How to Choose a Scope

How to Choose a Scope

Choosing the perfect rifle scope to pair with your firearm and ammunition combination will help you make sure to hit your target every time. Narrowing your choice of scopes involves considering mechanics,construction, image quality and magnification. When selecting a scope you should keep in mind when and where you shoot most often, and pick a rifle scope with features that best fit the requirements of your particular sport.


The internals or inner workings of a scope have a direct effect on how accurate you are when shooting. As you make adjustments when sighting your rifle in, the cam tube that holds the lenses and reticle in place will move inside of the scope. The cam tube must be strong enough to absorb the impact of the heavy recoil produced when shooting so the reticle stays in place shot after shot.

Image Quality

The best image quality is going to come from an optic that allows as much light as possible to pass through the exit pupil to the shooters eye. The brighter the image is, the more sharp and clear it is going to appear when looking through the scope. Factors such as glass quality, lens design and coatings will impact the scope’s ability to manage light effectively. When selecting your scope, consider magnification, objective lens size, exit pupil, resolution, field of view and eye relief.


The magnification you choose for your rifle is an important factor and should take into account what you plan on using the rifle for.

Scope Magnification

Low power - (example: 1.5-6x32, 2-7x32)
Scopes in this power range will be ideal for close range targets and moving targets thanks to their wide field of view. They will also provide the most effective light management and produce a brighter sight picture even in low-light conditions. Shop Low Power Scopes

Medium power - (example: 3-9x40, 2.5-10x50)
These rifle scopes are perfect for hunting game at medium range as well as most target shooting. Shop Medium Power Scopes

High power - (example: 6-18x40, 6-24x40)
Scopes in the magnification range are great for target shooting when the target is motionless and for varmints and other small game. Shop High Power Scopes