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.22 LR Remington Subsonic 38 Grain HP 1050 fps 100 Round Box SUB22HP1

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Subsonic rounds from Remington offer quiet operation with great performance. They launch a 38 Grain Hollow Point 1050 fps, so you can be confident when you shoot your suppressed firearms.

No matter what you put in your sights, Remington offers the perfect 22 rimfire ammunition for any occasion. Remington rimfire ammunition delivers the quality you expect. That's because we put the same level of care into making our rimfire ammunition as we do our centerfire ammunition, so you'll get the maximum performance from every shot. Whether it's getting young shooters started, practice plinking, small game hunting or keeping match shooters scoring high, Remington's rimfire quality stands tall. As in our centerfire ammo, we put the maximum level of quality into our .22s so you can get the maximum performance out of them.

Muzzle velocity: 1050 fps
Velocity at 50 yards: 965 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 901 fps
Muzzle energy: 93 ft/lbs
Energy at 50 yards: 79 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 69 ft/lbs
Uses: Plinking, Target Shooting, Small Game

100 Round Box. To buy a full case, order 50 boxes.

Ammo price is per box

Total number of Reviews: 10

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5.0 5
"this in my opinion is the best ive ever used in subsonic i hit a squirrel today with my .22 from 300 meters no problem BUY THIS"
4.0 5
"Please, do not believe the comment about hitting targets at 300M (Meters, 1M=3.25ft) with a sub 22 round. I've shot this round over a lake thats about 200M or so and had to aim almost 45degrees just to make it over the lake. I seriously doubt one could hit a small target like a squirrel from 300M with this."
3.0 5
"I ran this through a Savage .22 auto-loader with no issues. Very quiet, compared to regular ammo. My rifle sounded like an air rifle. We were plinking bottles and tin cans from about 75 feet or so. Squirrels at 300 M? I don't know. :\\"
4.0 5
"I have shot hundreds of rounds of Remington subsonic 22's with the 38-grain hp bullet from several rifles. At about 30 or so yards I have no problem keeping round after round in a group that can be covered by a penny with my scoped Marlin 39A. At 50 yards the group size opens to at least sliver dollar size and usually larger with 10 shot groups and larger. I can usually keep my 50 yard groups smaller with most high velocity 22's and more expensive target rounds out of my 39A.They cycle just fine in my 10/22 and a very quiet in all rifles. I must say, however, that on the average I will have one or two misfires out of every box of 50. This holds true in all of my rifles and also my pistol."
4.0 5
"These little pups are great within 50 yds.. I have raccoons crossing the line and peeking over my fence. First round floors them everytime, just need to be quick with a few follow up shots for the bigger ones."
5.0 5
"great ammo its still a little loud but it sounds like a firecracker instead of a gun shot. it also blows the slide back on my walther p22. i will be buying much more of this ammo."
1.0 5
"I have a 22/45 ruger and I was disappointed when 1-2 out of every 10 failed to fire. very very dirty as well. only fired 100 rounds and bullets started to tumble or \"keyhole\". I am done buying remington rimfire ammo!!!"
3.0 5
"Hello, I recently shot this round through my chronograph. The velocity numbers are all over the place. In a 10 shot session I got from 812fps to 1004fps. I used a Remington Viper 522 with a 20 inch barrel and a f1 chronograph. Most rounds eject from my auto rifle but the 812fps one did NOT. I purchased this ammo because of it being subsonic but I think I will try another brand in the future and hopefully it will be loaded with a bit more quality control. I hope this review helps."
5.0 5
"I use this round to control the rabbit population on my property. Over the past year, it has made more than 70 one-shot kills at ranges up to 80 yards from my Savage bolt action rifle. For me, this ammo has completely destroyed the myth of the need for high velocity. Rabbits hit by this round flip right over and don't even wiggle."
5.0 5
"Great ammo. Shot it out of a rem 581 (bolt action) with no issues. Accuracy was 1/2 inch at 25 meters. Also shot it with a Ruger 22/45 and had good results for 30 shots. Sighted in a different 22/45 and had good results. No FTF's. Looking for more."