Nosler .50 Caliber .458" Diameter 300 Grain Ballistic Tip Muzzleloader Bullet 15 Count 50300

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Brand: Nosler, Inc
MFR #: 50300
UPC: 054041503006
Item #: FC-054041503006
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Nosler's legendary ballistic tip performance is now available for .50 caliber muzzleloaders! High ballistic coefficient, reliable expansion, and and accurate performance.

Due to high demand from muzzleloader enthusiasts, Nosler will be introducing the Jim Shockey Signature Series Ballistic Tip MZ bullet in 2013. The Ballistic Tip MZ was created to bring legendary Nosler Ballistic Tip rifle bullet accuracy and terminal performance to today’s generation of high performance muzzle loading rifles. This new bullet is designed with an orange polymer tip and streamlined ogive to maximize effective shooting range. The polymer tip also assists in initiating bullet expansion upon target impact which is a signature of the Ballistic Tip line. Created specifically for the lower velocities generated by muzzle loading rifles, the Ballistic Tip MZ provides reliable expansion and deep penetration over a broad range of velocities.

Specifications and Features:
Nosler Bonded Performance Solid Base Hollow Point
Weight: 300 Grains
Diameter: .458"
Streamlined Ogive To Maximize Effective Shooting Ranges
Polymer Tip Assists Bullet Expansion
Pre Packaged In 15 Count Blister Packs
Ballistic coefficient: 0.250
Sectional density: 0.204