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.22 Long Rifle CCI Stinger 32 Grain HP 1640 fps 50 Round Box 50

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CCI's legendary Stingers are the fastest .22 Long Rifle rounds available with varmint-class accuracy. This is excellent ammo for the range or the field, which launches its 32 Grain Bullet at a blistering 1640 fps! The hollow point bullet has a clever tear-drop cavity for complete disruption. Squirrels beware!

CCI rimfire ammunition goes through a demanding test regimen which insures lot-after-lot consistency, uses clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner, has sure-fire CCI priming, and comes in a reusable plastic box with dispenser lid.

1292 fps at 50 yards
1162 fps at 75 yards
1066 fps at 100 yards
191 ft/lbs. energy muzzle
119 ft/lbs. at 50 yards
96 ft/lbs. at 75 yards
81 ft/lbs. at 100 yards

50 rounds per box. To buy a full case, order 100 boxes.

Ammo price is per box

Use only in firearms having standard ANSI sporting barrel/chamber dimensions.

Total number of Reviews: 37

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5.0 5
"these bullets are the cats meow when it comes to varmint hunting. they expand twice there original diameter and have provent to be deadly on pigeons and foxes alike."
– Tom
5.0 5
"i have taken several Coyotes with this round alwase with one shot from the window of my car, or off hand from a atv."
– johnny pot smoker
5.0 5
"Best .22 LR bullet you can buy!!! About as accurate as a match bullet but with a lot more punch. Does a number on ferile cats & squirls."
– Gun Guru
5.0 5
"These bullets never jam and have taken more than one coyote with a single shot"
– Von Smitty
5.0 5
"The CCI Stinger has been my only .22 LR ammo for more than a decade; it's simply proven itself to me to be the best when shot side by side with a variety of other brands & types. It packs a punch! I have yet to try the CCI Velocitor, but as soon as I can find some Stingers in stock (why are they out of stock everywhere?) I am determined to have a side by side comparison. I may throw in some Lapua speed ace to the competition since I have heard it is also an excellent ammo. I can guarantee you this; the Stingers stomp any \"bucket O' ammo\" out there! Buy the Stingers & try them if you haven't shot them before.....& compare to the other usual offerings & you'll see how impressive they are for yourself."
– Brenjen
5.0 5
"This is the only ammo I will shoot out of my Remington 597. I can consistently hit bullet holes a 50 yards, even out to 75+ yards. I have dropped several squirrels over 100 yards, and some over 125 yards with this ammo. They don't jam in my gun like the \"Bulk buys\" that you find everywhere. Also, I can shoot a box of these and it barely gets the barrel dirty. Great product."
– squirrel hunter
5.0 5
"These are great rounds for small game, just be careful with them, a friend of mine killed about 3 scopes in about as many days and they were not cheap scopes . He had a ruger 10/22 and it happend after shoot several rounds rapidly"
– jason
4.0 5
"This cartridge is what I use in my Taurus PT-22 sub-compact semi-autohandgun as a defense load. Yes it is only 22l.r. Yes it is only a 32 gr. round but the expansion in these little bullets is greater than any other I have tried. (I have tried most all of them.) When I can not carry my Taurus 605 Magnum revolver, I carry my Taurus auto loader in an ankle rig. This means I trust this weapon and the 9 rounds in it with my life. Keep Shooting J-J"
– John-John
5.0 5
"By far the best .22LR round in production. Superior expansion, smooth loading, clean firing. Able to penetrate 2-inch thick wood at 50 yards. Will make short work of any small game within eye sight. Haven't had one round jam or misfire. The silver shell casings are pretty cool looking too. Happy shooting."
– Tough OZ 420G
5.0 5
"absolutely the best .22 LR round ever made. I was a little skeptical about the little 32 grain copper plated hollow point, thinking it to be a bit light for use on game. The first couple weekends I used them, several Jack Rabbits and even one coyote proved that the Stinger is quite effective. superb accuracy, plenty of power to cycle the action of a semi auto, and great stopping power. any serious varmint hunter with a .22 would be silly not to try these"
– Nevada Varminter
5.0 5
"I have hit a few rabit at 75 ft or more while they where running out of my good cheap stevens 62f 22 semi auto. Drops them on the spot."
– Mike
5.0 5
"I love stinger ammo. never miss fires and is powerful... Confused though because it shows that this ammo is 1640 fps, and there is an ammo called Aquila Interceptor thats boasts the fastest .22 LR ammo made, but it is only 1470 fps, so either CCI is not really 1640 fps, or this Aquila Interceptor ammo doesnt know that its not the fastest..."
– Jeff
5.0 5
"i have actually measured the cci stingers with a chrono out of my remington 597 semi auto. they were measured at right about 1700 fps. these are the only ammo my rifle likes and i love it. is accurate out to 100 yards and still has enough power to take down small game. just dont hit it when you are close because the hollow point explodes easily."
– hornet87
5.0 5
"This has to be the greatest, and by far the most powerful 22lr ammo on the market I thought that the aquila that I was using was good until I found the stingers.The stingers were 3 times more accurate and 40 times more clean. I Have a rossi single shot 22lr and this ammo allowed me to take out 2 foxes, 1 coyote, and several rabbits on the farm from 10-105 yards with still strong stopping power!I took out the coyote at somewhere around 40 yards, in one shot droped without even traveling 10 feet.I have used rem.,Aquila,win,federal,and more and this cci is better than all of them combined.If you want to catch game with ammo you can trust, go with stingers."
– devin
5.0 5
"I have a Remington 597 and this is the only ammo that works 100% every shot every time. i love it"
– chris
5.0 5
"fired a box of these out of my walther p22 to break it in. clean, accurate, no miss fires."
– robert
5.0 5
"This is the only ammunition I shoot through my rifle. It is deadly accurate! I have killed many squirrels at ranges from 10-100 yards. I have fired literally thousands of these rounds out of my ruger 10/22 and never had a problem. Happy Hunting!"
– Scott H.
5.0 5
"Great ammo, definitely some of the best .22 rounds you can buy. 100% reliability in all of my .22's, even the picky ones. Extremely clean, hard hitting and superb accuracy. Definitely worth the $$$, you will not be disappointed."
– Tony V.
5.0 5
"these are the best shells I've shot, one shot it takes to kill the squirrels. they get good penetration and stopping power."
– 10/22 shooter
5.0 5
"Iv always known this to be great ammo when i got my ruger mk2 with a 6in barrel and target sights i picket up 3 boxes shoots better than 40gr feds or 40gr rems and these are both target solid lead and out shoots 36gr copper plaited hollow points also from fed the silver casing looks awsome ejecting from my all blued mk2 on rapid fire i mean i'm about 5ft tall and i can empty my 10 rd mag before the first shell hits the ground. but be careful because CCI extended the .22 casing and thats how it shoots so fast anyway that casing is only slightly larger but in some guns it wont fit now thats only on like 6 or seven .22 i think I've shot a lot of this ammo with a lot of different guns i have never had any problems in-fact dropped an armadillo at 25yds with my mk2 P.S very loud on indoor ranges or hunting in the woods it will make your ears ring for a couple of minutes."
– bubby the varmit dropper
3.0 5
"I have always loved the Stinger ammo as it is a real performer. However, I am having it jam in one of my 10/22 rugers, and these stingers just will not shoot no matter how bad I want them too! Mini-Mags shoot outstanding, but Stingers won't for some reason. Very disappointed and will try the Velocitor loads."
– TnT
5.0 5
"I've used Stingers for years here in the Pine Tree State to attempt to eliminate the supply of red squirrels. Red squirrels are nothing but rats with better public relations. I've used 40gr high speed lead and the 36 gr hollow points from Federal Remington and Winchester.Do those rounds kill them? Yes they do. But Stingers are MUCH more effective in either taking their stinking heads off, or turning them into a mass of blood and guts. Ah....what satisfaction after they have kept you awake all night running around in the attic to go out, line up the sights and say \"say goodbye creep\" KA-BOOM! Then watch it's little head vaporise and the decapitated body fall 50' from a tree. Even better, a non lethal shot and after it falls my 2 Scottish Terriers, Smith and Wesson, use it as a chew toy. If you're getting the impression I hate red squirrels, you're right. I use 1971 vintage Ted Williams Model 3T Semi Auto [Winchester 190] and a 1976 vintage Ruger 10/22 Semi Auto. No problems with stoppages, accuracy is great! A GREAT round!!!!!!!!1"
– Mr Moose from Maine
5.0 5
"Nice Velocity out of my wife's Walther. I enjoy seeing the bright muzzle flash. These rounds have a strong recoil. I like them."
– Cable Guy
5.0 5
"This is an outstanding shell. I have used these for years and have never had one problem with them. I used them in both my pistol and in my rifle. I would highly recommend these shells, they do not jam, and hardly ever will you find a dud."
– Jimmy
5.0 5
"these rounds are great, i have never had a failure and the accuracy is very good,what sets these apart from the others is the damage they inflict, they tear rabbits,squirrels and rats into shreds,this is NOT a hunting round as very little meat and or pelt is usable,if you want 223 damage in a 22lr this is what you use."
– Brandon
4.0 5
"I have shot thousands of these rounds since they first came out. I was amazed at the first ground squirrel I shot...his head was poking up out of his hole, and after I fired...he was just gone. I though that I had missed, but my hunting buddy was watching thru the binoculars, and said:\"Nope, you got him\". Walking over,I saw the mess that had been his head. For all who rave about the effects of the bullet on the game, I don't think they exaggerate(except for the \"deer\" hunters),BUT, I have NEVER been able to get a tight, accurate group with the Stinger, out of anypistol, rifle, any .22, that I can't get better with a CCI Mini-Mag Hollowpoint, or many other brands. The velocity comes at the expense of accuracy. Curiously, the Quick-Shock a shell that CCItook over, and is a clone of the Stinger, except for the 3-waysplit on impact, seems a little more accurate."
– Tuco
5.0 5
"i was shooting bottles phone books ect. with my 9mm,then i got out my little taurus 22 pistol with cci stingers.i was blown away by the damage they do.boy do they tear stuff up."
– don
3.0 5
"These shoot flawlessly in my Marlin with no ftf's or stovepipes but I can't get a tight group but then I'm test firing at 75 yards. I've considered trying these at 50 and see how they do but I'm really looking for a 100 yard round. For me tight would be 2 inch group at 100 yards. To be fair, its usually windy when I'm out there. I'm planning on trying the mini-mags. I've ruled out several other brands of rimfire and still haven't found the one load that I really like so I can stop wasting money."
– Mac
4.0 5
"I was looking for a load for my Walther P22, that would be a great stopper. After tring many different JHP rounds, this round fired every time. A failed fire is not top list when it's your life. This round may over do it's job but it never lets you down. Consistant crono at +1200fps for 3 1/2\" barrel. At 6 yards the grouping was 3\" and would go clean through two 3\" phone books. I was amased to see the size of the hole out the other side, like a 40 cal hit it. Other rounds would stop inside, and didn't expand as expected,(Except remington yellow jackets & federal game shok, which expaned well...... but had firing issues.) Over penitration may not be a good thing, but miss fire not an option."
– Evad
5.0 5
"This ammo is HOT! You can tell it packs a lot more punch than any other .22 bullets just by the way it sounds. Very accurate and never any problems cycling through my semi-auto's."
– Chad
5.0 5
"Loud as all get out. Very accurate as well."
– Gun Guy
5.0 5
"Goes through phone books like a hot knife through butter. Pidgeons explode in a ball of red mist and feathers. Drops raccoons dead in their tracks. Feeds flawlessly at the range even after several hundred rounds.This is the one to sock away for future use, as the high quality round stored properly will last reliably for years."
– thirstybullet
5.0 5
"Simply put,this ammo is probably the most damaging ammo for 22s I have ever purchased for my 10\\22.I recovered a few rounds i shot into a box of wet phone books,catalogs,and other useless paper.I only could find a few of them.I was surprised to see how much they expand. the wound channel is huge for a 22.the projectile expanded be like 28 caliber give or take a few.it looked like a little buck shoot pellet,nice and rounded.If I carried a 22 pistol I wouldn't use any other ammo for it.I wouldn't want to be the dude who gets shot in the ass cheek with one of these rounds.One center mass hit with one of these would take some one out of business quick"
5.0 5
"My .22 auto would jam alot. Ran 2 boxes of Stingers, no more jams."
– gunguy
5.0 5
"I used these stinger rounds in my M&P 15-22 MOE version and I have to say, I'm impressed. I put these rounds through a testing phase against Velocitors, blazers, and Federal bulk, the stingers came out on top. The stingers have a distinct pop and you can tell they are packing a little more punch even for a 32 grain bullet. It is also the most accurate of the ones I tested, I shot the closest group with these. I am highly impressed and will continue to buy these in the future."
– Fuzzy
5.0 5
"Great rimfire ammo."
– swang
5.0 5
"This is the best .22 LR ammo I have ever fired with my Ruger 10/22. It seems to be very accurate and have a little more pop at 1650fps than the vast majority of .22 LR out there. I'm sure there is better out there, but I just have yet to try it, but I will definitely recommend this ammo."
– Mr. C