Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman 9mm +P Ammunition 20 Rounds Lead HCFN 147 Grains 24L/20

FC-651815024141 Buffalo Bore 24L/20

Buffalo Bore Outdoorsman 9mm +P Ammunition 20 Rounds Lead HCFN 147 Grains 24L/20
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FC-651815024141 Buffalo Bore 24L/20
Model 24L20 
Caliber 9mm Luger or 9x19mm 
Bullet Type Lead 
Case Type Brass 
Grains 147 
FPS 1100 
UPC 651815024141 
SKU 08296 
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Strictly big bore, Strictly Business! If this isnt your go to round while you carry in the outdoors, it should be!

Buffalo Bore designed this 9mm load, just for those people who own a 9mm pistol and wish to carry it in the woods for defense against hogs, black bears, or even grizzly. This bullet is designed to penetrate deep (4 to 6 feet) in a straight line, through flesh and bone. The hard cast flat nose bullet excels at creating exceptional terminal damage against the thickest of hide or densest of bone. Many encounters with wild animals and the human element will happen in low light and for that reason, they utilized a flash retarded powder in this load. There is no need to be blinded by your own gunfire at the very moment of need, when protecting yourself or loved ones. This ammo is quickly becoming the top outdoors defense load on the market. When your life depends on it, you can count on Buffalo Bore Ammo.

This 9mm load is rated at +P pressures (not +P+) and as such is safe to use in any/all 9mm chambered pistols that are in normal operating condition. The hard cast bullet (not lead, but hard cast) will not lead foul a functional barrel that is in a normal state of operation, including polygonal barrels, in any make of pistol.

Caliber: 9mm +P
Bullet Weight: 147 Grain
Bullet Type: Hard Cast Flat Nose Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 1100 fps
Muzzle Energy: 395 ft/lbs
New Reloadable Brass Case
Uses: Personal Protection
20 Rounds per Box

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