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NRA Louisville, KY 2016 Show Wrap-up — 25+ Guns, Gear, Accessories, News

Even if you were lucky enough to wander the aisles of the 2016 National Rifle Association’s convention in Louisville, KY, it would be a challenge to see all of the new guns, optics, accessories and gear spread across over 11 acres—but it sure is fun to try! Here is a wrap up of the news to come out of The Shooter’s Log’s coverage during the NRA Convention.

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Guns for Beginners: Choosing a Firearm

The wide variety of firearms available can be intimidating for the first timer. This new Shooter’s Log series details everything the first time gun owner needs to know—from which gun to purchase to how to shoot it…Starting with “Choosing a Gun,” learn the basics of the type types of firearms, calibers and in the and outs of the gun store.

Singer Mfg. Model 1911A1 Serial Number 1 Semiautomatic Pistol


5 Handguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

Out of the classic handguns, which five should be high on your priority list to shoot before you die? This particular writer’s picks probably won’t surprise you…or will they? Read on to find out what top five handguns you need to shoot before you die.


5 Shotguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

There are plenty of iconic firearms in the world. It is impossible to list all the must-shoots in one post. Here is The Shooter’s Log breakdown of five very important shotguns every shooter should try. Did your favorites make the list?

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Top Seven Shotgun Choices for Bustin’ Clays on a Budget

Don’t let images from Garden & Gun magazine or the Beretta Gallery scare you off to learning skeet and trap shooting. It’s not just for those with an unlimited budget. There are plenty of quality clay-busting shotguns that are also well within budget. Check out this list of seven of our favorite affordable competition shotguns.

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The Shooter’s Log Top 16 ‘Scariest’ Posts

We have had a terrifying couple of years, from Ebola to stripping the 2A rights of hundreds of thousands of people who draw social security. The Shooter’s Log highlights the top 16 scariest posts Cheaper Than Dirt! has ever published—from zombies to martial law to ammo bans…

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5 Rifles You Should Shoot Before You Die

There are many rifles worthy of shooting at least once before you die; here is one shooter’s list. Did your favorite rifle make the list? Read this post to see if you agree about the five rifles you should shoot before you die and then add your own suggestions…

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It Ain’t a Party ‘Till the Trunk Guns Come Out: Top 10 Choices

Trunk guns don’t have to be expensive. They just have to work. Besides your daily carry, you should consider investing in a trunk—sometimes called a truck or beater gun—for those unexpected times you might need back-up or have to bug-out. Here is our top 10 list of the best truck guns.