Wells Fargo Given Ultimatum: No Business With NRA, Gun Companies Or…

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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten is in negotiations to meet with Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan. The AFT’s purpose is to deliver an ultimatum regarding the bank’s ongoing financial support for the gun lobby and gun manufacturers. The AFT has publically taken the position that if Sloan continues Wells Fargo’s support of firearms businesses, the AFT will discontinue its popular Wells Fargo mortgage program offered to members. Wells Fargo Bank red and yellow logo Last week, the AFT released correspondence between Weingarten and Sloan. The release outlined the union’s concerns about Wells Fargo’s connections with the NRA—as well as its threat to stop offering Wells Fargo mortgages, if Wells Fargo continues being the NRA banker. The Wells Fargo mortgage program is part of the Union Privilege program and approximately 1,600 AFT members have opted for these mortgages annually.

More than 20,000 AFT members currently hold mortgages through the program. If Wells Fargo fails to budge, the AFT will urge other Union Privilege members to follow suit. The AFL-CIO was copied on the correspondence.

AFT President Randi Weingarten said: “The lives of students and educators must be valued more than guns. This is America—Wells Fargo has the right to be the NRA banker, but we have rights too. That’s why if Tim doesn’t ditch his guns business, we’ll ditch Wells Fargo. We are glad Tim wants to meet; but no words will dissuade us from our view that our society must value people over profits. We have a responsibility on behalf of our members and their students who face potential gun violence every day.

“We’re issuing Wells Fargo an ultimatum—they can have a mortgage market that includes America’s teachers, or they can continue to do business with the NRA and gun manufacturers. They can’t do both.” I wonder how the members of the AFT feel about the move. I mean, did the membership vote for this? How many gun owners are by the default of their position members of the union, which is poorly representing their views based on the beliefs or politics of a few top leaders?

What do you think Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan should, or will, do at the meeting? Will this affect your banking relationship with Wells Fargo in the future? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Public money pays these “teachers” and we feel that it is way past time public servants have the right to union organization. We will be pulling all monies from Wells Fargo if this decision stands. We are urging everyone to contact congress and end collective bargaining for public servants…it is high time these people learn their place.
    George McCall CEO Uncle George’s Guns
    President and founder of H.A.P.I.
    Owner and President of Tailz A Wagon mobile pet grooming

  2. I just have to laugh at you silly fools. Wells Fargo has shown just how powerless the NRA really is. The no compromises attitude has alienated the majority of Americans who don’t own guns, or give a rodent’s hindquarters about the 2A. Given that the NRA’s choice to spit in the face of any gun owner who wasn’t a Republican has made even gun owning Democrats it’s enemy, we will destroy the NRA.

    1. Spoken like a true “COMMIE” aka socialist. Arm yourself with the facts instead talking out of your “ASS”

    2. Why yes, I am what you would consider a commie, and I’m well armed with the facts. Even a right-wing extremist like Scalia recognized that there are no unlimited rights, even the 2A, and in “Heller” wrote that the 2A would not prohibit licensing, registration, or even a ban on assault rifles. So don’t worry, once the Democrats take back the House and Senate in November, expect to see them passing all sorts of gun control, and letting the Orange Fool know that he will be impeached if he vetos it.

      Oh, and I’m a leftist, not a liberal. I’m well armed in other ways as well. Marx was quite clear that the proletariat needs weapons if it is to seize the means of production and destroy the capitalist system.

    1. What a joke! You right-wing nut-jobs have been huffing so much Hoppe’s #9 that your brains have started to rot. You dweebs could not even get Wells Fargo to stand by the NRA when the AFT called them out. Expect more pressure on all businesses that deal with the NRA, and more caving to threats of boycotts from the majority of Americans who are sane, and consider the NRA to be nothing but a domestic terrorist organization.

    2. By the way, maybe if you had paid attention to teachers earlier, you would know the difference between their and there, and where to use each!

  3. The AFT should stop trying to threaten businesses for their own agenda.Why do these groups think they have the right to tell someone how to run their business. If the gun laws that are on the books are followed as intended, most of these tragedies could be prevented. When the local police and the feds don’t do their jobs, why should law abiding citizens be punished.

    1. Funny, why do you gun nuts think you have the right to call for boycotts of private businesses who exercise their rights, and tell people carrying concealed weapons that they are not welcome on the premises? Oh, that’s right. You right-wing nut-jobs only support people voicing their opinion when it’s your opinion too. I can dig that. As a Socialist, I think everyone who supported Trump belongs in a re-education camp.

  4. 20,000 AFT members or over 5 million NRA members who can also boycott Wells Fargo really should think this over

  5. The NRA is a good organization. It promotes and teaches firearm safety and needs to exist. I am a Wells Fargo customer and an NRA member.
    I’m asking Wells Fargo not to cave to this blackmail sort of tactic.
    Compare 1600 mortgages to the millions of dollars that flow in to WFB. do the math

    I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 20 years. I have a mortgage, my direct deposit from 22 years in the USMC, and a few credit cards with them.Don’t roll over for the AFT!

  6. The NRA is a good organization. It promotes and teaches firearm safety and needs to exist. I am a Wells Fargo customer and an NRA member.
    I’m asking Wells Fargo not to cave to this blackmail sort of tactic.
    The AFT is clearly uneducated in this mater.

  7. I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 30 years. I have a mortgage, my direct deposit from 32 years in the Army, and a few credit cards with them. It may be time to look elsewhere. If they don’t want me, I guess I may not want them.

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