Anatomy of A Shotgun Shell

Shotshell Graphic Cutaway Diagram
The simple outward appearance of the modern shotshell conceals several important elements which play a critical role in making this form of ammunition fire. The case, crimp, powder, primer, shot and wad all come together to ensure your shotshells fire safely and accurately every time. Click on each term or to learn more about their importance and function in today’s modern shotshell construction.
Shotgun Case

Case (a.k.a. The Hull) – The modern shotshell case is similar to the case on a rifle or pistol cartridge. The hull is normally made from plastic, paper or, in rare cases, brass. It will also have a steel or brass head and rim attached. The case is designed to contain the powder charge, primer, wad and shot. Hulls are available in a variety of lengths such as 2.75”, 3”, 3.5”. The length of the hull refers to the overall length when the shotshell is fired.