Nosler .30-30 Winchester Ammunition 20 Rounds, NOSBT, 150 Grains

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Brand: Nosler, Inc
MFR #: 40065
UPC: 054041400657
Item #: FC-054041400657
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For those serious hunters, we brought in the best! Nosler BT ammo is engineered to excel in the most harsh and unpredictable conditions

Nosler BT ammo is loaded up front with the accurate and reliable, Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullet. These flat-shooting, wind-defying bullets utilize ballistic-designed boat-tails and polymer tips to increase long-range efficiency and protect against tip damage in the magazine. It features a tapered bullet jacket, which controls expansion, for the ideal balance of penetration and energy transfer. Every bullet weight and muzzle velocity is optimized for maximum effectiveness on Deer, Antelope, and Hogs. Over 30 years of continual improvement, design refinement, and manufacturing expertise make the Ballistic Tip Hunting Bullet, the best choice for America’s most popular game. This ammo was made for kicking butt and taking trophies, one shot at time!

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 40065
Caliber: .30-30 Winchester
Bullet Weight: 150 Grains
Bullet Type: Nosler Round Nose Ballistic Tip Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 2247 fps
Muzzle Energy: 1902 ft/lbs
Nosler Reloadable Brass
20 Rounds Per Box