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Tips for New Gun Owners From the Experts—You

Woman shooting handgun with instructor

Go to any shooting range across this great nation and you will find two types of shooters—new and experts. While that is said with a tongue-and-cheek tone, it rings true. To a degree, we are all learning, and we all have something to share. Here is your chance to show your expertise and pass along your top tips.

Woman shooting handgun with instructor
Competent instructors are worth their weight in gold.
Just to get the list started, here are a few dos and don’ts.

  • Get some professional training. The NRA has nearly 100,000 instructors around the country. Use this link to choose a course and find a local instructor.
  • Cheap holsters
  • Don’t wear any pair of glasses or sunglasses, wear shooting glasses.
  • No loose fitting clothing.

Share your tips in the comment section.

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  1. Greg I shoot 22-308. Yes I’ve been hit by hot 50cal brass in the military. My point was wear range appropriate clothing. I’m not at the range to babysit. If I see someone doing something unsafe I’ll say something. Have fun with your 50 sorry about your small penis. LOL

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