Top 10 CTD! Facebook Posts (Dec 15, 2012)

Our friends on the CTD! Facebook page Liked these items this week. To certain people who think guns are the cause of today’s problems… (Dec 9, 8816 likes, 228 comments, 5901 shares) 1 To certain people What gun are you hoping to find under the tree this year? (Dec 6, 6089 likes, 823 comments, 3709 shares) 2 What gun are you hoping to find This was a real deal from a Montana Radio Shack (Dec 8, 5925 likes, 229 comments, 1529 shares) 3 This was a real deal Have to share this one… (Dec 9, 4771 likes, 121 comments, 3664 shares) 4 Have to share this one Angelina Jolie not only plays a bad ass in the movies… (Dec 12, 4176 likes, 227 comments, 629 shares) 5 Angelina Jolie We have not forgotten you (Dec 7, 4062 likes, 71 comments, 1800 shares) 6 We have not forgotten you Art of the Gun: The Rock Island 1911 in 10mm (Dec 7, 2947 likes, 139 comments, 388 shares) 7 Art of the Gun Break Code. Be Awesome. (Dec 12, 2255 likes, 226 comments, 986 shares) 8 Break Code On the Fifth Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave Me an AR-15 — She’s a Keeper! (Dec 9, 1900 likes, 71 comments, 329 shares) 9 On the Fifth Day of Christmas What is the greatest threat to the Second Amendment? (Nov 27, 1452 likes, 3172 comments, 765 shares) 10 What is the greatest threat

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