Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott Ammunition 20 Rounds 500 Grain DGS 8262

FC-090255382624 Hornady 8262

Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott Ammunition 20 Rounds 500 Grain DGS 8262
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FC-090255382624 Hornady 8262
Model 8262 
Caliber .458 Lott 
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket 
Case Type Brass 
Grains 500 
FPS 2300 
UPC 090255382624 
SKU 10-0308075 
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Hornady manufactures Dangerous Game Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control measures. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter.

Hornady InterLock and FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets have reached legendary status among safari hunters, and we've raised the bar again with the introduction of the best large game bullets we've ever seen - the DGS (Dangerous Game Solid) and the DGX (Dangerous Game eXpanding). Both bullets are made with a hard lead/antimony alloy cone, surrounded by a copper clad steel jacket. These bullets feature a flat meplat for straighter penetration and create more energy transfer than a simple round profile bullet.

20 Round Box

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 8262
Caliber:.458 Lott
Bullet Type: DGX
Bullet Weight: 500 Grain
Rounds: 20 Rounds
2300 fps at Muzzle
2028 fps at 100 yards
1777 fps at 200 yards
1549 fps at 300 yards
5872 ft/lbs energy at Muzzle
4567 ft/lbs energy at 100 yards
3506 ft/lbs energy at 200 yards
2665 ft/lbs energy at 300 yards
Price is per 20 round box.