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.22 LR Blazer 40 Grain RN 1235 fps 50 Round Box 0021

Blazer Ammunition
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Blazer 22 Long Rifle ammo is loaded with a 40 grain bullet thats great for sports from small game hunting to casual plinking.

Muzzle velocity: 1235 fps
Velocity at 100 yards: 1026 fps
Muzzle energy: 135 ft/lbs
Energy at 100 yards: 93 ft/lbs
Uses: Plinking, Target shooting, Small game, Pest control.

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 100 boxes.

Ammo price is per box

Total number of Reviews: 23

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4.0 5
"excellent shells for plinking and the occasional small game hunt. they always fire and have proven to be accurate."
– Tom
2.0 5
"Bought a brick of this last weekend. Shot about 250 rounds with my Ruger Mark III. Groupings were nice at 60', but I was getting 1 or 2 Jams almost every clip that I went through. Didn't appear that some of the rounds had enough power to fully eject the spent shell. A couple times it actually re-chambered the spent shell. Switched over to the Remington Thunderbolts that my Father in law was shooting and had no problems at all. He tried some of these in his Ruger 10/22, liked the groupings, but he did get 2 jams during the 20 rounds he shot. He had previously shot 150 rounds of the Remingtons without a jam."
– Ed
4.0 5
"Good general purpose hard hitting ammo, basically the same as the Federal Champion sold here, both companies owned by ATK. I've shot and will continue to shoot thousands of rounds of this ammo."
– Mr. D.
4.0 5
"I've had fair luck with these in my rifle, which is an old Remington bolt-action sporter.I have been able to make one-ragged-hole groups at 25 yards, though oddly enough at this range the center of the group is about 4\" to the left of where it shoots Federal Champion bulk-pack, go figure. I'm also getting better accuracy with these than with the Champions, though the difference is slight and it may be just dumb luck.I get some fliers but it's probably me.I can't speak to the subject some have raised about their function in a semiauto, because I'm shooting them in a bolt gun. I know, though, that I have shot a few hundred rounds of these and I haven't had any duds and I haven't had a bullet get stuck in the bore. All go \"bang\" and go more or less where I put the front sight.For the money I think these are a pretty good deal, if you buy in bulk."
– Me
3.0 5
"Will i brought a new GsG-5 / And brought a brick of this ammo for target shooting because it was cheaper .Now i know what people say you get what you pay for . The weapon jammed on me on almost every clip / I started shooting different brands that cost a little more now and no jams at this time .Guess this ammo is no good for this weapon ."
– Riche
1.0 5
"I got them as a gift and have has coutless misfires and bad grouping also made a mess of my gun that took me 90 min. to clean up."
– Russ
1.0 5
"I recieved a box of this garbage for free a few months back when I renewed my NRA membership. I wasn't expecting much but thought I would at least give it a go. I shouldn't have wasted my time- just a few rounds thru each gun made an absolute mess of them. Reliability is some of the worst I have ever seen. My three semi-autos were having failures upwards of 75%. Even my revolver and Henry lever didn't like it. A couple buddies all experienced similar frustration with this stuff. Seriously, one of the worst .22 loads around."
– Tony V.
5.0 5
"Best all around round for my Buck Mark Camper. No duds, and decent groups at 50'. I bought thousands of rounds and no problem-O's! Blast on!"
– Auggie
2.0 5
"I bought 2 boxes of these at a range for dirt cheap, and, well, you get what you pay for. The bullets themselves are hard and gritty, making you wonder what they're going to do to your barrel; many of them were seated very poorly in their cartridges and wobbled around a lot as well. 2 Failures to eject and one double feed made me very nervous, so I went back to my Stingers and experienced no further problems. Furthermore, these things are absolutely filthy! 100 rounds of these deposited about three times as much gunk in my 10/22 as Stingers do. They sure are cheap, but do yourself a favor and save your time (otherwise spent cleaning) and nerves (wondering if the ammunition will function properly) and just get some higher-quality ammunition.Besides these issues, they shot just fine."
– Nathaniel
3.0 5
"ive shot a wide variety and ill have to say that for its price the blazers aren't that bad. some people complain, but your gun has tastes. it wont work at all in my sig, but my ruger eats them just fine. for one of the cheaper brands, they're above what you should expect. and don't forget, bolt action rifles don't have FTE. ill use the cheap stuff in there all the time."
– Mac
2.0 5
"i went to the local range with a Single shot RG-34 revolver .22LR, 3 out of 12 rounds got stuck in the barrel and the rounds just fizzled....had to get a gunsmith to remove the misfired round after the powder cooked off. that and 5 of the rounds just came out of the casing. but i fored the remaining 10 rounds i did have out of a harrington and richardson single shott .22 and they all fired true out to 60 yards and actualy mushroomed in a thick dry phone book and did more damage than .22LR hollow points"
– kendall
3.0 5
"This ammo has cycled well and produced respectable accuracy in my CZ 75 Kadet and bolt action rifles. A bit dirtier than some, but not the worst and oddly doesn't have the issues with failure to fire that the brick of Federal Champion Target I tried did (despite the many assertions that they're basically the same round...I suspect that the Fed I got was just a bad batch)."
– David W
1.0 5
"i went to the range with my single action .22 revolver. bought a box of these, and after 12 rounds 5 misfired and got lodged in the barrel luckily the gunsmith was in and cleared the barrel for me but finaly on the 6th round (that was under powered) getting lodged in the barrel, i stripped the gun down part by part and the gunsmith said teh only thing wrong with the gun were the sights were broken. so after 3 years i got the remaining 38 rounds out and put them in a single shot .22 rifle in the woods hunting armidilloes i saw 2 of them stood up aimed and squeezed the trigger....psffff, the round fired but got lodged in the barrel. so i had to hike 3 miles back home out of the woods and came accross a coyote with nothing more than a heavy \"stick\" so i just threw the remainder of the blazer .22 rounds at the coyote which scared him away, so i geuss these things are good for something"
– armadillo hunter
4.0 5
"I shoot a Mossberg 144 LSA match rifle. I have shot everything out there that is sold. I was a firm believer in the green labels. I was running low of money so I bought 2 boxes of these Blazers. All I shoot now are the Blazers. I'm not a pro, but I am shooting in the mid 180's to low 190's out of a possible 200 with this round @ 50 and 100 yards. Not bad for inexpensive rounds. The only thing I will say bad for them is that they are a dirty round and you do have to clean the crap out of your gun. Rock on CCI with your great product."
– Ephraim scgaa
2.0 5
"Half of the bullets were loose or crooked from the casing.They all fired, but some were noticily quieter than others. I dont know how my ruger 10/22 even fed them. Dont know how they grouped, was only 15 yard indoor target."
– doodoOface
5.0 5
"This is the BEST inexpensive ammo I have tried. My Walther P22 forced me to try many brands and grades. Before finding CCI Blazers CCI MiniMag & Stingers were the only consistant ammo I had found. I found the Blazers To preform as well or better than any other ammo. MY P22 loves it, as does my new 22/45M3 Ruger. \"TRY it you will like it.\""
– caseace
5.0 5
"I have a Magnum Research 22lr, and the BMG 50 round magazines - My gun likes this ammo (as well as Wolf 22 target)- and is half the price of the Wolf (I LOVE the Wolf!) Between myself and my boys we put 750 rounds through it this weekend, only a couple misfeeds, and no jams - You simply cannot beat this ammo for the price!!"
– JP
3.0 5
"This is only good for target and plinking. It is just not a good hunting bullet. This makes your gun dirty but I can't complain because got them for Christmas."
– shoss
3.0 5
"I shot 200 of them out of my semiauto handgun and had no misfeeds or duds, they cycle just fine. this was just for plinking."
– Seanster from San Clemente
4.0 5
"Good target rounds. I used 500 in my 10/22 and had no problem."
– Jsanz
5.0 5
"The same exact rounds cost almost more than a dollar extra per box at other websites. This ammo isnt \"bad\". People are just trying to use it in the wrong weapon. If you rack the bolt or slide manually, and it doesn't feed, its your gun, not the ammo. If your gun fails to feed or eject after you shoot a round, then the round is too weak to operate your gun's action. This is why people always say that high velocity rounds are \"more reliable\" when, in fact, the gun probably wasn't designed for a weaker round. Use rounds that work for your gun.The only way a certain brand of ammo is inherently \"bad\" for everyone is if the firing pin won't ignite the primer or results in squibs. That means the particular brand you are using has shoddy quality control. I have a gun that shoots anything, and i have run 2000 rounds of this exact product from CTD without a single failure to fire.If you have a reliable gun that shoots anything, then this product is one of the cheapest options around. If you have a picky gun, at least buy a box of 50 to try out next time you make a purchase for something else on CTD. It costs 2 bucks and like 50 cents extra shipping."
– alex
5.0 5
"I use this in my Kimber Rimfire 1911, a pistol known to be picky with ammo, and it's almost 100% reliable. Works also well in my Ruger 22/45, and Spikes AR-22. Best bang for the buck!"
– John from Cali
4.0 5
"I put 100 of these through my S&W 22A and they all work excellent. However, one issue I noticed is that the rounds seems to be very dirty. Really, so much dust blow out that it looked like a mini-fog; my pistol barrel was coated in white.Still, the round is a great price and the ammo all fired perfectly so absolutely no complaints from me."
– Mario