Nosler Defense .223 Rem Ammunition, 20 Rounds, 64 Grain Bonded Performance Bullet, 2750 fps

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Brand: Nosler, Inc
MFR #: 39674
UPC: 054041396745
Item #: FC-054041396745
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Nosler Defense ammunition is an ideal choice for defensive applications thanks to its controlled expansion, deep penetration, and straight tracking characteristics. A protected point ensure reliable feeding in semi automatic firearms such as the AR-15. The tapered jacket ensure controlled, uniform expansion, and the accubond bonding process ensures that core/jacket separation events are almost impossible.

Nosler's Solid Base Bonded Performance Bullets were created specifically to improved the terminal ballistics of .22 caliber rifles, improving weight retention, expansion, and penetration to improve terminal performance for defense and hunting.

Nosler DEFENSE rifle ammunition will be offered in 223 Remington and loaded up front with the .224 caliber, 64 grain Bonded PERFORMANCE bullet that is designed for 90% weight retention, minimal deflection and true, straight-line penetration.

All Nosler DEFENSE ammunition will be offered in 20 count boxes and is loaded to the strictest of tolerances for maximum accuracy, consistency and dependability.

Bullet Type: Nosler Bonded Performance
Bullet Weight: 64 Grains
2750 fps at muzzle
2368 fps at 100 yards
2018 fps at 200 yards
1701 fps at 300 yards
1427 fps at 400 yards
1074 ft/lbs at muzzle
796 ft/lbs at 100 yards
578 ft/lbs at 200 yards
411 ft/lbs at 300 yards
289 ft/lbs at 400 yards

Price is per 20 round box.