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1911 Bull Barrel 5 Match Grade Super Accurate High Quality Stainless Steel

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Replacement 1911 Barrels NEW Lower Prices! Does not require a Barrel Bushing. Super Accurate high quality stainless steel replacement barrels fit Colt 1911 style guns and all clones. Improves your handguns accuracy and quick changes out in just minutes, three styles to select from, does not fit Para ordnance.

Bull Barrel 5 length with oversized muzzle that you hone to fit tightly inside your slide, does not include the bushing as this barrel operates without one. Install a new link and pin and fit the barrel to your slide for tight lock-up. This system allows premium accuracy so you can become become a match grade shooter. Because there is no bushing, installation of a one piece guide rod is necessary. Returns Please have Tech look and agree before we return item to vendor. per RW 
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3.0 5
"This barrel is made well but the discription is misleading. You dont need a bushing is correct and you do need a 1 piece guide rod or a 2 piece. But what ever guide rod you choose has to have a reverse plug. Then in order to use the 1 or 2 piece guide rod your slide has to be milled. It require a 17/32\" reamer, with a 1/2\" guide ground on the end. Mount the slide vertically in a mill or drill press and run the reamer in to the depth of the shoulder on the plug. This special reamer is available from Brownell's. Works with all 1911 type guns. After you have done this you can use the 1 or 2 piece guide rod and the bull barrel. But Im going to buy a whole new slide insead of modifying the slide on my Colt. So just reading the discription leads you to believe that you can buy this Bull barrel a 1 piece guide rod and bang your on the shooting line. But what really is the case here after a few hundred dollars more and milling your slide you can. Or if you are like me Im not going mill my slide and then not be able to put the original barrel, guide rod and bushing back in it just so I can install this bull barrel. I will drop another couple hundred buck into a top end slide that is made for a bull barrel and a 1 piece guide rod with a reverse plug and no bushing. I guess if this was stated in the discription they would sell even less of them. By the time Im done installing this bull barrel I bet I could have bought another 1911 .45."
4.0 5
"The reviewer who had the bad experience really has no clue as to how this is supposed to work.First of all - you don't use a bushing. The front of the barrel will fit most slides, although you might have to sand the end of the barrel with some 400 grit paper (and sand the inside of your slide a bit too to smooth it). This is because slides vary a bit in size, and you have to expect some minor fitting, or else the barrel would have to be small enough to fit every slide out there - resulting in a sloppy fit in some slides. This is not the case, so some fitting (minor) should be expected.Second - you might have to fit the back end of the barrel, which can be done with small files and/or 320 and 400 grit paper wrapped on a file for a smooth finishThird - your choice of link matters and some minor fiddling may be needed in the link area. A chainsaw file (straight round file, for chainsaw sharpening) works great for that... and its just the right size too for the link area. Fit the barrel with no link installed, so it rides up on the pin with a \"just touching\" fit. You probably wont have to do much to the barrel in this area.Four - you dont \"need\" to use a full length guide rod, but it helps.Five - you DO need to use a reverse plug, but... you dont have to alter the slide, or alter it much. You need whats called a FLANGED reverse plug (as opposed to a shouldered one). Those can be used as is, or you take a tiny bit off the slide to accomodate the extra thickness of the flange. MOST can be used \"as is\". Those are available from other online gun parts suppliers (dunno if I can mention who they are here, so I wont).And thats that. Get a flanged plug, some sandpaper and it goes in real easy. If you want to use the stock recoil spring guide, it works, but a full length one is good too. Personally I'm used to the standard ones, but to each his own.This is a good barrel, and I plan on getting another soon."
4.0 5
"I bought one of these barrels to replace the one in my Colt 1911 series 80. Well after getting it I found that with a bull barrel you need a reverse plug not a full length guide rod as advertised. So I bought a new STI slide that was made for a reverse plug so that I didnt have to change my original slide. I then found that my new STI slide would work better if I got a new reciever that matched the STI 2011 slide so I bought a 2011 Fusion firearms reciever for my STI 2011 slide. After fiddling around installing the barrel I removed to much material from the hood trying to get it to lock up. So I bought another barrel and didnt file so much. It fits perfect and shoots really well. I have it shooting a 1\" group right now hopefully I can get it tighter. I was looking a some other barrels and decided that these barrels are a real good deal so I bought 2 more just in case I feel like building another 1911 45 ACP. The first barrel I muked up I had a friend weld the hood and lugs with his TIG just enough to replace what I removed. Now there is enough metal there so that I can use the barrel again after I file it back a bit. So I guess I would buy these again and did."
5.0 5
"This is a great value. You won't find a 1911 bull barrel for such a low price. Unfortunately, it is made in S. Korea. I am very happy with its accuracy and the slightly reduced recoil from the additional weight. Not the best choice for a \"carry gun\" because of that greater weight. The previous reviews focus on the technical aspects of installing this barrel and they are about right. All 1911 bull barrels require a reverse recoil spring plug. (Not a full length spring guide) This is NOT a drop in part. There are reverse plugs that won't require any gun-smithing but some gun-smith fitting may still be required to fit this barrel. If you are good with a file and basic mechanics, you should be able to get-er-done. Otherwise you're talking about at least $30 in additional parts and maybe $150 in gun-smith labor. If your gun is a collector's item like a Colt, think twice before modifying it to install this. However, after installing one in a gun I built myself, I'm going to order a couple more. It's a good product at a very good price."
5.0 5
"Well I decided to build a 1911 from the bare frame and slide, so of course I searched everywhere for the best overall deal for a match grade barrel setup...and here it is!I installed this into a DGFM FMAP(argentinian made under colt liscense)1911. I have heard many good things about the DGFM including the fact that any part that will fit a colt will also fit this gun.Installation would be more than a lot of people would want to do in most cases...I bought a flanged reverse plug from brownells as well as the barrel link and link pin. Most of the fitting that was required was to allow the reverse plug to fit. As for the barrel it dropped right in and worked perfect without any other fitting at all. My very first shot at 25 yards was in the X ring and so were the next 4. The only other pistol I've had do that was nearly $2,000.I'm going to buy a couple more just to have them laying around when my friends decide a bull barrel is the way to go."
2.0 5
"It is by far a drop in part. The barrel is almost a blankand requires fitting to any slide. The locking lugs are too shallow but the rifling is great. Know your stuff if youwant to install this barrel."