5
"I bought these rounds for my daughter to shoot in my Rock River AR-15. Due to the light recoil and the adjusting stock on my rifle, it was a perfect setup for my 7 year old. These bullets aren't as accurate as I like to deer hunt with, but still shoot 1-1/2\" groups at 100 yards. I guess that's not real bad with a 16\" barrel. On the day after thanksgiving 2012, my daughter took an average NC Mountain doe at 75 yards with the 79 grain DRT. The deer didn't go 10 feet and expired. I was amazed by this, as I watched through the scope of my rifle. I will definitely do some experimenting with reloading these bullets and see if I can get some tighter groups. All in all, these do more internal damage than my 300 and the 150 grain Nosler."
– shook