Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Waterfowl 12 Gauge Ammunition 3" Shell #1 Zinc-Plated Steel Shot 1-1/4oz 1500fps

Item No. FC-656308111612
Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Waterfowl 12 Gauge Ammunition 3" Shell #1 Zinc-Plated Steel Shot 1-1/4oz 1500fps
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Brand: Kent Cartridge
MFR #: K123FS361
UPC: 656308111612
Item #: FC-656308111612
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A Busy Hunting Dog Is a Happy Hunting Dog

The decoy spread is perfect, the soft glow of morning is slowly rising, and your best friend looks concerned. His eyes narrow and he cocks his head slightly toward you. You know he's silently judging you while he gently swishes his tail in the sand. You know that you've broken this same promise to your fuzzy friend many times before. Today will be different. Today you know that you'll keep your promise because you have Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel in your hunting pack. Constructed on the well laid foundation of the original Fasteel, Fasteel 2.0 is the ultimate evolution of ultra-high performance non-toxic waterfowl ammo from Kent Cartridge. Rigorously engineered to generate unparalleled performance in a widespread range of temperatures, Fasteel 2.0 is impervious to the effects of extreme weather. With superb first-rate components, Kent gives you a clear and distinct advantage over those rascally waterfowl. The high pitched whine and low grumbling of your untrusting companion says that you should take every advantage that you can get. You're sure that the four legged swimming duck getter still doesn't believe you. The single piece high-performance base wad is specially designed to force every last ounce of performance and accuracy out of today's newest semi-automatic shotguns. Kent's slick non-toxic corrosion resistant zinc-plated steel shot features near perfect concentricity to produce perfect shot patterns. Lower recoil and consistent reliability means that Fasteel 2.0 will give you faster follow-up shots. With Fasteel 2.0, you're sure to drop more birds than ever and you'll need to do that to earn back the trust of those big beautiful brown eyes. Kent uses clean burning custom blended double base powders and proven CX2000 primers to generate the hardest hitting bird crushing velocities on the market. Then it's all stacked tightly into cutting-edge high density polymer hulls with low friction corrosion resistant nickel-plated heads. Fantastic patterning, blistering speed and lethal knockdown, Fasteel 2.0 is the waterfowl load your judgy hunting buddy has been waiting for. Keep the dog busy Instead of silently judging you. Tire his tail out and make him happy with Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel from Kent Cartridge.

Kent Cartridge Fasteel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel Specifications and Features:

  • Kent Item Number: K123FS36-1
  • Ultra High Performance Non-Toxic Waterfowl Load
  • 12 Gauge
  • 3" Shells
  • #1 Size Zinc-Plated Steel Shot
  • 1-1/4 oz Shot
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1500 fps
  • High-Performance Base-Wad
  • HD Hull (High Density Polymer)
  • Nickel Plated Hull
  • CX2000 Primer
  • Double Base Powers
  • Uses: Ducks Geese and Waterfowl
  • 25 Round Box

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