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1911 Government Muzzle Brake Nickel Slotted Muzzle Brake Reduces Muzzle Climb

John Masen
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Slotted muzzle brake reduces muzzle climb for a quick follow-up shot. Nickel colored break aligns with the barrel and replaces the standard barrel bushing. Easy to install, not legal in all areas. 
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2.0 5
"Very disappointed on what should have been a very simple item. I found three things wrong with this muzzlebreak: 1) Right out of the package the muzzlebreak wont ride over the barrel with ease. It took some convincing and a couple of minutes with some fine steel wool for the break to finally glide on the barrel with ease. 2) The back end sleeve is too long. I will have to(haven't done it yet) cut 1/4 of an inch off the back for it to function properly. It will load the ammo(not perfectly), but when empty the gun will not stay(lock) open. 3) The finish is horrible. While installing it I noticed the finish at the front end of the muzzle break started to flake (I should say this started to happen before I went at it with the steel wool). I will make this break work and I really dont care about the finish but I would not have purchased it If I had known the hassleit was going to be."
4.0 5
"Nickel finish was great \"out of the box\".Exterior locking surface required about 15 minutes of hand-fitting w/ vise & strips of 220, thru 400 abrasive paper.Interior bearing surface required about 1/2 hour w/power drill, wooden dowel, and 220 thru 400 abrasive paper. Fit and function is now perfect on my Rock Island slide. This is not a \"drop-in\" item( but most parts sold as\"drop-in\" by the \"big names\", are in my experience: NOT).It took me less time and effort to fit this item, than it took me to fit a \"standard, stainless-steel barrel bushing\" purchased from one of the two biggest names in the \"aftermarket parts\" industry ( which I paid 5 times as much for)."
5.0 5
"Required no modification. Fit perfectly on my Smith & Wesson 1911. Looks great, works great, and the gun still fires perfectly. Kicks like a 9mm now as well."
5.0 5
"i am not even close to a gunsmith but i ordered the muzzle brake for my nickle plated colt 1911 and outside of trouble getting the spring back in the bushing fit perfectly and was a beautiful addition to the weapon. I am very happy with the look and the way it shoots. For someone who is more familiar with the gun than I should be able to install this in only minutes."
5.0 5
"I bought this for my ATM .45 Hardballer, knowing full well that, although some parts of my gun are interchangable with a standard 1911, not all are. The barrel was no exception. I tried fitting the brake over the barrel just as the old one fit and the internal diameter was tighter than the barrel's outside diameter. Not much of a surprise there. It was not really meant for this gun. After honing the brake with a hone for my .44 Magnum and filing down the barrel CAREFULLY from the tip back, it slid on with no effert. Looks great, just as shiny as the stainless steel surface of my Hardballer, if not more.Makes the gun look and perform great. Will I buy another one? As soon as I can find another trustworthy Hardballer."
1.0 5
"Was running Remington 230grn jhp and Wolf fmj 230grn alternatey. The thing worked fine untill the fourth magazine and then it snaped in half across the barrel. A waist of money."
5.0 5
"I bought this for my Springfield Armory 1911-A1.\uFFFD It fits great.\uFFFD Went from the box straight to my gun, with NO gunsmithing.\uFFFD It looks great and works great.\uFFFD Highly reccommend this."
5.0 5
"Hi All.This muzzle brake is perfect additions to my Kimber CDP II, I replaced my original with no affords at all, I just putt small amount of lubricant and able to install it in less than a minute. The full size Kimber now kick like 9 mm, more stable, from 35 yards, I constantly having 1.5\uFFFD grouping, shutting now is more fun and I recommend to all Kimber owner to install this part.Please, believe me it is perfect addition to your full size Kimber. Also gun now look very, I would say \uFFFDSlick\uFFFD."
3.0 5
"I installed this Muzzle brake in addition to a new \"square\" spring. Let it be said, the process isn't complicated. Take off the factory bushing, and replace with this brake.The only gotcha spots are as follows: The brake was MUCH tighter, thus harder to turn, than the factory bushing. And it was extremely tight on the barrel. Read that - couldn't slide the barrel through the brake.The fix for me was some Break-Free, and working the action about 500 times. Literally. I spent the better part of 30 mins just cycling the action to finally get the slide to move through without an issue. It looks great now, and should shoot fine. Haven't made it to a range yet.Last thoughts, this Nickel coating is just a coating. And it did flake off around the base on the outside overing for the guiderod spring. As I said, the bushing fit was extremely tight so I had to fight with my bushing wrench a bit."