How to Upgrade Your Ruger 10/22

best upgrades for a Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 is an extremely popular rifle that is great for training new shooters, small-game hunting and having fun plinking at the range. These .22 LR rifles are known to be accurate, dependable and reliable firearms that are handy to have around. A stock Ruger 10/22 offers exceptional value, however, the rifle can be taken to the next level with a few key upgrades.

Sights & Optics:

Improving the sights on your Ruger 10/22 is a great way to achieve better accuracy. Upgraded sights or a new optic allows for easier and faster target acquisition. Additionally, they can help you make more precise shots by giving you a clearer, more defined sight picture.

The simplest method is upgrading your iron sights. Hiviz LIGHTWAVE green fiber-optic sights provide you with a bright and crisp picture. Fiber-optic sights draw in light from the surrounding environment, making them light up to the shooter’s eye. They feature a durable steel construction and are adjustable for your rifle’s point of impact.

Adding a red dot sight to your Ruger 10/22 can take it to another level. They are quick and make acquiring a sight picture easy because don’t require the shooter to line up a front and rear sight. The SIG Sauer Romeo5 is a lightweight and compact red dot sight that will not disturb the svelte profile of your firearm. It features 1X magnification and a 20mm objective, and utilizes 0.5 MOA adjustments so you can really dial it in to your rifle, load and distance.

A magnified optic like the Swampfox Kentucky Long or Simmons ProTarget Rimfire scope will allow you to stretch out to farther distances with your rifle. Both scopes feature variable magnification settings and are completely adjustable for elevation and windage. Additionally, the lenses are multi-coated to deliver a clear and crisp image. Both are excellent choices, however, the Swampfox provides several more features. If you decide on a magnified optic, you will also need to pick out a quality set of scope rings.

Specific Recommendations:

Ruger 10/22 with scope


Swapping out the trigger in your Ruger 10/22 can help you shoot faster and more accurately. There are a multitude of options depending on what style you prefer. There are light, adjustable triggers for competition shooting and hunting, and some triggers that retain the stock trigger-pull weight, just with a smoother pull that are great for self-defense.

Timney makes some of the best triggers on the market and their standard 2¾-pound 10/22 trigger provides great service. It has a smooth pull with a crisp break that is sure to send your shot on target. If you are looking for a further upgrade, the Calvin Elite trigger has an adjustable pull between 1.5 and 2 pounds with a clean let-off. Both of these triggers make for an incredible upgrade to the stock Ruger 10/22 trigger.

If you are looking for a more standard option to improve the feel of your trigger, take a look at the Magnum Research Lite 10/22 trigger. This trigger smooths out your trigger pull and is drop-in compatible for simple installation. Additionally, the Ruger BX 10/22 trigger provides all the benefits of an upgraded trigger, but is an OEM component from Ruger.

Specific Recommendations:

Choose a Ruger 10/22 Trigger


The standard Ruger 10/22 barrel is plenty accurate for most average shooters, but if you truly want to test your limits, installing an aftermarket barrel can be a huge help. Further, you can select a threaded barrel that will allow you to instal muzzle devices like suppressors and compensators.

The Tactical Solutions X-Ring incorporates a built-in set of adjustable fiber-optic sights and a threaded muzzle. The aluminum barrel features a steel liner to keep it lightweight and accurate. Additionally, the 1:16-inch twist rate provides exceptional accuracy for common .22 LR bullet weights.

Another great option is the Adaptive Tactical Tac-Hammer. It features a built in picatinny rail for mounting optics and has a threaded muzzle with an included muzzle break. The Tac-Hammer’s Rigid-Core delivers the benefits of a bull barrel’s larger diameter and related stiffness without the added weight. This provides greater accuracy and repeatability shot after shot.

Volquartsen makes carbon-fiber barrels with a steel liner that are as accurate and lightweight as they are stylish. The company is known for making high-quality aftermarket parts for Ruger 10/22 and Mark IV firearms. However, if you are looking for something a little less flashy, Ruger makes a 10/22 precision barrel that does not break the bank and is an absolute tack driver.

Specific Recommendations:

Magazines/Mag Release:

Having a good stockpile of magazines for your rifle is important, but all magazines are not created equal. Ruger BX-25 magazines are by far the most popular and reliable. These 25-round magazines provide a lot of firepower, allowing you to shoot more and reload less. You can also pick up 10-round Ruger magazines that are extremely lightweight and compact.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in capacity, GSG makes a 110-round drum magazine for the Ruger 10/22. It is constructed of hardened polymer and utilizes a high-strength spring. Additionally, the magazine incorporates a built-in loading lever to make reloading a breeze.

Another great component to upgrade on your Ruger 10/22 is the magazine release. Timber Creek makes an Extended Mag Release (EMR) and EMR XL. Both improve the manipulation considerably by offering more of a purchase on button. This will allow you to reload faster and easier. Ruger also makes an extended magazine release if you prefer to keep your parts OEM.

Specific Recommendations:

Stock Chassis:

Finally, the biggest change you can make to your Ruger 10/22 is to install a new chassis system. This can make your 10/22 feel like a completely new firearm. Magpul offers a Hunter X-22 stock that provides M-Lok slots to mount accessories. It also has an adjustable length of pull. Victor Tactical makes their TITAN22 stock that has improved ergonomics and a widened magwell compared to a stock Ruger 10/22.

If you are looking for a chassis that completely changes the look and feel of your Ruger 10/22, take a look at the ProMag Archangel stock. This chassis system mimics the form and function of an AR-15. This not only looks good, it also allows AR-15 shooters to practice on a familiar platform with cheaper ammunition. FAB Defense also makes their UAS chassis that provides similar form and function.

There are also stocks for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown model, like the Magpul X-22 Backpacker, that are lightweight and durable, and allow you to easily transport your rifle almost anywhere.

Specific Recommendations:

Magpul stock for Ruger 10/22

Conclusion: Upgrading Your Ruger 10/22

With the extreme popularity of the Ruger 10/22, there is a ton of aftermarket support for parts and accessories. This makes customizing your 10/22 easy and you can really make the firearm your own. If you choose any of these components, you are sure to get a high-quality part.